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Moore at his best, but Bond-by-formula. Lazy writing. Too-easy seductions. Bond has it too easy all the way. Jaws--"Nuff said." Chase after chase with a plot spray-painted from the "You Only Live Twice" stencil. Marvin Hamlisch score feels like "James Bond! The Musical!" Barbara Bach plastic-pretty. But that's a great stunt in the open. Good will of that can't sustain the movie. Bond ends up with girl in bath-o-sub-escape-thing.
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One of the least Bond films I like. Someone dropped the ball here. What happened? I don't have a clue. However there are a few moments that keeps this movie flow through. The introduction of Jaws to begin with. The most famous henchman of all. A huge challenge for Bond. The Lotus Esprit. At last Roger gets his own "Bond" car. The pre-title is memorable that proves that "Nobody does it better" than 007. I did not like triple XXX at all. The villain was completly lazy and just stuffed himself with food and loved to press buttons.This Bond film is like a damn roller coaster! It moves up and down.

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hexom Nobody does it cheesier! 0 Mar 3 2011, 5:32 AM EST by hexom
Thread started: Mar 3 2011, 5:32 AM EST  Watch
I am honestly perplexed as to how this can be many fan's favorite Bond film. I suppose that the great thing about this franchise is the diversity from one film (and one Bond) to the next.

I have tried many times to just sit back and enjoy this flick for what it is. I still fail, miserably, at being able to appreciate it. It seems as though the writers intentionally counteracted every good stunt/action scene with a ridiculously cheesy finale. Some examples of this include the intro scene followed by the terrible "pillow sub" chaser. The Lotus car chase also ends with an over the top quest for laughs as it pulls up out of the water onto the beach.

Jaws is a ridiculous villain.
The submarine battle is reminiscent of the volcano battle in 'You Only Live Twice.'
What's the deal with the spaceship looking ocean base and the horrendously unthreatening villain?
Why doesn't XXX have any emotions whatsoever and what is she thinking about while she stares off into oblivion every time she is engaged in conversation??

This movie is BAAAD!
Though, not even half as bad as the trash that follows.....


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