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Blofeld's Volcano Lair - James Bond Wiki

Appears in You Only Live Twice.

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Art Director:
  • Ken Adam

  • a control center and living space for Blofeld and his scheme to launch Bird 1, a SPECTRE rocket ship

  • Built for a hefty £350,000 the Blofeld volcano lair was, at the time, the most expensive (and outlandish) movie set ever built.
  • The set (erected at Pinewood Studios) featured a command room, usable helicopter pad, full-scale Intruder rocket (which could launch with the help of a hidden crane), a huge retractable "crater lake" opening and a working monorail system!
  • The set required two hundred miles of tubular steel, more than 700 tons of structural steel, 200 tons of plasterwork, half a million tubular couplings, 8,000 railway ties, and more than 250,000 square yards of canvas. It was 126 feet high and was two football fields square. It cost the entire budget of Lewis Gilbert's previous film, Alfie.