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Willard Whyte (Jimmy Dean)
Appears in: Diamonds are Forever

Actor: Jimmy Dean

Who is he: a reclusive billionaire (a spoof of Howard Hugues), secluded in his penthouse at the top of his hotel in Las Vegas. Since no one has seen Whyte in five years, Blofeld finds it easy to kidnap him and takes over his global empire, especially with the aid of a voice algorithm recorder.

How he met Bond: kept prisoner by Bambi and Thumper in his own summer villa outside Vegas, he is rescued by Bond and Felix Leiter.

How he helps Bond: he uses his contacts and funds to assist Bond in the destruction of Blofeld's lair on an oil rig off the coast of Baja, California.

Jimmy Dean; also a country singer and owner of a family sausage business, passed away earlier this year.