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  • James Bond must prevent renegade KGB General Koskov and his ally, American arms dealer Brad Whitaker, from enriching themselves through a complicated weapons scheme to cause all-out war between Soviet and British intelligence agencies.

Release Date:

  • June 29, 1987

Box Office Results:

  • $191.2 million

Running Time:

  • 131 minutes

Issue Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK




  • Richard Maibaum
  • Michael G. Wilson

Title Song:

  • The Living Daylights

Title Song Artist:

  • a-ha

  • The Pretenders were originally intended to perform the title song, but at the time the Norwegian pop group A-ha where on the Billboard charts in the USA and were very popular. They used the Pretenders in the movie and in the credits.


Filming Locations:

  • Gibraltar; Bratislava, Czechoslovakia; Vienna, Austria; London, UK; Blayden, UK; Tangier; Afghanistan; New York.

Best Quotes:

  • Bond: "I've had a few optional extras installed."
"Bond... James Bond":

At the end of the pre-title teaser.

Best Mistake:

  • When Bond and Kara are sliding down the slopes on the cello case, the cello Bond is holding gets shot through the front, yet Bond is unscathed.

Distinguishing Feature:

Vital Statistics:

  • Conquests: 2
  • Martinis: 2
  • Kills: 3
  • "Bond, James Bond": 1

Detailed Synopsis:

During the pre-title teaser, MI6 agents 002, 004 and 007 - James Bond - take part in a war game scenario to test their defenses. After parachuting onto the Rock of Gibraltar, 002 is caught by the SAS straight away while 004 begins climbing the cliff face. However while he is doing so an assassin appears and murders an SAS guard, before sending a note down 004's climbing rope that reads "Smiert Spionam (Death to spies)" before cutting the rope, sending 004 plummeting to his death. 007 chases the assassin, who tries to flee in an explosives-laden Land rover down Gibrator road, but as the two of them fight over the wheel, the jeep veers off the cliff and Bond narrowly escapes by deploying his reserve parachute. The assassin is killed as the jeep explodes in midair. Bond lands on a woman's boat and asks to borrow her phone, calling in to say he will report in an hour. The woman offers him a drink and Bond postpones his report time by another hour with a mischevious grin.

After the opening titles, Bond meets with MI6 agent Saunders at a concert hall in Bratislava to arrange and conduct the defection of General Georgi Koskov, a KGB officer. After the musical, Bond notices a sniper in a window about to take a shot at Koskov and realises that it is a female cellist whom he was just watching perform. Suspecting that she isn't a real assassin, Bond shoots the rifle from her hands instead of killing her, and Saunders questions this. Bond oversees the rest of the defection, with Koskov being smuggled into Austria via a Russian oil pipeline before being flown to England. In England at the Blaydor house, Koskov informs MI6 that an old KGB policy - "Smiert Spionam" (death to spies) - has been set back into motion by KGB General Leonid Pushkin, who is the current head of the KGB (and successor to General Gogol). Koskov shows MI6 a list of targets within both the British and American secret services. But before long a Russian assassin by the name of Necros infiltrates the Blaydor house and abducts Koskov, killing and injuring other agents and burning the list in the process before flying Koskov away by helicopter, presumably back to Russia.

M assigns Bond to kill General Pushkin and Q gives him a few gadgets to take with him on his mission, including an explosive keychain and a new Aston Martin. But first Bond travels back to Bratislava to find Kara Milovy - the cellist and would-be assassin who had aimed a sniper rifle at Koskov. After discovering that Kara is actually Koskov's girlfriend and that the bullets in her rifle were blanks, 007 begins to suspect that Koskov's defection and subsequent abduction were all staged in order to fool the British government. Upon noticing that Kara Milovy's apartment is under KGB surviellance, Bond helps her escape and they flee to Austria in Bond's Aston Martin, escaping from the police and the KGB in the process before crossing the border. After taking some time in Vienna to get closer to Kara, making her think he is Koskov's friend, Bond meets up with his MI6 ally Agent Saunders at the Wurstelprater Amusement park. Saunders reveals a connection between General Koskov and an American arms dealer - ex-General Brad Whittaker, who made an offer to the KGB in Tangier to sell them some of the most high-tech weapons available. But this offer was turned down by Pushkin. A few minutes later, Saunders is killed by Russian assassin Necros, who is disguised as a man selling balloons. Bond notices a balloon near Saunders' body with the words Smiert Spionam written on it.

007 travels to Tangier and, with a silenced pistol, confronts General Pushkin in his hotel room. He prepares to assassinate him, but Pushkin reveals to Bond that despite what Koskov may have revealed to MI6, Pushkin has been personally investigating Koskov himself for the embezzlement of government funds. Realising that Koskov has betrayed them both, Bond and Pushkin join forces by faking Pushkin's assassination at a conference in Tangier. Believing General Pushkin to be dead, Koskov and Whittaker continue with the next stage of their scheme. Bond meets with his old CIA friend Felix Leiter, who gives Bond information on Whittaker. Meanwhile, however, Kara manages to get in touch with Koskov, still believing him to be on their side, and he tells her that Bond is a KGB agent. Subsequently, Kara knocks Bond out after spiking a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred of course!) she had prepared for him, allowing Koskov to capture Bond. Bond and Kara are flown to a soviet airbase in the middle of Afghanistan. In the plane, Bond notices there are hidden diamonds which he realises are being smuggled. Once they land, Koskov betrays Kara, leaving her and Bond to be imprisoned.

Bond and Kara soon escape the jail cell by knocking the guard unconcious, and while escaping they free a condemned prisoner, local Mujahideen leader Kamran Shah, who leads them to his Mujahideen base. Once there, Bond explains to Kamran of Brad Whittaker's plan to sell hi-tech weaponry to the Soviets, which in turn could be used against the Afghan resistance. With assistance from Kamran and his people, Bond discovers that Koskov and Whittaker are using the diamonds to pay for a $500 million dollar shipment of opium to make enough profit to supply the Soviets with their new weaponry. This scheme would make Whittaker rich, and provide Koskov with enough fame to take control of the KGB, explaining his attack against General Leonid Pushkin.

The Mujahideen help Bond infiltrate the Russian airbase and Bond plants a timebomb hidden amongst the bags of opium in the back of the cargo plane being used to transport it, but before Bond can escape he is recognised by Koskov and forced to hijack the plane as Kamran Shah and his men ambush the airbase, killing off many Soviets. Kara manages to get into the back of the plane before Bond takes off and they fly away, but not before Necros sneaks aboard as well... When Bond leaves Kara at the controls and goes into the back to defuse the timebomb, Necros attacks him and the fight leads to Necros plummeting to his death out of the back of the plane at Bonds hand before Bond stops the timebomb. He then drops the bomb down on a bridge where some remaining Soviets are crossing in pursuit of Kamran Shah and his men. The blast destroys the bridge, saving the Mujahideen people. When the plane runs out of fuel, Bond and Kara escape via a jeep in the back equipped with a parachute, as the plane crashes into the mountain and explodes.

With the help of Felix Leiter, Bond returns to Tangier and infiltrates Brad Whittakers mansion. After Bond tells the arms dealer that all the opium has been destroyed, a gunfight breaks out, and Bond ultimately kills Whittaker with the explosive keychain provided by Q. Soon after, Pushkin and his bodyguards show up at Whittakers residence and have Koskov arrested and ordered by Pushkin to be flown back to Moscow in "a diplomatic bag", implying that Koskov's corpse will be making the return flight back to Russia.
In the final scenes of the movie, Kara Milovy is the lead cellist in a known London performance, her music career solidified by newfound cooperation between the British government and the Soviets providing Kara with travel expenses and allowing her to perform in both countries. After her performance, Bond surprises her in her dressing room and they romantically share their mutual success together.

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Anonymous Underratted Bond 0 Sep 28 2011, 9:47 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Sep 28 2011, 9:47 AM EDT  Watch
I Agree with Mr.Phelps and would like to add IMO that Dalton was kind of the proto-type for Craigs version of bond.

On a different note does anyone know when the may possibly be released on Blu-Ray?
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MrPhelps Underrated Bond (page: 1 2) 20 Aug 29 2010, 1:32 PM EDT by 6-stringa007
Thread started: Feb 12 2009, 8:08 AM EST  Watch
I saw this movie last week for the first time in about 20 years and I thought it was just awesome. I don’t know why I blew it off way back when, but I guess taste and perception changes over time. I’m a big fan of the Ian Fleming novels and every few years I dig them out and read them all over again starting with “Casino Royale.” What I really like a lot about Dalton’s characterization is that he’s clearly read the books and is modeling his James Bond after the character in the original novels. He’s like a combination of Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. His humor is sardonic like the Bond in the books, but there is humor. This is my problem with Daniel Craig, his Bond is completely humorless. After watching “…Daylights” and "Licence to Kill" I thought it was a shame that Dalton didn’t get to do at least one other Bond film before Pierce Brosnan took over the role.
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Anonymous The Living Daylights: Timothy Dalton's FRWL? 8 Aug 23 2010, 8:45 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Oct 12 2009, 2:26 PM EDT  Watch
Is TLD Dalton's FRWL?

1. Kara Milovy is quite look like Tatiana Romanova.
2. It is considered the most cold-war Bond movie.
3. Chloral Hydrate is also involved in the story.
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