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Connery or Moore? Brosnan or Craig? Swayed by the brutish sex appeal of Craig? Consider yourself a rare Dalton fan? And what about that other guy? Or even those other two guys? Add your argument to the ones below and participate in our ongoing poll. We're looking for you to tell us who your TWO favorite Bond actors are. We'll let the statistics sort it out. Have a simple rant? Leave a comment. Try not to put personal opinions.

May the best Bond win!!

A Quick Review of the candidates

Sean Connery

Black&white Connery
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Case for:
  • The first Bond - defined the character for a generation
  • Athletic, rugged, handsome, deadpan, sex appeal - the complete package
  • A tough guy, with refinement. Connery learned his lessons from Terence Young well, and made an archetypal character--smart, relaxed, smooth
  • The 'Alpha Wolf', everybody else has to catch him.
  • WON the James Bond Wiki Tournament! (3 of the 4 remaining films in the Semi-Finals, were Connery's)

Case Against:
  • This is tough. He did come back for that unofficial Bond remake of Thunderball - Never Say Never Again.
  • Looked out of shape in Diamonds are Forever
  • Portrayal of Bond as a womanizer somewhat stigmatized the character.
  • Was not Ian Fleming's first choice for Bond (it was Cary Grant).

George Lazenby

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Case for:
  • A few great one-liners
  • The closing scene of On Her Majesty's Secret Service - maybe George can act!
  • Faithful representation of the Bond based on the novels.
  • Portrayed Bond as sensitive and emotionally charged.
  • Did the action scenes and the "This Service owes her a debt" and "...those girls" scenes impeccably, but that's about it...
  • Created a darker side to Bond; Dalton followed in these steps in later years, as did Craig.
  • Took on one of the hardest roles emotionally i.e. getting married, Tracy being captured after becoming lost in an avalanche andTracy's death.

Case Against:
  • One hit wonder.
  • No experience, model turned actor.
  • Blowing a huge opportunity by behaving like a recalcitrant tosser.
  • Not "British" enough

Roger Moore

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Case For:
  • He Was The Funny Bond.
  • Anchored some of the series' classics such as The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.
  • Successfully updated Connery's sexual wit and innuendo without being condescending to women.
  • Made Bond accessible to a wider audience. Can you imagine if Connery's "man talk" comments and smacking women on the bum was still on par with the character?
  • Portrayed Bond as a softer, wittier, gentleman/aristocrat-like character.
  • Added depth to the character.

Case Against:
  • Fashion: did Moore get saddled with the most depressing era of men's attire of 20th century? (the seventies, that is)
  • Was too old by his final Bond films - even Roger himself regretted taking part in A View To A Killbecause he was 57 at the time.

Timothy Dalton

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Case For:
  • He was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Academy.
  • Reinterpreted Bond as a cynical, angry character. This gave Bond an edge and a dark side.
  • Did more of his stunts than previous actors
  • His Bond set the stage for the darker, more serious Bond performances of Brosnan and especially Craig
  • Insisted on cutting innumerable "one-liners" from scripts

Case Against:
  • The end of the cold war and AIDS did not give a womanizing secret agent much of a chance...
  • Lacked some of the compassion of other portrayals that made Bond a more three-dimensional character. Closer to Fleming's Bond, but way short on the emotional mark.
  • The bad luck Bond. After about 5 different offers, Dalton finally agreed. He was slated for an additional movie, but after a 5 year lawsuit, he dropped his contract.

Pierce Brosnan

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Who is the best Bond? - James Bond
Case For:
  • The guy can wear a suit, i.e. modern sex appeal.
  • Is anyone old enough to remember Remmington Steele?
  • A well-rounded Bond portrayal: witty, charismatic, reflective of Fleming's original character, and believable ass kicker.
  • Rejuvenated the series and made Bond movies "matter" again.
  • Deep acting when he assassinates Electra King, showing Bond at his coldest.
  • Always well dressed.

Case Against:
  • His movies kept putting him through interminable fire-fights with automatic weapons *Yawn* (no wonder why the video games based on his Bond were highly successful)
  • Some of the least believeable plots of the series (the worst being Die Another Day)

Daniel Craig

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond

Who is the best Bond? - James Bond

Case For:
  • Masculinity: Craig's brooding thug looks allow you to imagine that he's actually capable of hurting someone. And he does.
  • Takes Bond away from the "pretty boy" stereotype.
  • Portrays Bond as vulnerable and "human"
  • First James Bond actor to win an Empire award for best actor and to be nominated for a BAFTA award for best actor in a leading role. The most critically acclaimed Bond actor to date.
  • His films have avoided some of the cliches that were beginning to wear the series down by Die Another Day, eg. over-reliance on CGI, gadgetry and puns.
Case Against:
  • Shortest Bond (required to wear shoe lifts so agent Fields was not taller than him in Quantum Of Solace)
  • Not the traditional looking Bond, blonde and somewhat thuggish


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moore4ever Best 007 (page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... last page) 357 Mar 25 2014, 5:10 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Aug 16 2007, 9:18 AM EDT  Watch
No doubt...Roger Moore is the true Agent 007.
Then...Craig and Dalton-They both seem equal.
Lastly...Brosnan and Lazenby
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Anonymous What do you think about Simon Baker as Bond? 1 Jul 25 2014, 7:23 AM EDT by DaltonCraigRules
Thread started: Jun 2 2014, 2:26 PM EDT  Watch
Simon Baker [The Mentalist] would make an awesome Bond. He's good looking in a boyishly charming way, but yet can be really scary & sinister looking as well. I'd take him over Daniel Craig any day!
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Anonymous Daniel Craig is the best Bond 0 May 19 2014, 3:01 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 19 2014, 3:01 PM EDT  Watch

Daniel Craig is the best bond ever. He is serious about his job, All play no talks.Also, I love the action sequences of his movies especially the one at the start of Quantum of Solace, it is awesome and suits Daniel's persona. I personally do not like Pierce Brosnan movies, He just seems to be out there for a vacation with his gadgets. I hope Daniel keeps working for a few more movies as James Bond. I just started watching the movies due to him.
007Domanator Best Bond Movie (page: 1 2 3 4 5) 84 Apr 17 2014, 11:03 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Aug 15 2009, 4:30 AM EDT  Watch
I Think it would be Live and Let Die or Goldfinger
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