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Moore is less. Very lazy writing. Venice sequence with hover-craft gondola and double-taking pigeons. Space movie with ray-gun shoot-out. Jaws falls in love with Pippi Longstocking. Bond-girl's name is Holly Goodhead (and she's supposed to be taken seriously?). Bond ends up with girl in orbit. Shoulda stayed there.

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In the wake of the success of Star Wars, just about every film series cashed in the "Space" era of movie making. This also include the 007 series with their 11th entry. What was supposed to be For Your Eyes Only, now became Moonraker. Roger returns for his 4th round as the dashing spy. Drax makes a good villain who doesn't say much. He's far much better than the previous villain. A fan favorite with adults and kids also returned, Jaws! Many fans dislike this entry in the series for its over the top outer space theme and the one to many wise crake jokes delivered for Roger. They hate the fact of Bond driving through Venice. I don't mind them at all. I thought this was one the best. I did dislike the title song sung by Shirley Bassey. She was great with the 1st two songs. The pre-title of Bond and Jaws fighting is one of my all-time favorites. On a sad note, this marks the end of Bernard Lee as M.

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hexom Hmm... 0 Mar 3 2011, 5:37 AM EST by hexom
Thread started: Mar 3 2011, 5:37 AM EST  Watch
...I'm not even going to waste my time with a review for this.
Read the book!
I'm sadly disappointed that this is even a Bond film. While The Spy Who Loved Me had a few saving graces, this one lacks in all departments and seems to revolve around sight gags and stupidity.

The book was one of my favorites in the series.

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Anonymous Moonraker 12 Apr 20 2010, 8:16 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Apr 17 2010, 9:26 PM EDT  Watch
Easily the worst Bond movie. Shuttle warfare was absurd.
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