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Handguns appearing in Ian Fleming's writings can be found here.

Colt Police Positive:

  • Novel : Casino Royale
  • Caliber: .38 Special
  • Capacity: 6 shots
  • Quote: "His last action was to slip his right hand under the pillow until it rested under the butt of the .38 Colt Police Positive with the sawn barrel."
  • This is also probably Ernst Stravo Blofeld's gun in Diamonds Are Forever.

colt police positive

Colt Detective Special:

  • Novels: Live and Let Die & Moonraker
  • Caliber: .38 Special
  • Capacity: 6 Shots
  • Quotes:
    • "He broke the chamber sideways out of the Colt Detective Special and waited..." (Moonraker, Chapter 1)
    • After Bond fights with henchman "Tee-Hee" in Chapter 8, he takes his weapon and uses it against other evil doers.
      • "(Bond) frisked the body for a gun and found one... It was a Colt .38 Detective Special with a sawn barrel. All chambers were loaded."

colt detective special

Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight:

  • Novel: Dr. No
  • Quotes:
    • Scene in Chapter 2, Right after he instructs Bond to use the Walther, M continues
      • M's Voice was final. "And what about something bigger?"
      • "There's only one gun for that, sir," said Major Boothroyd stolidly. "Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight. Revolver. .38 calibre. Hammerless, so it won't catch in clothing. Overall length of six and a half inches and it only weights thirteen onces. To keep down the weight, the cylinder holds only five cartridges. But by the time they're gone, ' Major Boothryod allowed himself a wintry smile, ' somebody's been killed. Fires the .38 S & W S[pecial. Very accurate cartidge indeed. With the standard loading it has a muzzle velocity of eight hundred an dsixty fee per second and a muzzle energy of two hundred and sizty foot-pounds. There are various barrel lengths, three and a half inch, five inch...
      • 'All right, all right." M's voice was testy. 'Take it as read. If you say it's the best I'll believe you. So it's the Walther and the Smith & Wesson. Send up one of each to 007. ...'
    • Chapter 12
      • The voice howled. 'Stop there. Good boy. And drop the peashooter. ...'
      • Bond dropped his gun. So much for the Smith & Wesson.

S & W image copywrite Toshi

Major Boothroyd's Alternatives to the PPK:

Novel: Dr. No

‘Well, Armourer, what do you recommend?’

Major Boothroyd put on the expert’s voice. ‘As a matter of fact, sir,’ he said modestly, ‘I’ve just been testing most of the small automatics. Five thousand rounds each at twenty-five yards. Of all of them, I’d choose the Walther PPK 7.65mm. It only came fourth after the Japanese M-14, the Russian Tokarev and the Sauer M-38. But I like its light trigger pull and the extension spur of the magazine gives a grip that should suit 007. It’s a real stopping gun. Of course it’s about a .32 calibre as compared to the Berrett’s .25, but I wouldn’t recommend anything lighter. And you can get ammunition for the Walther anywhere in the world. That gives it an edge on the Japanese and Russian guns.’

Guns from Novel - James Bond Wiki
Japanese M-14 (aka Nambu)

Guns from Novel - James Bond Wiki
Russian Tokarev

Guns from Novel - James Bond Wiki
Sauer M-38

Thank GOODNESS Bond got the Walther. What an ugly group of pistols!


Fleming never goes into great detail on the Beretta beyond the ".25" and "skeleton grip". However, it appears conensus across the fans has landed on the Beretta 418.

Beretta 418