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Whether it be from the bad guys, or from his own government, James Bond has quite the imagination and originality to conceal his true identity in the films. Unfortunately, most Bond villains tend to figure it out pretty quickly and easily.

The most commonly used cover name for MI6 is "Universal Exports".

Name / Alias Reason for it
"David Somerset"
From Russia With Love
To get back to London, Bond books a seat aboard the Orient Express under the name 'David Somerset', and uses 'Caroline' for Tanya Romanova.
You Only Live Twice
In order to meet with Mr. Osato, Bond poses as 'Mr. Fisher'.
"Sir Hilary Bray"
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
To gain entrance in Blofeld's lair, Piz Gloria, Bond assumes the identity of the real Sir Hilary Bray (a professor from the London College of Arms).
"Peter Franks"
Diamonds Are Forever
Posing as a diamonds smuggler 007 killed to fool Tiffany Case.
"Charles Morton"
Posing as a manufacturers representative from Leeds visiting factories in East Germany to infiltrate Octopussy's circus in East Berlin.
"James St. John Smythe"
A View To A Kill
Posing as a horse breeder to spy on Max Zorin's activities at his stables.
"James Stock"
A View To A Kill
Posing as a 'London Financial Times' reporter.
"Dr. Mikhail Arkov"
The World Is Not Enough
Posing as a Russian physicist to get to Renard.
"Arlington Beech"
Casino Royale
Posing as a replacement for Mr. Bliss at the Casino Royale Texas hold'em tournament to compete against Le Chiffre.
"Richard Sterling"
Quantum Of Solace
Posing as a Universal Exports representative to track Dominic Greene.