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  • The film opens a few minutes after the conclusion of Casino Royale. Because of Vesper's death, James Bond fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Determined to uncover the truth, 007 and M interrogate Mr. White, who reveals the mysterious organization Quantum, which blackmailed Vesper, is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined. Forensic intelligence links an MI6 traitor to a bank account in Haiti where a case of mistaken identity introduces Bond to the beautiful but feisty Camille, a woman who has her own vendetta. Camille leads Bond straight to Dominic Greene, a ruthless businessman and major force within the mysterious organization, who is also forging a deal with an exiled Bolivian general, Medrano, who slaughtered Camille's family.

Release Date:

  • November 14, 2008 (US)
  • October 31, 2008 (UK)

Running Time:

  • 106 minutes


  • Sony Ericsson C902 (with incredible camera resolution)

Issued Sidearm:



  • Paul Haggis
  • Neal Purvis
  • Robert Wade

Filming Locations:

  • Siena, Italy
  • London, England
  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Bregenz, Austria
  • La Paz, Bolivia
  • Kazan, Russia

Pundit Reviews:

Best Quotes:

  • Dominic Greene: Be careful of this one, Mr Bond. She will not go to bed with you unless you give her something she really wants... but you make a fine couple - you are both, what is the expression? "Damaged goods"?

  • Bond: Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet.

  • Mr White: I guess Tosca isn't for everyone.

  • Bond: I never left.

Best Mistake:

  • During the boat chase scene, both Bond's and Camille's hair alternates between wet and dry several times.

Main Theme:

  • "Another way to die" written by Jack White, sung by Alicia Keys and Jack White.

Other Music:

  • "Va, Tosca" (Te Deum) from the end of Act 1 of the Opera Tosca

Vital Statistics:
  • Conquests: 1 (Agent Fields)
  • Martinis: 6
  • Kills: Mitchell, Slate, 2 Bolivian Policemen, Chief of Police, Jet Pilot
  • "Bond, James Bond": 0

Detailed Synopsis:

Quantum of Solace continues right where Casino Royale left off - Mr. White has been captured in Italyu by Bond, and put in the trunk of Bond's Aston Martin. While driving White to a MI6 branch in Siena, Bond is pursued by Quantum henchmen and throws off their pursuit.

Bond Captures White
Quantum of Solace - James Bond Wiki

Bond arrives with White at the MI6 branch in Siena, where M awaits. M reveals a detail about the alleged death of Vesper Lynd's French-Algerian boyfriend, Yusef Kabir; his death has been faked. White is pressed for information. Mr. White reveals that Quantum "has people everywhere." At that moment, M's personal assistant, Mitchell, shoots and kills a nearby MI6 operative. He tries to kill M, but is disrupted and pursued by Bond. Though Mitchell is unable to kill her, he allows time for Mr. White to escape.

Mr. White interrigated
Bond persues Mitchel

Bond pursues Mitchell through the crowded Siena square where the traditional horse race, the Palio di Siena is taking place. The chase continues over rooftops and through a bell tower, with both men crashing into a glass-domed atrium. A struggle ensues and Bond is able to retrieve his PPK and kill Mitchell. He returns to the MI6 safe house to find everyone gone, including M and White. Back in London, Bond meets M at Mitchell's apartment. M is quite furious that an MI6 who was her personal bodyguard for years could have not only been corrupted by Quantum but also pass any standard tests of agent loyalty to MI6.

M's assistant, Bill Tanner, discovers marked United States currency linking Mitchell to a man named Slate who is currently hiding out at the Dessalines Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Bond travels there, goes to Slate's room and is attacked almost immediately by Slate himself. Bond kills Slate with a knife-wound to the neck and assumes his identity, taking Slate's briefcase and walking outside to the street. He is promptly picked up by an unidentified woman; he deftly retrieves a card from her purse which IDs her as Camille Montes. Allegedly, Slate had been hired to assassinate Camille by her lover, Dominic Greene. Though Bond has no intention of killing her, she tries to kill Bond herself, but he thwarts her effort and steps out of her car. Stealing a motorcycle from a nearby man who was tailing them, Bond follows Montes to a heavily guarded pier.

Montes finds Greene at the dock and confronts him, knowing he'd sent Slate to kill her. However, Greene is very charismatic and she reconciles with him almost immediately. He also shows her the drowned body of a geologist who betrayed him, still underwater. Greene meets with a despotic Bolivian general, Medrano, to discuss a deal the two have been working on to establish the general as the military dictator of his country. Greene tells Medrano that his organization only wants a worthless piece of desert land in Bolivia with the understanding that Quantum will own whatever is there and underneath it. Greene again betrays Camille, setting her up as a "gift" to the general. As the general takes her into his custody, Bond intervenes and rescues her, stealing a boat and throwing off pursuit across the harbor. Arriving on the opposite side with an unconscious Camille, Bond leaves her with a local man and drives off. He contacts Tanner and M in London and has them run a check on Greene. They positively identify him and contact the CIA, inquiring about his identity. M is connected immediately to a man named Greg Beam, the CIA section chief for South America. Beam tells M that the CIA has "no interest" in Greene, however, she is puzzled as to why she was so quickly connected to the highest ranking CIA official for South American affairs.

Greene arrives at a local airport where Beam and Felix Leiter await. They fly with him to Bregenz, Austria. En route, Greene shows Beam a picture of Bond, asking if they recognize him. When Leiter sees the picture he lies, saying he doesn't know Bond. Greene also informs both his guests that his organization has a controlling interest in Bolivia and all of South America; they have discovered a very precious natural resource in the Atacama Desert, which Beam assumes must be oil.

Arriving in Bregenz, Greene attends a lavish performance of Gioachino Rossini's opera, Tosca. Also in attendance are Mr White and several other members of Quantum, and Bond, who has followed Greene there. Pacifying a Quantum member, Bond steals the man's earpiece and listens in on the other members' communications. After eavesdropping for a few minutes on the group's chatter about their business dealings, Bond suggests that their meeting place isn't secure. As they get up to leave, Bond snaps photos of several Quantum operatives. He relays them to M and Tanner, who begin to ID them. Mr White doesn't leave his seat, saying "I guess Tosca isn't for everyone.." As he leaves the opera, Bond is forced to engage several Quantum bodyguards. One such man is the bodyguard of a well-known British industrialist. Bond forces the man off a short roof where he lands on the hood of Greene's car, still alive. Fearful of being identified, Greene orders one of his bodyguards to shoot the man, a death Bond is blamed for. Tanner informs M, who decides Bond's actions have become too dangerous. She has holds put on his credit cards and passport, hoping to prevent him from escaping elsewhere.

Bond reconnects with Rene Mathis in Northern Italy. Mathis still harbors much resentment for Bond having him arrested (near the end of Casino Royale) and tortured, however, he has accepted the British government's compensation, a house on a lake, where he lives in semi-retirement. Bond asks Mathis to help him since Mathis still has connections and contacts in South America. Mathis arranges for Bond to travel to La Paz, Bolivia, to continue investigating Greene. When he and Mathis arrive, Bond is greeted immediately by MI6 agent Strawberry Fields acting on orders to detain him and fly him immediately back to London. Bond refuses and the group checks into a lush hotel (instead of the substandard one Fields had already chosen). After Bond and Fields spend an intimate afternoon together, they attend a fundraising party being held by Greene. Bond unexpectedly meets Camille there and also meets Greene for the first time. Greene comments that the budding relationship between Bond and Camille will only have negative consequences and he also remarks that since both are psychologically affected by their pasts that they are perfect for each other as well. Greene has his henchman, Elvis, try to eject Bond from the party, however, Fields intervenes and Elvis is tossed down a flight of stairs and injured.

Bond leaves the party with Camille. As they drive away, they are stopped by the local police, who demand that Bond open the rear hatch of his vehicle. Inside is a severely beaten Mathis, whom Bond helps out of the truck. The police open fire instantly and Mathis is hit in the chest several times. Bond quickly overpowers and kills the guards and determines that the Bolivian Colonel of Police had ordered Mathis' beating. Mathis dies in Bond's arms, asking him to forgive Vesper Lynd for betraying him. Bond rather coldly dumps Mathis' body in a nearby trash container. When Camille states the fact, Bond says "He wouldn't mind."

Bond and Camille drive out to the desert to investigate Greene's land purchase. They exchange their Land Rover for a Douglas DC-3 plane from a local man, who waits until they take off and calls the authorities. While they fly south, Bond confronts Camille about her true identity and purpose; she works for Bolivian intelligence and has maintained a sexual relationship with Greene, however, she counters that her motive is not what Bond assumes. At that moment the plane is attacked by a fighter plane. Bond, lacking any armaments on his plane, must outmaneuver the fighter, a plan which succeeds. They are again attacked by helicopter, which causes more critical damage to the aircraft. Bond and Camille bail out, Camille wearing the only available parachute, and they barely survive, landing in a desert sinkhole.

While they search for a way to the surface, Camille reveals her true intentions: she has been using Greene to get closer to General Medrano, who raped and murdered Camille's mother and sister and murdered her father. Medrano set fire to their house and trapped Camille inside, not knowing Camille had survived. Bond apologizes for interfering with Camille's attempt to assassinate Medrano in Haiti. He also discovers evidence of rock blasting that has taken place under the desert and that a huge dam has been built to contain the local water supply. Bond quickly deduces that Greene's plan does not involve controlling oil but limiting water to the local desert population. Bond and Camille make it to the surface and are able to catch a local bus and return to La Paz.

Bond is greeted by MI6 agents when they return to the hotel. In his and Field's room, he finds M, who first tells her agents to let Camille go and shows Bond that Fields has been murdered; she is covered in oil and a significant amount is found in her lungs. Bond tells M that Field's killing is a message intended to throw them off, that Greene is not after oil. M orders Bond arrested. In the elevator, Bond easily overpowers his captors and marches straight back to M, telling her that he will solve the case as a rogue agent and that M should note Field's excellent service in the report.

Bond meets with Felix Leiter at a local bar. Leiter is reluctant to provide any information about Greene's or Medrano's whereabouts but eventually does. When CIA special forces operatives arrive moments later, Bond quickly retreats and escapes. Leiter has told Bond that Greene plans to meet Medrano at the Perla de las Dunas hotel in the desert.

Bond and Camille travel to the hotel. Medrano, already there, meets with Greene and signs over the land Greene has requested. Greene also presents the General a new stipulation to the deal, one that makes Quantum Bolivia's sole provider of fresh water. At first the General refuses, citing the fees to be twice as much as the current rate. Greene counters, saying that the influence of Quantum is such that Medrano could be easily eliminated and replaced with someone who will do their bidding unconditionally. As he says this, Medrano's personal bodyguard begins to draw his sidearm, possibly showing his allegiance to Greene and Quantum instead of the General. The General signs the document and takes his large cash reward back to his room.

Camille and Bond have both infiltrated the hotel simultaneously. Bond finds the Colonel of Police and kills him, shouting that they had a "mutual friend" (Mathis). During the gunfight that follows, one of the hotel's hydrogen power cells is ruptured and ignites, causing a chain reaction in the entire hotel. Camille quickly finds Medrano in his room, where he is attempting to rape a young waitress. He and Camille struggle and Camille is able to shoot the General dead. Bond fights with Greene and subdues him briefly, letting him go to save Camille. He finds her in Medrano's room which is nearly engulfed in fire. Camille begs Bond to kill her to avoid being burned alive and as Bond turns a gun on her, a hydro-cell is revealed behind a wall. Bond shoots the cell and blasts the wall out, allowing them to escape. Bond sees Greene limping away (he'd injured himself in his fight with Bond earlier).

Bond drives Greene further out into the desert. Having purloined information about Quantum from Greene, Bond intends to leave him there. He throws Greene a small can of motor oil and drives off.

Bond and Camille drive to the nearest desert settlement where a train station is located. They exchange a few parting words and Bond leaves.

In the Kazan region of Central Russia, a couple arrives at their apartment where Bond is waiting. The man is Yusef Kabir, Vesper Lynd's former boyfriend and the man she sacrificed her own life for. He is with a young woman, Corrine Veneau, who works for Canadian intelligence. Bond shows her Vesper's necklace, the Algerian love knot, which is similar to the one Corrine has around her neck and tells her that Yusef is a traitor who uses women who work for intelligence agencies to steal information. He orders her out of the room and the scene ends abruptly, with no obvious outcome.

On the street, Bond meets M and watches as Kabir is taken into custody, allaying M's fear that Bond would kill him out of revenge. She tells him that Greene's body was found, still in the desert, with two gunshots in the back of his head and his stomach filled with motor oil, however, she neither accuses Bond or believes his innocence in Greene's death. She also mentions that Beam had been fired by the CIA for his involvement in Greene's plot and that Leiter has been promoted to Beam's old position. M also says that she needs Bond back in the service of MI6, to which Bond replies, "I never left." As he departs, he drops Vesper's necklace in the snow.

The gun barrel sequence for this film is newly designed and appears right before the closing credits.