Quantum of Solace - The 10th anniversary

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Quantum of Solace - The 10th anniversary - James Bond Wiki
Quantum of Solace - The 10th anniversary - James Bond Wiki

A small retrospective by <a href="/account/DaltonCraigRules" target="_self">DaltonCraigRules</a>

As far as I can remember, I watched Quantum of Solace in theaters ten years ago in much worse conditions than Casino Royale, which definitely impacted my viewing experience (I brought my then-girlfriend, things were getting really awry between us, but she loved the previous film almost as much as I do, it definitely proved the broad appeal Craig has as Bond).

At first, I found it way too short and not fully satisfying. I really hate when critics compare Daniel Craig's James Bond films to that other "JB" - Jason Bourne - but the editing clearly sought to emulate that franchise's gimmick in this film, which isn't a bad thing in itself, it just felt kind of messy this time around. The theme song ended up one of my least favorites in the whole series, the instrumental was very fine but I just couldn't stand the singing by Jack White and Alicia Keys. Whenever I listen to it again, it's always the instrumental part and nothing else.

I later purchased the DVD, and I found out it was much better than I previously thought - it definitely improves the more one rewatches it. Daniel Craig was still solid and in top shape through and through, the main girl (Camille, played by Olga Kurylenko) has a sympathetic backstory, the villain (Dominic Greene, played by Mathieu Amalric) is a pretty even mix of coldness and lunacy - as a French, I remembered the actor well from French arthouse movies such as My Sex Life... or How I Got into an Argument or Kings & Queen where he played whimsical, almost crazy intellectuals.

The opera scene with Tosca is a pure delight, with Bond practicing real spying for once. So much so that the people behind Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation felt like emulating it with their Turandot scene - a Puccini work, how surprising.

Whatever one might think, the movie managed the impossible task to be released on schedule despite the Writers' Strike, and did almost as good as Casino Royale at the box office. In the end, the will to improve over Quantum of Solace's flaws greatly helped turning Skyfall into a massive success.