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You Only Move Twice, which first aired on November 3, 1996, is the most famous of all Bond/Simpsons spoofs. In the episode, which is in part a spoof of You Only Live Twice,
The Simpsons James Bond Connection - You Only Move Twice James Bont
James Bont escapes from Scorpio's laser table

Cypress Creek when Homer accepts a job at the GLOBEX Corporation. However, what Homer doesn't know is that GLOBEX is actually a front for for Hank Scorpio's evil organization that is bent on world domination. A few days into his tenure at GLOBEX, Homer is at a vending machine while Scorpio has his nemesis, James Bont, strapped down to a deadly Goldfinger-esque laser table. Using a coin in his pocket, Bont splits the laser beam in four directions to free himself, fires a hidden gas cartridge from his suit jacket and begins to run away. However, after hearing Scorpio's yell, Homer takes a break from purchasing snacks to tackle Bont, at which point the guards just shoot him: something a real Bond villain would never actually do. A few scenes later, when Homer goes to find Scorpio to submit his resignation, he finds Hank in the middle of a massive army fight between his goons and the army. There is also a scene where a woman is in a bikini, and pins a man down to the grond and crushes and kills him between her thighs, much resembling Xenia Onatopp. The whole scene is taken straight out of the end of You Only Live Twice, though Bont does not play a part. The episode's credits got a music theme to Hank Scorpio, like Auric Goldfinger in "Goldfinger".

The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular was a clip show of "rare footage and deleted scenes" from previous episodes. Basically, this premise gave the writers a chance to make a bunch of things up just for this episode. Segments included a robotic Richard Simmons, an alternate ending to the Who Shot Mr. Burns episodes, and a deleted scene from the episode where Mr. Burns opens a casino in Springfield. In this deleted scene, is a blackjack dealer at a table where Bond and a mix of Blofeld and Largo are playing cards. Standing behind them are Simpsons versions of Oddjob and Jaws. As Homer deals, the following dialogue takes place:

Blofeld: 20. Your move, Mr. Bond.

Bond: I'll take a hit, dealer. [Homer gives him a card] Joker! You were supposed to take those out of the deck.

Homer: Oh, sorry. Here's another one.

Bond: What's this card? "Rules for Draw and Stud Poker"?

Blofeld: What a pity, Mr. Bond. [Odd Job and Jaws grab Bond and drag him out]

Bond: But...but it's Homer's fault! I didn't lose. I never lose! Well, at least tell me the details of your plot for world domination.

Blofeld: Ho ho ho, I'm not going to fall for that one again

Homer's Gunbarrel Entrance Couch Gag One of these gags featured Homer walking across the living room in a spoof of the classing James Bond gunbarrel opening, complete with gun site, blood and a version of the Bond theme. The gag first appeared in And Maggie Makes Three (aired on 1/22/95) and was later reused in The Springfield Connection (aired on 5/7/95).

Homer Defined When Homer stops the nuclear meltdown, the timer stops on 007, just like in Goldfinger.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? In the beginning of the episode, Grandpa Simpson is in the theater watching a McBain movie, which ends with the words "McBain will return in You Have the Right to Remain Dead." This is an obvious reference to all the pre-Living Daylights Bond films which gave the title of the next film.

Lisa's Wedding This scene takes place just after Homer has met his future British in-laws:
HOMER: You know what's the best thing about you British? Octopussy. Why, I must have seen that movie ...twice!

The Regina Monologues When the Simpsons go to London they meet Prime Minister Blair. After he says he has to go, he uses the Thunderball jetpack to leave while a variation of the Bond theme can be heard in the background. The song plays again later in the episode when Homer and Marge use the London Eye Ferris Wheel as a spy device. Their car on the ferries wheel detaches and becomes a sub in the Thames.

tony blair thunderball jetpack

When Flanders Failed (Episode 303) Homer goes into Mr. Burns' office and Mr. Burns is stroking a cat on his lap like Blofeld.

Like Father Like Clown (Episode 306) Krusty the Klown's secretary/assistant is Miss Lois Pennycandy, parodying Miss Moneypenny and Lois Maxwell, the actress who originally played Moneypenny in the Bond films. Like Moneypenny is to Bond, Pennycandy loves Krusty, but he doesn't love her, and the two aren't together.

Bart's Friend Falls in Love (Episode 323) Bart, Milhouse, and Milhouse's girlfriend are watching Itchy & Scratchy. In the episode Scratchy is getting married and Itchy is the priest presiding over the ceremony. Itchy takes off his hat and throws it at the bride, cutting her head off, like Oddjob's hat in Goldfinger. The hat then circles around and cuts Scratchy's head off.

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (Episode 406) Bart is in the kitchen standing infront of the microwave with the family's cat Snowball II (a black cat though, not white like Blofeld's) in his arms and he's stroking it. In the microwave infront of him there is a James Bond action figure.

Bart: Stick around Mr. Bond, things are really cook.

After he says this he pushs the "Cook" button on the microwave and the James Bond action figure melts with Bart laughing maniacally.

James Bond microwave Bart cooks Bond

Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1 (Episode 625) Mr. Burns unveils his miniature of the city similar to how Goldfinger reveals the miniature of Fort Knox in Goldfinger. Smithers's reaction is similar to Goldfinger's associates' reactions were.

22 Short Films About Springfield (Episode 721) Milhouse goes to the comic book store to use the bathroom, but has to pay for something in order to use it. Comic Book Guy shows him various products, including a picture of Sean Connery as Bond signed by Roger Moore. That picture is apparently very rare and $150.

Sean Connery Picture signed by Roger Moore on the Simpsons

Girly Edition (Episode 921) Bart is in Lisa's newcaster chair and they say:
Bart: So, we meet again...Mr. Bond.

Lisa: Bart get out of my anchor chair.

Bart: Silence Octopussy!

Bart the Mother (Episode 1003) Nelson calls Bart an "octowussy".

Homer to the Max (1013) Homer sings the Max Power song to the tune of Goldfinger by Shirely Bassey

Little Big Mom (Episode 1110) In an Itchy & Scratchy Episode, Itchy is looking through a photo album remembering all the ways he's killed Scratchy. One of the pictures is of Scratchy strapped down with a laser coming up toward him, the same situation Bond finds himself in, in Goldfinger.

The Simpsons-Bond References - James Bond Wiki

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge (Episode 1121) Homer puts together a straw from three separate pieces that were in a case in his jacket pocket. While Homer does this, music similar to the James Bond theme plays in the background.

Homer vs. Dignity (Episode 1205) The code for the comic book was "007".

Treehouse of Horror XII (Episode 1301) The following dialogue takes place:
Bart: 007!

Marge: George Lazenby?

Lisa: No, Pierce Brosnan!

Mypods and Boomsticks (Episode 2007) When Homer dives into the river to rescue the beer, music similar to Bond music plays in the background.

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