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Sir Roger George Moore was born in Stockwell, London, England, on 14 October 1927. At the age of 58 in A View To A Kill, he was the oldest actor to have appeared in a Bond film and also the oldest actor to begin his tenure in the role (he was 46 in Live And Let Die).

The third actor to play Bond in the film series, he is also the most prolific this day, with seven films in the role (Sean Connery played Bond in six films produced by EON and an unofficial one). He played in a number of TV shows before his take on Bond, including Ivanhoe, Maverick, The Saint and The Persuaders.

There are many stories as to when Moore's name was first dropped as a possible candidate for the role of James Bond. Some sources, specifically producer Albert R. Broccoli, claimed that Moore was considered for Dr. No, and that he was Ian Fleming's favorite for the role after apparently having seen Moore in The Saint. However, this story is often debunked by fans and Bond-film historians, who point to the fact that the series did not begin airing in the United Kingdom until October 4, 1962 - only one day before the premiere of Dr. No. As Moore is older than Sean Connery, this is probably not true. Publicly, Moore wasn't linked to the role of 007 until 1967, when Harry Saltzman claimed he would make a good Bond, but also displayed misgivings due to his popularity as Simon Templar. Nevertheless, Moore was finally cast in Live And Let Die (1973).

He was life long friends with Lois Maxwell, the actress who first portrayed Moneypenny. They met each other at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. A View To A Kill was the last bond film for both of them.

Moore was offered the role on the condition that he had his long hair cut and lose some weight (during filming of the television show The Persuaders with Tony Curtis, he and Moore had quaffed real champagne instead of colored water and he had subsequently gained twenty pounds). Each time he returned to Cubby Broccoli he was told to lose more hair and more weight. "Why didn't they get a thin actor who was bald to do the part?" Moore opined.

In an attempt to distance himself from Sean Connery's portrayal of Bond, Moore deliberately smoked cigars instead of cigarettes and drank Bourbon instead of Martini, which was actually more in-keeping with the character of Bond from the books.

Moore also has the distinction of being one of the only two English actors to play James Bond (Daniel Craig being the second). Sean Connery is Scottish, George Lazenby Australian, Timothy Dalton Welsh and Pierce Brosnan Irish.

Moore also claims, that his Bond is more of a "lover" and a "giggler."

Moore originally showed interest in departing from the series after For Your Eyes Only but when the unofficial Bond film Never Say Never Again was produced in 1983, the producers decided an established Bond would fare better against Connery's return. Octopussy performed slightly better than Never Say Never Again at the box office. Cubby Broccoli convinced Moore to stay for one last movie.

Sir Roger Moore passed away from cancer at the age of 89 on May 23rd 2017. Read more here.

Notable non-Bond films / series:

  • The Last Time I saw Paris
  • Diane de Poitiers
  • Romulus and the Sabines
  • The Man who haunted himself
  • Gold
  • Shout at the Devil
  • The wild geese
  • Escape to Athena
  • North Sea Hijack
  • The Sea Wolves
  • Curse of the Pink panther
  • The Quest
  • Spice World
  • Cats & Dogs: the revenge of Kitty Galore

Moore once said that retired Royal Navy officer and counter-terrorist expert Rufus Excalibur ffolkes in North Sea Hijack was one of his favorite roles.


  • Ivanhoe
  • The Alaskans
  • The Saint
  • The Persuaders


  • Roger Moore's favourite Bond film out of the ones he made is The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • Moore's contract for 007 included an unlimited supply of cigars during filming. The bills for these cigars ran in the thousands!
  • Roger Moore and Sean Connery became close friends over the years.

Life After Bond:

  • He succeeded Audrey Hepburn as goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 1991.
  • On October 9th, 2003 Sir Roger Moore was Knighted for his charity work with UNICEF. Moore and Connery are the only Bond actors so far to have the title.