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  • James Bond investigates the disappearance of a Moonraker space shuttle that was being delivered to the UK. With the help of the charming Holly Goodhead, a CIA agent, he soon finds himself confronting billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax, who plans to destroy human life on Earth and establish his own super race in outer space to repopulate the Earth.

Release Date:

  • June 26, 1979

Box Office Results:

  • $210.3 million

Running Time:

  • 126 minutes

Issued Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK




  • Christopher Wood

Filming Locations:

  • Guatemala; Iguaçu Falls, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil; Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA; London, England, UK; Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA; Palmdale, California, USA; Paris, France; Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil; St Lucie County, Florida, USA; Vaux-Le-Vicomte, France; Venice, Veneto, Italy

Best Quotes:

  • Q: I think he's attempting re-entry sir.
  • Drax: Look after Mr.Bond, see that some harm comes to him.
  • Bond: (after shooting a would-be assassin) As you say, such good sport.

"Bond... James Bond": When Bond 1st meets Holly Goodhead.

Best Mistake:

  • When Corinne Dufour is running away from nasty biting dogs her footwear changes from bright sandals to, one second later, dark boots.

Distinguishing Feature:

  • The only Bond film so far in which James Bond goes in outer space.

Vital Statistics:

  • Conquests: 3
  • Martinis: 1
  • Kills: 14
  • "Bond, James Bond": 1

Detailed Synopsis:

We meet bond aboard a private jet returning from an assignment in Africa. The pilot of Bond’s plane and the stewardess destroy the altimeter and attempt to parachute from the plane, leaving bond to die in the crash. As Bond attempts to take the parachute from the pilot, Jaws, the metal-toothed killing machine, pushes Bond out of the plane. Bond freefalls, catching up with pilot, and takes his parachute. Chased in mid-air by Jaws, Bond releases his parachute, leaving Jaws behind. Jaws’ parachute malfunctions and he falls onto a circus tent.
Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond

When Bond arrives back in England, M informs him that the Moonraker, a space shuttle on loan to England was hijacked over the Yukon. The Moonraker was loaned to England by the California-based Drax Industries, owned by Hugo Drax, a billionaire living in mansion imported from France. MI6 is keen to recover the stolen Moonraker because they feel responsible for losing it to the hijackers. Before Bond leaves, Q equips him with a wrist-mounted dart launcher, capable of utilizing both exploding and cyanide tipped darts.

Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond

Bond arrives in California and is given a tour of Drax Industries by Corinne Dufour, a gorgeous pilot employed by Drax. Dufour flies Bond, via helicopter, around Drax’s compound. Once Bond arrives at Drax’s mansion, Drax greets him and tell him that he’s interested in the conquest of space because it’s an investment in the future of the human race. Drax invites Bond to take a tour of the research facility with another one his astronauts, Dr. Holly Goodhead, currently on loan from NASA. Goodhead invites Bond to try the Centrifuge Trainer, which simulates the gravity force experienced when launched into space. Once Bond is inside the machine, Goodhead is called away by Drax. Once the Trainer has been started, Chang, one of Drax’s henchmen, increases its speed to deadly levels. Bond saves himself by firing his wrist-mounted dart launcher into the trainer’s control panel.

Moonraker - James Bond

Moonraker - James Bond

Bond recovers and goes to Dufour's room to get information about Drax’s operations. She doesn't have the right to tell him anything, but Bond kisses her, and it turns out that she really likes it. She tells him that the operation is currently being moved to a different location, before sensually lying on her bed and looking at Bond with a very horny look. Bond has sex with the lonely woman, and then sneaks into Drax’s study, and with the help of Dufour, locates Drax’s safe. After opening the safe using a safe-cracker hidden in a cigarette case, bond photographs a number of blueprints (using a camera hidden inside a Zippo lighter) that contain specifications for building some kind of globe. The specifications include the name of a glass manufacturing company in Venice. Corinne, knowing she would be in big troubles if Drax knew it, begs Bond to stop. Bond returns to his bed and Corinne to her room.

Before he leaves Drax’s compound, Bond is invited to go pheasant hunting with Drax. Drax has secretly sent a sniper into the woods in an attempt to kill Bond, making his murder appear to be a hunting accident. Bond spots the sniper and shoots him, at range, with a shotgun. Aware that she helped Bond the night before, Drax calls for Dufour. She denies it and begs for leniency, but he fires her. As she’s leaving, Chang releases Drax’s Beaucerons on her. Terrorized, she runs into the forest to save herself but the dogs are faster and she’s painfully mauled to death.

Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond

Bond travels next to Venice, to the glass factory indicated on the photographed blueprints. While at the factory, he sees Goodhead and asks her to have a drink later that night. As bond is heading back to his hotel in a gondola, he’s attacked by a knife throwing man hiding inside a funeral boat. Once Bond’s gondolier is killed, he opens a hidden control panel inside the gondola, which among other things, drops a motorized propeller and retractable wheels. Having taken the gondola onto the street, Bond escapes his pursuers.

Later that night, Bond sneaks inside a secret research facility hidden inside the glass factor he visited earlier that day. He sees that the glass cylinders are being used to contain some kinds of gas. He steals a sample and returns to his hiding spot and observes the lab. One of the researchers accidentally breaks one of the cylinders, and all of the researchers in the lab are instantly killed by the leaking contents. While trying to escape, Chang, garbed in full Kendo armor, attacks Bond, but bond defeats him by throwing him out of a glass clock face on the second story of the building. During the fight with Chang, Bond notices a number of crates in the basement of the factory that originated in Rio de Janeiro.

Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond

Bond arrives at Goodhead’s hotel and discovers that she’s actually working for the CIA. They decide to pool their resources, but Bond sneaks away the next morning before Goodhead awakes. Bond calls M and ask that he and the Minister of Defense meet him at secret research lab inside the glass factory. Amazingly, the lab is re-converted into a drawing room, and Drax is waiting for them as they arrive. M apologizes and the Minister chastises Bond. Bond asks M to have Q analyze the sample he stole from the lab. M instructs Bond to “take a leave of absence”, as per the Minister’s request. Bond tells M that he will vacation in Rio. Drax arranges to have Jaws replace Chang. Jaws heads to Rio.

Bond arrives in Rio, checks into his hotel, and meets his MI6 Rio branch contact, Manuela. Manuela and Bond head to the warehouse where the crates he saw in the glass factory originated. Bond investigates the warehouse and finds an insignia for Drax Air Freight, located in San Pedro, in one of the crates. When he emerges from the warehouse, he finds Manuela being attacked by Jaws. A Carnival crowd sweeps Jaws away, and, leaving Manuela in Rio, Bond goes to San Pedro.

Moonraker - James Bond

The lift that The next morning, Bond arrives at a cliff in San Pedro overlooking the airport. He observes Drax Air Freight planes leaving every two hours. He encounters Goodhead and they take a gondola lift off the top of a mountain. When they reach the half-way point, Jaws bites the cable and causes the gondola to stall. Jaws takes a parallel gondola lift to Bond’s gondola and fights with Bond on the roof of the gondola. Bond uses a chain as a zip line to facilitate he and Goodhead’s escape.The lift that Jaws was on goes out of control and crashes. Dolly helps Jaws dig out of the wreckage, and they fall in love. Drax’s men show up disguised as paramedics and capture Bond and Goodhead. Bond and Goodhead are being transported in an ambulance, when Bond manages to escape. Goodhead is still on board the ambulance. Bond arrives at a monastery, which turns out to be the temporary headquarters of MI6 in San Pedro.

Moonraker - James Bond

At the monastery, Q tells bond that the sample of gas he found at the secret research lab in Venice is a highly toxic nerve gas that doesn’t effect plants or animals. The gas is based on an extract from the pollen of a rare orchid found only in the Brazilian Amazon. Bond heads into the Amazon in a boat built by Q, equipped with mines, a torpedo launcher, and a hang glider. While on one of the Amazonian waterways, Bond is chased Jaws and a number of Drax’s men. Before going over a waterfall, Bond activates the hang glider and flies away to safety. Bond crashes in the jungle and discovers a secret base built inside what looks to be an ancient Aztec temple. Bond is greeted by beautiful women who activate a trap door that fires Bond into a pond occupied by a giant boa. Bond kills the boa with a poison-tipped pen that he stole from Goodhead. After emerging from the pool, Bond is greeted by Drax, who gives him a tour of the base.

Moonraker - James Bond

Moonraker - James Bond

Drax tells Bond that his plan is to fly his Mookrakers up to a hidden space station where he plans to start a new super-race of perfect human specimens. Once aboard the space station, Drax intends to send glass globes, which contain the lethal gas, down to the earth, thus killing all of the humans but leaving earth’s ecosystem intact. After the gas dissipates, Drax and his master race will return to earth and recolonize it, positioning Drax as their “god”. Drax orders Jaws to take Bond and Goodhead (who was brought to the base earlier) down into one of the Moonraker exhaust vents. Drax plans for them to be burned to death by the Moonraker’s rockets when it lifts off. They escapes by using an explosive charge hidden in Bond’s watch. Bond and Goodhead waylay the pilots of the one of the Moonrakers and fly the shuttle into space after Drax. Once in space, the Moonrakers’ autopilot engages and the shuttles rendezvous at Drax’s hidden space station.

Bond and Goodhead realize that the space station is being hidden by some kind of jamming system. Once aboard, they find the jamming system and deactivate it, which will allow the station to be detected from earth. The Americans detect the space station and respond by sending a shuttle, armed with laser-wielding troops, to confront Drax. As Drax begins firing the globes containing the lethal gas, Jaws discovers Bond and Goodhead. Bond tries to convince Jaws that he is not to be included in Drax’s master plan because he is imperfect. Jaws realizes the truth in what Bond is saying and begins to attack Drax’s men.

Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond

As the American troops begin to arrive from earth, Drax deploys a giant laser, intentingto destroy the approaching shuttle. Bond manages to disable the gravity on the station, which alters the targeting ability of the laser, thus rendering it useless. The American troops fight Drax’s men in space and with Bonds and Jaws help manage tointrude the station. As the American troops board the station, Bond finds Drax, shoots him with his wrist-mounted, cyanide-tipped dart gun, and pushes him out an air lock to his death. As Bond and Goodhead escape the exploding station, they’re aided by Jaws. They set off after the launched globes in Drax’s Moonraker, which contains a laser. Jaws and Dolly drink campaign as the station blows apart and they are propelled further into space. Bond and Goodhead destroy all of the globes and save the world, yet again.

Moonraker - James Bond Moonraker - James Bond