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  • A clown (009 in disguise) gatecrashes a British embassy party in West Berlin and dies, a knife in his back... Clutched in his hand is a Fabergé egg. MI6 discovers that this priceless jewel was a clever fake, and that the real one is to be sold at an auction. Bond pursues Prince Kamal Khan, the buyer of the egg, to India, and not only uncovers a high-class smuggling scheme, but also a diabolical plan involving Kamal Khan and a psychopathic Russian general who intends to set off a nuclear weapon in West Germany and blame it on the US causing total nuclear disarment and undefended borders. Help comes from a beguiling source: the mysterious lady named "Octopussy".

Release Date:

  • June 6, 1983

Box Office Results:

  • $183.7 million

Running Time:

  • 131 minutes

Issued sidearm:

  • Acrostar Mini Jet
  • Homer Seiko Watch
  • Miniature tracking and listening device
  • Fountain pen containing metal corroding acid and an earpiece
  • Crocodile-boat


  • Richard Maibaum
  • George MacDonald
  • Michael G. Wilson

Title Song:

  • All Time High

Title Song Artist:
  • Rita Coolidge

    Filming Locations:

    • Unidentified South American republic (with English road signs); Checkpoint Charlie, East Berlin, Germany; London, UK; Moscow, Russia; Udaipur, India; West Berlin, Germany; Feldstadt, Germany.

    Best Quotes:
    • Vijay: "Is he still there?"

    Q: "You must be joking. 007 on an island populated exclusively by women? We won't see him 'til dawn.

    "Bond... James Bond": Before sitting down to play Kamal Khan at backgammon.

    Best Mistake :
    • At Octopussy's palace, Bond and an opponent fall into the water and are immediately attacked by crocodiles. But earlier, Kamal's men swam to the palace unmolested.

    Distinguishing Feature:

    Vital Statistics:

    • Conquests: 2
    • Martinis: 1
    • Kills: 14
    • "Bond, James Bond": 1

    Title References:

    • The movie shares its name with the bond girl.