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The name is Bond... James Bond Jr.
James Bond Jr. is a video game for the NES and SNES. It was released in 1991. The game is based on the American animated series for television, James Bond Jr., in which the title character defeats threats to the safety of the free world.

General information:
- Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System and (NES) the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
- Publisher: GameTek.
- Developer: Eurocom Entertainment Software.
- Genre: Action.
- Release Date: 09/1991.


The world's scientists have disappeared and now it's up to James Bond Jr. to rescue them. Intelligence reports indicates that your old enemy S.C.U.M Lord has imprisoned them on his island fortress in the Caribbean. James Bond Jr. heads out on four missions to save the scientists and stop the enemy's plans!

James Bond Jr. deactivate missiles before they launch to disaster, crack open safes that hold blueprints of the menacing World Domination Device and fights against the enemy agents. In every corner there are surprises waiting for you!

- Collect weapons and shields to become a unstoppable force of one!
- A special potion transforms you into a powerful Werewolf!
- Jet Pack feature brings your battle to the sky!

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