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If there is ever a device James Bond needs the most since the late 90's, it has to be a cell phone. But now M can keep track of him, the same way you can now keep track of the phones he uses.

James Bond Cellphones - James Bond Wiki
Ericsson JB988 - Tomorrow Never Dies

This was the first time in Bond history that Bond used a mobile phone (From Russia With Love had a car phone, not exactly a mobile). This phone was packed with some Q labelled extras, including a fingerprint scanner, a 20,000 volt security system, and a remote control for Bond's car (BMW 750IL). Most notably, Bond uses it to escape Carver's henchmen who are after him in a car chase involving rocket launchers and all that stuff. The Chase finally ends of with Bond jumping out of the car and using the remote control to drive the car off the roof of the hotel parkade and into the front window of an Avis rental car agency.

Finger Print Scanner- This is used throughout the film. A beautiful piece of work by Q.
A 20,000 Volt Security System. For those 'dastardly fiends!'. It sends a pulse shock throughout the victims body rendering them helpless for a few moments.
20,000 Volt Security System

Remote Control

James Bond Cellphones - James Bond Wiki

Sony Ericsson K800i - Casino Royale

Throughout the film, James Bond uses the Sony very few times. Most notably, Bond uses it to call Carlos, whom he lost coming out of the airport.

Another is used by Carlos himself to detonate the bomb used to destroy Skyfleets new prototype. Sadly, it detonates, only to kill himself. Guess all that --- 2 Megapixel camera with Autofocus, Xenon Flash for lowlight conditions and BestPic, which allows the user to take nine pictures of a moving object simultaneously and choose to keep the best shot. High speed 3G data tranfer then allows the user to share images easily and instantly so you can share them with friends, colleagues - or even MI6 – as you take their picture --- went to waste.

James Bond Cellphones - James Bond Wiki

Sony Ericsson C902 - Quantum of Solace

At the Tosca opera scene, Bond takes some photos of the Quantum leaders from the other side of the crowd, in near-darkness. That must make the sensor something like 5 gigapixel capable of ISO 64000000. The body may well be a C902, but the resolving power of its camera is science fiction -or some incredible Q branch work?

The real C902 is a 3G phone with HSDPA support, a camera of 5 megapixel with autofocus and flash and QVGA display, the camera being the most important feature. It has multishot functions, but C902 also includes the “Face Detection” feature, red-eye reduction and image stabilizer. When not in use, the camera has external protection for the lens, and when it is opened by the user, the touch-sensitive controls become active around the main screen.

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In Quantum of Solace the cell phone is a Sony Ericsson C902
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After watching Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace a few times, I've been itching to get a hand of one of these. Besides, the flip-phone I have on me at the moment is seriously outdated. What better way to upgrade? Ha ha ha.
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