Sir Godfrey Tibbett

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Sir Godfrey Tibbet - James Bond Wiki
Appears in:


  • English actor Patrick Macnee (1922-2015). Read more here.
  • Most well known for his role as John Steed, the very British agent and main protagonist of the iconic 1960s TV show The Avengers and its 1970s sequel series, The New Avengers.

Who is he:

  • A MI6 operative and an expert on horses.

How he meets Bond:

  • Bond and MI6 meet him when they are spying on Max Zorin at Ascot Racecourse.

How he helps Bond:

  • Poses as Bond's driver when Bond poses as James St. John Smythe to infiltrate Zorin's château and stables.
  • Breaks into Dr. Carl Mortner's secret laboratory with Bond and helps him investigate.


  • He is ambushed and killed by May Day in his car before he can report to MI6 on what he and Bond have discovered in the lab.

Fun facts: