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  • American actor Richard Kiel (1939-2014). Read more here.
  • He appeared in several films as a villain including Clint Eastwood's western Pale Rider in 1985 as a henchman of Josh LaHood. Also had a cameo in the Inspector Gadget movie and in Happy Gilmore as Happy's Boss.

Who he is:

  • Tall, silent, very strong and psychotic freelance killer who worked for mad wealthy industrialists Karl Stromberg and Hugo Drax in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker respectively.
  • Stands 7ft 1.5 (2.17m). He is the tallest henchman Bond has ever met.
  • His favorite weapons are his metal teeth. He can break necks, chains and metal cables with it effortlessly.
  • His crotch seems to be made of metal as well (and probably other parts of his body).
  • Survives situations in which "normal" humans would be killed (see "Great Jaws Moments" below).
  • Falls in love with Dolly, a short nerdy girl with blond bunches and glasses in Moonraker.
  • Turns against his master at the end of Moonraker.
  • Doesn't talk until the end of Moonraker: he opens a bottle of champagne with his teeth, and says "Well, here's to us!" to Dolly. He then serves champaign and both clink glasses.
  • One of the very few villains' henchmen who ends up helping Bond, and one of the very few to survive as well.
  • Jaws' international names:

    • Requin in French ("Shark")
    • Beißer in German ("Biter")
    • Tiburón in Spanish ("Shark")

Attempted methods of killing Bond:

  • Biting him with his stainless steel teeth
  • Causing an Egyptian temple stone to fall on him
  • Hitting him with a wooden club
  • Shooting him in a car chase
  • Pushing him out of a plane without parachute
  • Shooting him in a boat chase on the Amazon river
  • And a general beating with anything he has in his hands, of course

How he is dispatched:

  • Bond never kills Jaws but he does try to kill him, by throwing him out of a train, making him fall in a shark pool, smashing his cable-car into the cable-car station, running his car off the road into the house of a poor Sardinian farmer, and even a fall from the top of a waterfall on the Amazon river, and after all that Jaws just gets up, dusts off his jacket and walks away. They finally team up at the end of Moonraker.
  • After helping Bond to ruin Drax's scheme, as the space station was being blown up, Jaws was jettisoned in an intact module of the station along with his girlfriend Dolly, and they safely landed on Earth.

Evil scheme:

  • Killing anyone who gets the microfilm.
  • Killing Bond.


Defining dialogue:

  • (Bond has one about him in Moonraker, to Holly Goodhead) "His name's Jaws. He kills people."
  • (to Dolly in Moonraker) "Well, here's to us!"
Great Jaws moments:

The Spy Who Loved Me

  • His appearance during a night show for tourists at the Giza pyramids and the killing of Aziz Fekkesh.
  • His attempt to kill Bond and Anya Amasova where he eventually ends up smashing a scaffolding with a club which causes an Egyptian temple to collapse on him.
  • The brawl with Bond in a train. The fight ends when Bond throws him out of the train.
  • The brawl with Bond aboard the Atlantis and the subsequent fight with a shark.


  • Falling out of a plane onto a circus tent.
  • Being rammed into a cable car station in Rio.
  • Falling in love with Dolly.
  • Falling from the top of Iguazu waterfalls.
  • Turning against his employer and helping Bond escape the collapsing / exploding space station.

Fun Facts:

  • Richard Kiel couldn't stand wearing the metal dentures as they were very painful to wear. He could only wear them for short periods of time.
  • He appeared in several films as a villain including Clint Eastwood's western Pale Rider in 1985 as a henchman of Josh LaHood. Also had a cameo in the Inspector Gadget movie and in Happy Gilmoreas Happy's Boss.
  • In contrast with the character, he was a very nice and gentle actor, and always attended fan conventions and signings.