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Appears in Spectre.

The Nine Eyes program is a project of alliance of nine countries' secret services to share their informations and create a global secret network with virtually unlimited possibilities of spying on communications, security cameras and beyond.

Headed by Max Denbigh, the program and its building, the Centre for National Security, have been backed by private funds, which actually belong to Spectre. The Nine Eyes have been conceived in secret to allow the criminal organization to use said informations to their advantage and render the world's major secret services powerless.

Gareth Mallory / M opposes the program, but Denbigh has arranged for MI5 and MI6 to be merged, practically removing M from his office and suppressing the 00 section in the process. South African representatives vote against the program at the Tokyo reunion (picture below). A false flag terrorist attack soon makes them change their mind.

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After destroying the Spectre base in the Moroccan desert, Bond (Daniel Craig) heads back to London to reunite with M and his few loyal followers (Q, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner). M, Q, Moneypenny and Tanner then head to the CNS building before the program is launched while Bond is abducted and brought to the SIS building, where he finds out Blofeld has survived and come to London. Q hacks into the program while M confronts Denbigh at gunpoint. The Nine Eyes' launching is then successfully shut down and Denbigh dies in the ensuing struggle with M.

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