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Max Zorin is a very underated villain in AVTAK but this page is dedicated too a great and amazing villain. please comment your favourite moments with Max Zorin on this page and feel free to edit it!!

He was a Nazi experiment gone wrong who fled from East Germany in the 60's, trained and financed by the KGB he was the rags to riches story who aquired Zorin industries the high tech micropchip firm and a second in oil and gas. He devised a plan to corner the world micrchip market gaining full control of it by flooding the San Andreas fault and detonating explosives in the fault causing a double earthquake killing millions and flooding the entire valley.

Favourite Quots and Scenes:

'So Does anybody else wanna drop out!'

'This is gunna hurt him more than me hahaha'

The scene where Max Zorin and Scarpine ruthlessly machine gun the dozens of workers may turn down alot of u but for me it establishes his character of how ruthless he is and the fact that he has no concern for human life.