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Longest pre-credits sequence in Bond history makes a slight kerfluffle of the story, but Bond has to protect an oil heiress from an international terrorist who had previously kidnapped her. Robert Carlyle is largely wasted but Sophie Marceau makes the best of a confusedly-written part. Denise Richards is a nuclear physicist named "Christmas" (oh, the possibilities are endless) Old "Q" leaves, and new "Q" is John Cleese and hardly a "harrumph" is skipped. Dramatically a bit inert. Bond ends up with girl in Turkey... after exiting a too-long submarine sequence. Brosnan-Richards romance feels a bit icky.
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To me Brosnan's career as Agent 007 takes a turn for the worse and noise dives...big time! Granted the opening title sequence was great and is probably best remembered for. I think the casting was all wrong for this entry, one may disagree. The only good casting aside Brosnan was that of Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn, Samantha Bond and Robbie Coltrane. The rest were all crap. I'm sorry but Denise and Sophie??? Robert Carlyle was annoying as hell. "Remember, you forget I'm dead already." Yeah we got the first time! The BMW was decent, would have been great to see more of it. The very idea of M being captured was barbaric. Killing of Valentin, come on?! He was cool! The whole plot, story was wrong. They could have done better. Its upsetting to know this was Q's finale appearance.

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