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Moonraker (radio drama) - James Bond Wiki
The first known radio adaptation of a Ian Fleming James Bond novel was for Springbok Radio in South Africa in the mid to late 1950s. It was based on Moonraker, with British radio presenter Bob Holness providing the voice of Bond.

Known facts:

  • Various dates were reported for the broadcast, either 1955, 1956 (the most frequently reported), 1957, 1958 or 1959.
  • Holness said it was performed by the Durban Repertory Theatre. It is believed that local performers from Durban voiced the other roles, and that the production was under 90 minutes.
  • It was broadcast live and most likely not recorded. According to the book The Bond Files by Andy Lane and Paul Simpson, it was later broadcast by the BBC - but from the digging that fans have done, it does not seem as if that statement is correct.
  • According to The Independent, "listeners across the Union thrilled to Bob Holness' cultured tones as he defeated evil master criminals in search of world domination".


  • Bob Holness as James Bond

Moonraker (radio drama) - James Bond Wiki

Bob Holness in 1962