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Pierce Brosnan had actually been on the list for the next Bond since 1984. He finally landed the role in 1995 in GoldenEye after the franchise's 6 year hiatus from production.

Appears in:

  1. Goldeneye
  2. Tomorrow Never Dies
  3. The World is not Enough
  4. Die Another Day


He was born in Navan, County Meath, Ireland on May 16, 1953, but moved to London with his family in 1964. He became a commercial artist after leaving school, but was introduced to acting by a co-worker who was in a theatre group in the evenings. He left his job for the life of an actor, and entered the Drama Centre in London, where he studied acting for 3 years. After several years of stage work throughout the UK, he began to work in television and film.Brosnan became well known as Remington Steele which debuted in 1982.He moved with his wife and children to Los Angeles, California, where Steele was filmed.The series was quite successful, running for more than 4 seasons and 92 episodes. It catapulted Pierce to major stardom in America. Brosnan was first rumoured to replace Roger Moore in 1984, but he was unable to accept it because of his contract with the Steele TV series and the role went to Timothy Dalton.

In 1994, when Dalton announced that he would not reprise the role of Bond in the next Bond film, Brosnan finally got the role. His first Bond movie, GoldenEye, has grossed over $350 million worldwide, more than any other Bond film to that time. His 2nd Bond film, 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, grossed more money in the US than GoldenEye. Together, his 4 Bond films have grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide. Brosnan was relieved of his Bond duties in the summer of 2004.

Classic Lines:

- BOND : "Expecting Davidov? He caught a bullet instead of a plane." (The World Is Not Enough)

- BOND : "Beg your pardon, forgot to knock !" (Goldeneye)

- OURUMOV: Come out with your hands up !
- BOND : How original. (Goldeneye)

- XENIA : "You don't need the gun."
- BOND : "That depends on your definition of safe sex." (Goldeneye)

- ALEC : For England James?
- BOND : No, for me. (Goldeneye)

- BOND : "I may have some breaking news for you, Elliot..." (Tomorrow Never Dies)


His first wife was Cassandra Harris, who played Countess Lisl Von Schlaf, Milos Colombo's unlucky mistress, in the 1981 Bond movie For Your Eyes Only alongside Roger Moore.

Critical Acclaim:

-MTV Award (1996) Best Fight (shared with Famke Janssen)
-Saturn Award (1998) Best Actor (Tomorrow Never Dies)
-Blockbuster Entertainment Award (2000) Favorite Actor (TWINE)
-Empire Award (2000) Best Actor (TWINE)

Life After Bond:

He currently has houses in Malibu and in Hawaii.He has 3 children with Cassandra -- Sean (born 1983) and stepchildren Charlotte (born 1971) and Christopher (born 1972) -- and 2 sons, Dylan Thomas (born 1997) and Paris Beckett (born 2001), with his 2nd wife, former TV correspondent/soap actress Keely Shaye Smith, whom he married in August 2001. He has two grandchildren, Charlotte's daughter Isabelle Sophie (born 1998) and son Lucas (born 2005).

In 2008 he had taken the role as the 6th narrator for the hit childrens show Thomas & Friends, he is not new to the little blue engine he would read stories of thomas when his children were young. He was thrilled to take the role as the narrator following the footsteps of famous narrators before him such as Ringo Starr. The Great Discovery was released in autumn of 2008 and was a huge sucsses for both Thomas & Pierce.

Pierce Brosnan starred opposite Meryl Streep in the 2008 film Mamma Mia! He played Chiron in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Adam Lang, a fictionnal former British Prime minister in Roman Polanski's thriller The ghost writer, he also starred opposite Robert Pattinson in Remember me.

Bond Stats:
  • Martinis: 4
  • Kills: 59
  • "Bond, James Bond": 5
  • Women in Bed: 9
  • Gadgets: Hell ya!!! And lots of `em