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Appears in:


  • Jamaican singer, model and actress Grace Jones, born in 1948.

Who she is:

  • The tall, strong and ruthless second-in-command, bodyguard and lover of Max Zorin.
  • Just like Zorin, she is the result of Dr. Carl Mortner's experiments on pregnant women during World War II.

Evil scheme:

  • Assisting Max Zorin in his plot to destroy Silicon Valley.

Attempted methods of killing Bond:

  • Locking him in the trunk of a sinking car.
  • Burning the San Francisco City Hall with Bond and geologist Stacey Sutton trapped inside

How plans were foiled:

How she helps to save the day:

  • After Zorin's betrayal, she teams up with Bond to get the bomb out of the mine.
  • She is strong enough to lift both Bond and the bomb out of the mine's crack that was filled with explosives.
  • Having nothing to lose, she sacrifices herself when it appears that the bomb's mine cart must be manually driven to be moved out of the mine. She tells Bond to kill Zorin for her and choses to stay on the bomb's mine cart as it will explode.

How she is dispatched:

  • She is blown up outside of the mine when the bomb goes off.

Defining dialogues:

  • "That won't be necessary. Someone will take care of you."
  • (to Bond) "Get Zorin for me!"