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Tomorrow Never Dies is a third-person shooter based on the Bond film of the same name. Developed by Black Ops and published by Electronic Arts, it was released in 1999 for the Sony PlayStation . It is the first 007 game of many that was published by Electronic Arts since acquiring the James Bond licence. This game marks the fouth appearance of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, although the voice talents of Adam Blackman were used. Unlike previous Bond games which were all first-person shooters, Tomorrow Never Dies broke away from the mold as the first third-person shooter. Also, notably, Tomorrow Never Dies does not contain a multiplayer component. The game received poor reviews for a number of technical flaws, poor control, and overambitious design.


Gameplay footage
Bond begins outside a Soviet Radar base, signals for its destruction, and then escapes on skiis. While on skiis, Bond can perform a number of tricks to gain style points as well as using the ski poles to attack his persuers. Reaching the edge of a cliff, Bond uses his parachute to escape. Bond lands in an arms market and takes pictures of what's going on there. Bond realizes that there are nuclear missles on a jet at the market and hijacks it. He returns to MI6. Bond is sent to investigate Elliot Carver during a party. He meets his old love Paris there. As she's giving him a tour, Bond is attacked by a henchman and knocked unconscious. He awakes in a holding room and uses his laser cufflinks to escape. He makes his way to the control center of the facility, destroys the central computer, recovers Henry Gupta's GPS scrambler, and escapes.Bond goes to the Hotel Atlantic to meet Paris, but finds that she's being held captive. Bond is attacked by Kaufman, but Kaufman is killed and Bond and parace make their way to the garage, where they escape for good in his BMW 750il.

Your Assignment:

"Welcome back, 007. Once again your unique services are required. We have learned that Elliot Carver, a pwerful media baron, is plotting to use his vast resources in the hopes of triggering an international conflict between Great Britain and China. Using any means necessary, you must expose this plan and prevent World War III. We're counting on you, Bond."

Basic Controls: (Play Station 2)

Action Control
Run D-Button
Use Weapon X
Use Item Square Button
Change Weapon/Item Triangle + D-Button

Bond's Weaponry:

PK7 Your standard issue firearm. Unlimited ammo supply, and silencer.
Sniper Rifle Precision-shooting device. Can be used on enemies from great distances.
Assult Rifle Loud, but effective, this weapon is standard with all of Carver's henchmen. use when facing multiple enemies, BUT NOT WHEN STEALTH is required.
SMG 45 Sub-machine gun. Offers the fastest fire in the entire game. Suggested for quick gettaways.
Gas Bombs Create small, poisonous clouds of smoke upon impact. Use for distance guards (your health will be greatly effected).
GL 40 Grenade launcher that shoots contact explosives.
Rocket Launcher High powered, long range weapon, this is an excellent choice for clearing enemy turrents, traps, and roadblocks.
Infrared Sniper Rifle Similar to the standard sniper rifle, this sniper packs a powerful kick. It is outfittrf with an infrared scope, which emits a red targeting laser.
STK Mines Known as "sticky mines", these explosives are launched from any gun and cling to any target. Once in place, it explodes, only giving the object (or person) moments to live.


Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond
Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies (video game) - James Bond

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Dude as bad as it may have been, I grew up loving bond and this was the first game i played of the bonds and I must say in my eyes it's a classic for me and I still love it to this day. When looking at it compared to the other games, yes it's pretty bad but, it has it's good moments and is over looked in many areas.
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this game is so cool
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