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Who she is:

  • A half-Greek and half-British young woman seeking revenge for her parents' murder.
  • Sir Timothy Havelock, her father, was a marine archaeologist hired by the British secret services to locate the wreckage of the St Georges and retrieve the ATAC device.

How she and Bond meet:

  • Running for their lives from Gonzalez' estate in Spain.

Defining dialogue:

  • "He killed my parents."
  • "I don't expect you to understand. You're English. But I'm half-Greek, and Greek women - like Elektra - always avenge their loved ones."
  • "For your eyes only, Darling." (cut to floor as towel drops)

Vital statistics:

  • She's an expert marksman with her crossbow.
  • She's stunning.

How she helps save the day:

  • Helps Bond escape Gonzalez' henchmen with her crossbow and her Citroën 2CV car.
  • Helps Bond retrieve the ATAC with her father's boat, submarine and underwater equipment.
  • Storms the St Cyril monastery with Bond, columbo and his men.
  • Saves Bond's life when she injures a henchman with her crossbow at St Cyril monastery.