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James Bond Blog - September 2009

Blofeld's identity revealed?!

9/10/2009 @ 11:50 AM PSTPOSTED BY: <a href="../account/Green-Arrow" target="_self">Green-Arrow</a>a

Rumors of a possible resurrection of Ernst Stavro Blofeld for Bond 23 have fans debating <a href="../thread/2967554/blofeld+again" target="_self">how (and whether)</a> the classic Bond villain should be portrayed in the rebooted series.

Which raises the nagging question of Blofeld's character continuity (or lack thereof). What's going on with SPECTRE's Number One. Well, I think I may have the answer...

- Green-Arrow

New Features - News and Forum

9/8/2009 @ 8:50 AM PSTPOSTED BY: <a href="../account/Cedric%28006%29" target="_self">Cedric(006)</a>a

Wetpaint has released their newest features - news feeds and a brand-spanking new discussion forum. The News Feeds display news about Commander Bond from all over the web. Users can also add quick comments to any news article; additional, the most chattered about article will be featured on the right side of the page!
  • - See <a href="../news" target="_self">News Feeds</a>
Also Bond fanatics, did ya notice the new layout of the discussion forum? Moderators and up can now add "categories" allowing you the users to quickly find a thread that you wish to comment on.
  • - See <a href="../thread" target="_self">Discussion Forum</a>
As always, I you have a question, please feel free to <a href="../accountSearch/moderator" target="_self">e-mail a moderator</a> for assistance

- Cedric

Happy birthday Mr. Lazenby. Such potential.....

9/5/2009 @ 11:53 AM PST
POSTED BY: <a href="../account/alexberg" target="_self">alexberg</a>

George Lazenby - star of On Her Majesty's Secret Service turns 70 today. For those of you don't know much about Lazenby's origins it's quite a Hollywood-esque story - from start to finish. George, we hardly knew you. What might have been?

- Alexberg

Which Bond girl put James at risk for an STD?

9/5/2009 @ 11:57 PM EDT
POSTED BY: <a href="../account/alexberg" target="_self">alexberg</a>

Plenty has been written on the topic of which Bond girl was the hottest, which one was the best, and even which one had the awesomest name. But, with over 45 years on the silver screen and countless female conquests, one thing’s for certain: James Bond has been dancing into the fire when it comes to exposing himself to some serious STDs.


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