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Bond girl, Vesper Lynd
Appears in:

  • Eva Green

Who Vesper is:
  • British Treasury Agent

How she and Bond meet:
  • On a train to Montenegro. Vesper is assigned to oversee Bond and the 15 Million Pounds Sterling he needs in a high-stakes poker game organized by Le Chiffre in order to restore his terrorist clients' funds. Naturally, they fall in love (or at least James does), but it all goes down the drain when it turns out that Vesper's real love is being held hostage by Le Chiffre's organization and being used to blackmail Vesper and force her to hand over the roughly 150 Million US Dollars that Bond won from the poker game at the Casino Royale. In the end however, Vesper found herself reciprocating Bond's romantic feelings, and decided to negotiate a new deal to let Bond go in exchange for the money, and possibly sacrifice herself as well. As M later told Bond, "Did you ever wonder why you were left alive that night? She bargained for your life in exchange for the money. I'm sure she wished that they'd let her go alive, but she must have known that she was going to her death."

Defining dialogue:

During the first meeting aboard the train to Montenegro:
Vesper (responding to Bond's surprisingly accurate predictions of her background and character): "All right. By the cut of your suit, you went to Oxford or wherever, and naturally thought human beings dressed like that. But you wear it with such disdain... My guess is that you didn't come from money, and your school friends never let you forget it. Which means you were at that school by the grace of someone else's charity, hence that chip upon your shoulder. And since you first thought to render me orphan... that's what I'd say YOU are."

Bond: (Remains silent and gives a small, telling smile.)

Vesper: "Oh, you are? Hmmmph, hmmm hmmm. Well then that makes perfect sense, because MI6 looks for maladjusted young males who would give no thought to sacrificing anything in the name of Queen and Country. You know, former SAS types with easy-going smiles and expensive watches... Rolex?"

Bond: "Omega."

Vesper: "Beautiful... Now I won't go so far as to call you a cold-hearted bastard... but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine. So as charming as I find you, Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on our Government's money, and off your perfectly formed arse."

Bond: "You noticed."

Vesper: "Even accountants have imagination. How was your lamb?"

Bond: "Skewered. One sympathises."

  • Vesper: "But my parents are strictly Roman-Catholic, so for appearances' sake it will be a 2-bedroom suite."
Bond: "I do so hate it when religion comes between us".

Vesper: "Religion, and a securely locked door. Am I going to have a problem with you, Bond?"

Bond: "No, don't worry. You're not my type."

Vesper: "Smart?"

Bond: "Single."
    Just before boarding the hotel elevator:-

    Vesper: "Take the next one. There isn't enough room for me and your ego."

    How she helps save the day:
    • Helps Bond when he gets poisoned with Digitalis (a plant-produced toxin which causes unstable heart palpitations) by Le Chiffre's girlfriend Valenka, by plugging the loose wire into his defibrillator. Also leaves a message in her Sony Ericsson M600 mobile smart phone leading Bond to Mr. White.

    Bikini moment:

    • None! Tragedy, really. Vesper's a total babe.
    Bond Appeal: 10/10