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Q (which stands for "Quartermaster"), is the genius behind James Bond's weaponry and gadgets. He runs the MI6 research and development department and supplies 007 with whatever equipment he will need for his missions. As such, he has helped Bond out in the most crucial times and his gadgets saved Bond's life more than once.


Q - James Bond Wiki
Peter Burton (1921-1989)

  • He did not provide Bond with gadgets but switched Bond's Beretta to what would become his weapon of choice, the famous Walther PPK.
  • Due to a scheduling conflict, Peter Burton was not available to reprise the role for the filming of From Russia with Love. He was subsequently replaced by Desmond Llewelyn.

Q - James Bond Wiki
Desmond Llewelyn (1914-1999)

  • To this day, Llewelyn is the longest-running and most well-remembered actor to have portrayed the master of gadgets. He played in no less than seventeen movies from From Russia With Love to The World Is Not Enough (though he did not appear in Live And Let Die) alongside five different Bond actors and three different M actors over 36 years.
  • The character was annoyed on many occasions because of Bond's casual (sometimes even childish) behaviour, especially when Bond played with the gadgets or came back from his missions with destroyed cars, making the traditional gadget presentation / Q lab moments regularly comedic.
  • In spite of Bond's behaviour, the two seemed to be dear friends. It showed particularly in Licence To Kill, when Q did not hesitate to personally come to Isthmus with a suitcase of gadgets to help Bond in his rogue vendetta despite M's orders.
  • It seems like he enjoyed setting pranks in his departments and labs. Some of his assistants ended up amusingly trapped by non-lethal gadgets, such as one man swallowed by a trapped sofa (on which Q sat) in The Living Daylights, or another one trapped in a phone booth by an airbag in GoldenEye (with absolutely no reaction from Q). R was trapped in the airbag-coat (deliberately triggered by Q) in The World Is Not Enough.

Q - James Bond Wiki
John Cleese (born in 1939)

  • He was established as the new Q in Die Another Day following Boothroyd's retirement (and the death of Desmond Llewelyn).
  • He adopted a more serious attitude regarding Bond's antics (quite fitting in regard of Cleese's humor style dating back to his Monty Python days) though he probably did not have time to become friends with Bond, unlike his predecessor.
  • Nevertheless, he was proud of the department he was now in charge of and provided Bond with the most cutting-edge equipment ever in Die Another Day.
  • The video game Everything Or Nothing included the last media appearance of this Q in the Bond universe. Cleese provided his voice and likeness.
  • The character was meant to return but the franchise's reboot since Casino Royale prevented it to this day. More to read about Cleese's opinion on the subject here.

Q - James Bond WikiBen Whishaw (born in 1980)

  • Appears in:
  • The youngest actor to portray Q to this day, he is also the first Q to be younger than 007, and the first Q to wear glasses.
  • He is introduced as a computer science genius and masterful hacker who values brains over brawn. He also prefers intellect over Bond's more direct approaches.
  • The line "You were expecting an exploding pen? We don't really go in for that any more." refers to bygone times when Bond used increasignly more fancy gadgets conceived by Q. The ones Whishaw's Q provides to Bond in Skyfall are not fancy and don't look impressive, but they're no less useful.
  • His youth and lack of experience make Bond dubious when they meet for the first time, and Q in his turn considers Bond as merely "someone to pull the trigger", at first.
  • Later on, his confidence is put to a test when his computer science talents are overwhelmed by Raoul Silva's breach into the MI6 security systems. Nevertheless, he assists Bond in his chase after Silva, monitoring him and telling him where to go. He also leaves a false tracking signal for Silva to follow as Bond and M are heading to Scotland, with the approval of Gareth Mallory.

Real name:

  • Major Boothroyd (Desmond Llewelyn's Q)
  • The real name of John Cleese's Q is unknown and will most likely stay so
  • The real name of Ben Whishaw's Q is currently unknown

Notable gadgets: (more to read about them here)

  • Briefcase containing : easily dismantable AR-7 .22 sniper rifle with infrared telescope, 50 Gold Sovereigns, tear gas cartridge disguised as talcum powder (set to discharge when the briefcase is opened incorrectly) and a knife - From Russia With Love
  • Shoe homing device, car homing device - Goldfinger
  • Palmprint signature PPK/S - Skyfall

Cars and their known gadgets:

  • Lotus Esprit S1 - The Spy Who Loved Me : cement sprayer (to blind the pursuers' windshield), submarine mode, underwater black dye slick, torpedoes, underwater mines, surface-to-air missiles.
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante - The Living Daylights : radio scanner (to spy on police and military radio frequencies), wheel spinner laser, bulletproof windshield and rear windscreen, Stinger missiles and HUD, tire spikes, snowmobile skis, rocket booster, self-destruction.
  • BMW Z3 - GoldenEye : self-destruction, Stinger missiles located behind the headlights, and the "usual refinements".
  • BMW 750iL - Tomorrow Never Dies : remote-controlled (from Bond's cellphone), reinforced chassis, bulletproof windshield and rear windscreen, concealed compartment (fingerprint-protected safe), security system (capable of delivering electric shocks if door handles are grasped by a intruders), tear gas, missiles, caltrops dispenser, re-inflating tires, cable cutter (concealed under the BMW hood emblem).
  • Aston Martin V12 Vanquish - Die Another Day : remote-controlled (from Bond's keychain), adaptive camoflage (invisibility), reinforced chassis, bulletproof windshield and rear windscreen, target-seeking shotguns, missiles, tire spikes, passenger ejector seat, radial thermal imaging.

Notable other vehicles:

  • Jet-pack (Thunderball)
  • Underwater propulsion unit (Thunderball)
  • "Little Nellie" autogyro (You only Live Twice)
  • Hydrofoil
  • Carlson Power Boat
  • Amphibious Gondola
  • Acrostar Jet
  • Alligator Boat
  • Hot Air Balloon with cameras
  • "Fishing" Boat

Best dialogues:

From Goldfinger:

  • Q: Now, pay attention, 007. (used frequently in the films)

  • Bond: Ejector seat? You must be joking!
  • Q: I never joke about my work, 007.

From Moonraker:

  • Bond: Balls Q?
  • Q: Bolas, 007.

From Octopussy:

  • Vijay: Is he still there?
  • Q: You must be joking? Double-0 Seven on an island populated exclusively by women! We won't see him till dawn!

From Licence To Kill:

  • Remember, if it hadn't been for Q Branch, you'd have been dead long ago.

From GoldenEye:

  • Q: Need I remind you, that you have a licence to kill, not break the traffic laws.
  • Q: Grow up 007!
  • (Bond picks up a nearby sandwich)
  • Q: Don't touch that! That's my lunch!

From The World Is Not Enough:

  • Bond: I suppose we all have to pay the piper some time. Right, Q?
  • Q: Oh, pipe down, 007!
  • Bond: Was it something I said?
  • Q: No, something you destroyed. My fishing boat! For my retirement, away from you!

  • R: I think...
  • Q: You're not here to think! You're here to do what I tell you! Now go put on the coat, and demonstrate it for 007!

  • Bond: (visibly worried) You're not retiring any time soon, are you?
  • Q: Now pay attention, 007. I've always tried to teach you two things. First, never let them see you bleed.
  • Bond: And the second?
  • Q: Always have an escape plan.
  • (Desmond Llewelyn's Q's very last words, he then uses the car elevator, never to be seen again)

From Die Another Day:

  • Bond: You're cleverer than you look.
  • Q: Hmm... still, better than looking cleverer than you are.

  • Bond: Check the tape. You'll find he's dead and she only has a flesh wound.
  • Q: There's always an excuse, isn't there, Double-O-Zero?

  • Bond: Give me the old fashioned target range, Quartermaster.
  • Q: Yes, well, it's called the future, so get used to it.

  • Q: Your new transportation.
  • (nothing visible on the platform)
  • Bond: Maybe you've been down here too long...
  • Q: The ultimate in British engineery.
  • Bond: You must be joking...
  • Q: As I learned from my predecessor, Bond, I never joke about my work. Aston Martin call it "the Vanquish", we call it "the Vanish".
  • (the car appears)
  • Bond: (amazed) Ah, very good!

  • (Bond destroys the Aston Martin's manual with the car's target-seeking shotguns)
  • Q: Wish I could make you vanish.

From Skyfall:

  • Q: I'm your new quartermaster.
  • Bond: You must be joking.

  • Q: The Walther PPK/S has a nine-millimeter short. It's been coded to your palmprint so only you can fire it. Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement.

  • (Bond only receives two gadgets)
  • Bond: This isn't exactly Christmas.
  • Q: Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don't really go in for that sort of things anymore.

  • Q: I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas than you can do in one year on the field.
  • Bond: Then what do you need me for?
  • Q: Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled.
  • Bond: Or not pulled. It's hard to know which in your pyjamas... Q?
  • Q: (shaking his hand) 007.


  • Q: Magnificent, isn't she? Zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. A few little tricks up her sleeve.
  • (introducing the Aston Martin DB10)

  • Bond: Do one more thing for me...
  • Q: What do you have in mind?
  • Bond: Make me disappear.

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