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Red Lotus
There were two Lotus Esprits featured - both in Roger Moore films (how very 80s).

The first was featured in The Spy Who Loved Me. Possessed all of the usual Q refinements, including surface-to-air missiles and rear-firing adhesive sprayers to blind pursuers. The main feature of the car was, however, its ability to transform into a submarine (seriously, check out the video below). Once transformed, it could unleash depth charges, harpoons and a smoke screen. Though not mentioned in the final film, the car was nicknamed "Wet Nellie".

The second was featured in For Your Eyes Only, this vehicle was cosmetically similar to the S2, but mechanically different, as it exhibited no submarine capabilities (there are gadgets implied, but not seen). It was most notable for its remarkable security system, which detonated and destroyed the car when Gonzales' henchman broke the driver's window in an attempt to break in. Q Branch provided a second Turbo to Bond — in burgundy instead of white — later in the movie.

Classic Line:

Bond (to Q): I see you've got the Lotus back together again.

There were only 200 of these Lotus's made worldwide.

One of the two cars from 'For Your Eyes Only' was auctioned off by Julien's in 2006. The starting bid was $250,000. Ski racks included. Both now reside at the Bond Museum (No Lotus' were harmed in the filming of the movie. Only a prop shell was destroyed). The copper colour was chosen for contrast in the snow scenes of the movie as opposed to the white Lotus.

One of the two submarine prop cars was auctioned off by Coy's Monaco in 2007 and fetched between 30,000 and 40,000 Euro. An additional prop car and two real cars were used in filming 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. One of each resides at the Bond Museum in Keswick. Their prop car was rescued from a scrap yard in the Bahamas.

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