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This page houses all of the other vehicles from the James Bond films. If it doesn't appear on one of the other pages and if Bond used it, you'll find it here.

Bell Textron Jet Pack (featured in Thunderball)

Though it seems more suited to a Buck Rogers serial, the jet-pack was developed in the early 60's for short rocket-boosted flights of up to 60 seconds. One thing the film doesn't mention--after every flight the pack's nozzles glow red-hot, making any stashing in an Aston Martin's trunk extremely hazardous! Also, the stuntman doubling Sir Sean Connery was supposed to fly the jet pack without a helmet, but do to safety concerns, the stuntman was forced to wear a helmet.

Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki
Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki
Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki
Sean Connery in Thunderball

Little Nellie (featured inYou Only Live Twice)

Little Nellie

This heavily armed, one-man autogyro was used by Bond when he was scanning the mountains for any trace of Blofeld's hideout. Features: missiles, machine guns, flame-throwers and air-dropped mines.

Moon Buggy (featured in Diamonds are Forever)

Bond steals this moon buggy prototype from the moon landing simulation stage at Blofeld's secret weapons research lab in the Nevada desert. During the filming they had to change the Moon Buggy's tires as they were not suited to the terrain and kept falling off.

Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki
Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki
Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki Other Vehicles - James Bond Wiki

Hang Glider: (featured in Live and Let Die)

Bond rides this hang glider, connected by a rope to Quarrel Jr.'s boat, to get to Kananga's island. He pushes a button on the handle to signal a light that alerts Quarrel Jr. that he is disconnecting the rope.

Hang Glider Bond Hang Glider Bond
Hang Glider button Boat signal light hang glider

Hydrofoil "Water Bike" or "Wetbike": (featured in The Spy Who Loved Me)

Bond uses this "Wetbike" or "Water Bike" (similar to a jetski) to get from the submarine to Stromberg's Atlantis.

Hydrofoil Wetbike, Water Bike

Carlson Power Boat: (Featured in Moonraker)

Q has designed this power boat especially for the Amazon. Bond takes this boat to Brazil when he's looking for a rare plant that Drax is using to create a doomsday toxin. The boat is equipped with six water mines, heat-seeking torpedo launcher, and a motorized hang-glider, just in case any waterfalls crop up.
The music used in this scene is John Barry's "007" theme (first heard in "From Russia With Love", this is the last time it was heard)
Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond Self-contained hang glider
Other Vehicles - James Bond Water mine launcher Self-contained hang glider
Other Vehicles - James Bond Heat-seeking torpedo launcher

Amphibious Gondola: (featured in Moonraker)

Bond uses this land-outfitted gondola while he's in Venice to evade the pursuit of Drax's men. The Amphibious Gondola appears to be a standard gondola, but has a hidden propeller, steering wheel concealed in a seat, and hovercraft capabilities that allow the gondola to travel on land. All of these features are deployed via a concealed control panel hidden an an arm rest.

Control panel concelaled in an arm rest Concealed steering wheel hidden under a seat Other Vehicles - James Bond

Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond

Neptune Submarine: (featured in For Your Eyes Only)

Neptune Melina Havelock has inherited this submarine from her father, Sir Timothy Havelock, who was contracted by British secret services to recover the ATAC in the Ionian seabed. Melina and Bond found the wreck of the St George with this submarine.

Acrostar Jet: (featured in Octopussy)

Acrostar Jet Acrostar Jet
Acrostar Jet Acrostar Jet

Alligator Boat: (featured in Octopussy)

Bond rides inside this fake alligator in order to get to Octopussy's island without being detected.

Alligator Boat Alligator Boat
Alligator Boat

Q's Hot Air Balloon: (featured in Octopussy)

Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon
Iceberg Boat: (featured in A View to a Kill)
This boat is disguised as an iceberg. Bond uses it to escape from Russia to Alaska.
Iceberg Boat Iceberg Boat
Iceberg Boat Iceberg Boat

T55 Tank: (featured in Goldeneye)
Other Vehicles - James Bond

Q's Fishing Boat: (featured in The World is not Enough)

Q claims that this unfinished mini-powerboat is the fishing boat he's working on for his retirement. The Q Boat is equipped with rocket propulsion, heat seeking torpedoes, a GPS tracking system, and is capable of driving on land and diving under the water. Bond uses the Q Boat to pursue Cigar Girl after she tries to assassinate him when the MI6 headquarters is bombed.

Other Vehicles - James Bond rocket propulsion heat-seeking torpedoes
Other Vehicles - James Bond Other Vehicles - James Bond the Q Boat is land capable
Other Vehicles - James Bond diving control GPS tracking system
Bond, diving in the Q Boat Q Boat re-emerging after a dive Other Vehicles - James Bond
Glastron Boat

Glastron Boat

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