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Xenia uses her sex appeal against Bond..

Famke Janssen

Appears in:

  • Famke Janssen
Who She Is:
  • A former fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force and ex-KGB Operative, Xenia is now a deadly assassin in the employ of the Janus Syndicate, and she is highly adept at killing. She enjoys her work greatly, taking orgasmic pleasure in murdering others, either with a gun, or by crushing their chests and lungs between her tightly toned thighs whilst making love, as displayed during several memorable scenes.
  • She meets an ironic, unfortunate end following her final encounter with James Bond, but not before introducing him to her unique killing method.
How She and Bond Meet:
  • Bond first encounters the attractive Ms. Onatopp and her Rosso Corsa Red Ferrari F355 GTS Targa in the hills above Monte Carlo while driving his own Aston Martin DB5 (when Xenia first pulled off her sunglasses and flashed Bond a challenging grin from the driver's seat of her Ferrari, it was an iconic moment that signified the end of an era for the previous 'Dumb Blonde' type of Bond Girls, and the beginning of a new era of ultra-competitive and capable Bond Girls who could go toe-to-toe with Bond himself; thus it can be said that Xenia was the first of a new generation of Bond Girls), and a chaotic, highly competitive race ensues, with Xenia eventually gaining the upper hand, thanks in part to the chagrin of 007's assessor Caroline.
  • Bond later meets and beats Xenia at a game of Baccarat, before chatting briefly with her about her accent and lifestyle, including the forged number plates on her F355 GTS. The race and the card game signify the start of a highly competitive relationship between two very, very similar creatures.
Defining Dialogue:
  • During her 'love' scenes, and that term applies very loosely with Xenia, she occasionally laces in bits of her native Georgian, most notably 'Lbumyeets' during her scene with Admiral Chuck Farrel, shortly before crushing his chest and lungs between her thighs and achieving orgasm, and 'Buliatch!' following Bond's escaping her grasp in the sauna.
  • She also has the great one liner in the Severnaya facility, following her apparent killing of Natalya;
    • Xenia: I had to ventilate someone.
  • Onatopp and Bond share some very competitive and sexy moments, most notably in the Sauna Scene. Xenia whirls around after being flung to the floor, a sexy, mischievous grin on her face. She's clad in nothing more than a robe, marked with an encircled 'GH'; Bond, clad in nothing but his trunks, has his Walther PPK on her.
    • Xenia: You don't need the gun.... Commander.
    • Bond: That depends on your definition of safe sex.
  • Xenia looks surprised, but rises, padding barefoot across the tiled floor to Bond, draping her arms around his neck with a grin.
    • Bond: That's close enough.
  • Xenia's arms encircle him tightly now, as she grasps his hair roughly.
    • Xenia: Not for what I have in mind.
  • Later in the scene, after she kicks Bond to the floor, she climbs atop him, before being forced onto her back by the secret agent, and after a playful squeal of delight, she strokes Bond's face.
    • Xenia: Oh, you think y'can hurt me?
  • Xenia's also notable in this scene, more than others, for displaying her love of combined sex and murder, as she forces Bond onto a bench, climbs atop him, and begins to crush his chest and lungs between her bare thighs; however, her dialogue during this section is little more than orgasmic moaning, groaning and grunting, until Bond picks her up and slams her into a wall, resulting in a great follow-up to her last line.
    • Xenia: So, you think y'can break me, eh?
  • Following this scene, Xenia's presence in the movie is lacking, until we meet her aboard Janus' train, and, upon Bond's assault via tank, she displays her excitement.
    • Xenia: He's going to derail us!
  • And finally, in a follow up to a running joke between her and Bond throughout the movie, Xenia, upon rappelling down to body-kick James to the ground, gets him between her legs and looks him in the eye.
    • Xenia: This time, Mister Bond, the pleasure will be all mine...
    (After Bond loses his first Baccarat game to Xenia)
  • Xenia: "I hope the third is where your real talent lies." (referring to Bond's earlier quip that they share three same passions)
      Bond: "One rises to meet a challenge."
    Bond: "And what words do you live by?"
    Xenia: "The trick is to quit while you're still ahead."
Vital Statistics:
  • Played by the tall, leggy Dutch actress Famke Janssen, Xenia was an impressive 5'11'' in height, and must have weighed somewhere in the area of 120-150 lbs. With her raven-black locks, and dark, dangerous chocolate brown eyes, she was perfectly proportioned, and notable for her size eleven feet, which she puts on display during one scene in Goldeneye, as her toes curl sexily in pleasure, as she attempts to crush Bond between her thighs.
  • Xenia was also notable for her fine fashions, be they her taste in sunglasses, or her dress, as seen in the casino. She also had a penchant for sexy lingerie, which further distracted Admiral Chuck Farrel during their lovemaking, before she murdered him. She was obviously well aware of the sex appeal she had toward James Bond, as her loose fitting robe was worn to hint at her beauty. She also dressed for an occasion, clad in military garb for her final encounter with Bond, and during the mission to Severnaya.
How she helps save the day:
  • She doesn't - she's an evil one. However, without her appearance at the St. Petersburg sauna, Bond would never gotten to the Statue Graveyard and met Janus.
Bikini Moment:
  • Xenia has no bikini moments, they're more a lingerie/loose robe kind of moments; In the first instance, she leaps atop the Admiral she has seduced, kissing him violently, before biting into his chest, and then briefly stopping, pulling him face to face with her. She then slams him down on the bed roughly, riding him in a manner that both enjoy, until she begins to crush his chest and lungs between her legs, smothering his face with a hand before flipping over in bed, and properly snapping her legs around him, crossing her feet at the ankles for more pressure. As he gurgles his last breath, still making love, Xenia crushes him to death, squealing orgasmically and thrashing her head.
  • In the sauna, she confronts Bond with her overbearing sexuality, with her robe nearly falling off of her. After some sexy, playful exchanges, Xenia gets her arms around Bond and kisses him, before pulling back with his bottom lip between her teeth. James forces her away, into a wall, to her arousal, before she kicks him down as he goes for his gun. Eventually underneath Bond after attempting to straddle him, she jokes playfully, stroking his face before they both get to their feet, and she forces him onto a stone bench, where she finally gets him between her legs. Nearly smothering him with her chest, she forces him back, and leans back herself, creating immense pressure on Bond's chest and lungs as she attempts to crush him, her toes curling with orgasmic pleasure. Writhing and grunting in pleasure, she slides her hands down his bare chest and leans back again, before bringing her head back up as he slaps his hands on her knees in a desperate attempt to escape. She climaxes, achieving orgasm, before being slammed into a wall by Bond. Kissing him again, she squeezes him, and ends up slammed into more walls, though she loves the rough treatment, and squeals madly, attempting to crush him and kiss him once more before he sets her rear atop a steam grate...
Actress Famke Janssen was in the Xmen movies along with her Goldeneye co star Alan CummingsCummings, who was Boris in GoldenyeGoldeneye, and Halle Berry, who was Jinx in Die another Day. Alan Cumming appeared with Famke Janssen in Xmen 2. Halle Berry appeared with her in the whole Xmen trilogy. Another fact was Famke Janssen co starred with Sean Bean in the Michael Douglas film Dont Say a Word. In Goldeneye they appear together as villains of the Janus group. In Dont say a word they are enemies.