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Plenty O'Toole - James Bond WikiAppears in:

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Who she is:

  • Plenty is a very beautiful young woman with obvious assets. This gorgeous brunette is only 25 and is single. When she first appears in the film she is at a craps table in Las Vegas and the man she is with has busted. He asks her back to his place, but she tells him off and walks away.
  • Her attention is called back to the table by Bond. She is impressed by his gambling skills and latches herself onto his arm. Bond uncharacteristically tries to send her away, but she proves quite difficult to ditch.
  • Attracted to Bond, she then proposes him to have a drink somewhere else. After going on a date in a restaurant, Bond takes the young girl to his place. After entering in the dark appartment, she starts to kiss Bond. 007 then takes off her dress and Plenty is now almost naked, wearing only a transparent little panty and her purple high heels. Very horny and apparently ready to have sex, the brunette asks Bond to give her one minute and presumably goes to the bathroom. She is then captured by thugs who were hidden in the appartment to kill Bond. Very surprised, the almost naked Plenty begs them for mercy but is thrown out of the window. She screams with terror but finally falls in a pool. The poor girl then goes back to Bond's room, naked with only a towel to cover her sexy body, hoping he would give her the affection she needs, but sees him having sex with Tiffany Case.
  • Extremely jealous, she then finds Tiffany's adress. The next day, she presumably goes to Tiffany's place, but the unfortunate Plenty is then mistaken with Tiffany and is killed by being drowned in her pool. Bond and Tiffany then find her dead body lying at the bottom of the pool.

How she and Bond meet:

Defining dialogue:

  • Plenty: Hi, I'm Plenty!
  • Bond: But of course you are!
  • Plenty: Plenty O'Toole.
  • Bond: Named after your father perhaps?

    How she helps save the day:

    Fun facts:

    • Lana Wood wrote a best-selling memoir, Natalie, A Memoir by Her Sister, in 1984. The book was also an autobiography. Among the tidbits she revealed in the book was an off-the-set affair with Sean Connery during the filming of Diamonds Are Forever.