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Shady TreeAppears in:

  • Leonard Barr

Attempted methods of killing Bond:
  • None, really. Actually, Tree and Morton Slumber saved 007 from getting incineratedincinerated. in his own coffin. This is only because 007 (disguised as diamond smuggler Peter Franks) failed to deliver real diamonds.

How he is dispatched:
  • Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd dispose of him at the Whyte House in Tree's "trailer" (a cut scene shows Mr. Wint firing a gun initially with a flag that just says "bang" before a real bullet dispatches him). Just after they dispose of him, Bert Saxby, another Blofeld minion, informs the two killers that Tree delivered the fake diamonds, thus needing him alive. This makes Mr. Kidd reply "that's most annoying."

Evil scheme:

How plans were foiled:
  • 007 interrupts the smuggling pipeline by turning smuggler Tiffany Case and killing smuggler Peter Franks, taking his place


Defining dialogue:
  • "You dirty, double-crossin' limey fink! Those goddamn diamonds are phonies!"
  • "Critics and materials I don't need. I haven't changed my act in 40 years!"