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Bond Blooper
Even the best make mistakes. But when you're trying to save the world, a mistake could cost Bond his life, and more importantly, all our lives! Fortunately, there is someone behind the camera to yell "Cut!" and save Bond (and the world) from horrible embarrassment. But sometimes, that person goes into the back room for a couple shaken martinis, so we end up with some often slip-ups making it into the final release of the films.

Here you'll find some of Bond's most subtle mistakes. We need careful eyes to help find the places where Bond and the production staff have miscued. If you know of any Bond slip-ups, click the EasyEdit button above and add your favorite bloopers!

Some fromhttp://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/bond.html (the last word is the name of the movie ex. /goldeneye.html) might be outdated, (edited out on the new DVDs)...

A Quick overview of some memorable mistakes.....

Dr. No
When James lights his cigarette and Sylvia asks to raise the stakes, he first has removed the cigarette from his mouth and placed his hand on the shoe, but when he says "I have no objection," he is just taking it out of his mouth. The camera cuts to his back, and his hand is back on the shoe.
In M's office you can clearly see a boom light reflecting off a painting above the mantlepiece.
When Bond in his hotel room for the first time, there are two bottles on the table, a clear one and a green one. When he re-enters the room and checks his traps, the green bottle has disappeared.
What! No one noticed the sheet of glass protecting Sean Connery's naked shoulder from the tarantula? His skin is pressed against it, and the tarantula doesn't move when Connery's shoulder moves.
During the de-contamination scene, some fans "swear" they see Ursula Andress' naked torso between set-panels. She was "dressed" in a flesh-colored mole-skin bathing suit during the sequence. Sorry, boys!
When Bond breaks the electrified air vent with his slipper, and climbs in, he drops the slipper back into his cell, but when Bond fully climbs into the air vent, he has both slippers on.
At the very end, when Bond and Honey are in the rowboat together you can see that one is on the left side of the other. However, in the next shot they have (ahem) 'reversed positions'.
When Bond escapes from his cell via the steam pipe, he gets hit with a blast of "scalding water". If you watch close, when the water hit Bond, his wig flies up revealing Connery's bald spot.
Miss Taro gives Bond her address as "239 Magenta Drive" but later when Bond calls for a taxi, he states "2171 Magenta Drive".
In the tunnel scene when Bond jumps down into the tunnel where the steaming water rushes through, there is a short sequence when he is preparing to jump. If you look at his face, it is quite apparent that it is not Sean Connery, and is in fact his stunt double.
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The very Quotable Sir Sean Connery

James Bond Bloopers - James Bond Wiki
From Russia With Love

  • In the fight scene between Grant and Bond, Bond lets a kick fly with his right foot, which magically turns into his left as the scene cuts.
  • Bond is in the bathroom of his hotel suite, he opens the bathtub tap to have a bath. He's then disturbed by a noise, which turns out to be Tatiana Romanova entering his bed. However, he never turns off the tap, so where did all the water go?
  • In the scene with Blofeld talking to Klebb and Kronsteen at the end, the SPECTRE master's ring appears first on the right hand, then on the left and then on the right again.
  • When Bond and Tatiana are leaving the flower truck to go to the boat, Bond tells her to cast the rope off. She says "All right" but her lips never move.
  • When Bond, Kerim and Tatiana have located their train compartments they step inside. When coming inside a white handkerchief appears in Bond's breast pocket and disappears again when he steps outside to talk to Kerim.
  • When Klebb first arrives on SPECTRE Island by helicopter, the dialogue for the entire sequence has been redubbed; however, watch everyone's lips! After Klebb says "Where is he now?", Morzeny's henchman says "At the lake", but his lips actually say "At the pool". A few seconds later, Klebb says "Take me to the lake", but again, her lips actually say "Take me to the pool". Morzeny then points and says "Through the training area",
From: http://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/rmovies/russia.html
-Tania meets Klebb. After Tania walks in, Klebb closes the door behind her. As the door closes, you can see someone's hand grab the door-knob from the other side & pull it closed, even though Tania was by herself outside the door.
-The guy follows Tania to the museum. Notice the guy is wearing a shirt, tie & jacket. When he gets inside, he's wearing a shirt, tie, jacket & a sweater too!
-When the flower truck is first seen, there's a sign on the back of it. This sign disappears & is never seen again.
-Bond is running from the copter. He is holding a case in his right hand & a gun in the other. At one point, the copter flies over & Bond dives to the ground. As he lands, the case & gun have switched hands. In fact, the gun & case switch many times throughout the scene.
-Bond shoots the guy in the copter, making him drop a grenade & blowing the whirly up. As the helicopter falls, the wire holding the model copter can be seen.

James Bond Bloopers - James Bond Wiki

  • When Bond steps out onto the sun deck behind Jill Masterson, he reaches down and turns off the transmitter that is in front of Jill. But when she turns around and says "Who are you?" Bond is only just walking out onto the deck.
  • Can't seem to sit still? When Bond discovers the gold-covered Jill Masterson, she can't seem to decide what to do with her right foot. The right foot alternates between the same position and one where the foot is lying flat on top of the bed and pointed to the right.
  • Don't like the attire? When Bond is chasing Tilly Masterson in his Aston Martin and starts using his gadgets, a dark sleeve can be seen opening the arm rest where the console is hidden. However, Bond is wearing a light-brown suit.
  • "Auric Enterprises" can be seen written on the side of the Goldfinger's jet, near the cockpit, when it's on the ground. Yet, in the previous scenes where it is airborne, there are no letters on the side of the plane at all! Odd..............
  • Now, one can truly know that we catch everything here at LTK! When Oddjob's car is pulling up to the junkyard after killing Mr. Solo, note the position of the shadow cast the car. The shadow is directly beneath the car, suggesting mid-day. The next shot, with Oddjob leaving the car, from further back now shows the shadow to be casting well to the left of the car, suggesting late afternoon!
  • When Bond is ducking from Oddjob's lethal hat in Fort Knox you can see the hat landing somewhere on the bars that cover the gold bullion. Later on, when Bond frees himself from the handcuffs, the hat is in the corner of the walkway.
  • Although they've been cleaned up for the HD release, the wires holding the Goldfinger's plummeting plane could clearly be seen.
  • It should be pointed out that gold is a SOFT metal, so it is not advantageous to stack it--the weight of the top bars would crush the ones on the bottom.
  • On top of that (no pun intended), the car containing the "pressed" Mr. Solo, also contains the gold in the boot (as Goldfinger points out). All of that weight should have crushed the truck that Oddjob uses to bring the car back to Auric Stud.
  • The most obvious blooper--Bond says "Three more ticks and Mr. Goldfinger would have hit the jack-pot." But the counter reads "007." It originally said "003", but Harry Saltzman later inserted the "007" freeze-frame to provide an added joke.
  • You can't crush a golf-ball.
  • At the gate to the depository, the explosives used to "blow" the gate are bangalor torpedos. Each one would require a seperate detonation fuse, yet only one fuse is ever connected.
  • The tyres on Bond's Aston Martin change brand mysteriously during his pitstop with Miss Masterson.
Thunderball Advance Quad
  • How long is that re-breather supposed to last?
  • Count Lippe's towel around his neck during his steambath changes color from white to blue.
  • When he finds Major Derval's body and unwraps his face, Bond has short sleeves. However, if you look at his arms in the close-ups when he unwraps Major Derval's face, he has long sleeves.
  • Bond and Leiter are watching Largo's villa and they are looking at his shark collection. In this scene, Bond's parting switches from the left, to the right side of his head.
  • When the stolen missiles approach at the terrorists dogger, the display shows the distance like: 15km, 12km, 10km, 4km, back to 5km and then 3km...
  • In the end fight, Largo's captain's hat is knocked off. But when you see him attacking Bond a second time his hat is still on and gets knocked off again.
  • Bond gets his blue mask ripped off by an enemy diver, and takes a black one from a dead enemy diver. Yet, in later close-ups, Bond is wearing his old blue mask!
From: http://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/tmovies/thunderball.html
-Bond gets a knife thrown at him, sticking him to the bookcase. Yet after he gets his arm free, there's no hole in his sleeve.
-When Bond puts his jet-pack in the trunk & closes it, you hear the trunk close & he & the woman get into the car. As they are getting in the car, notice the trunk is still open. In the next shot, however, the trunk is closed.
-One thing that always got me thinking. Why does the traction machine even have the ability to go that high?! Is it made for healing or killing?
-Bond enters the room with the guy in the steam box. On the door, it says "Massage". When he leaves, it says, "Sitz Bath & Heat Treatment".
-When Derval's double asks for more money, the guy behind him points a gun at the double's lower back. It cuts to the girl, then back. Now the guy is holding the gun at the double's neck.
-Bond is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt when he's unwrapping Derval. But in two close-ups shots of the unwrapping, Bond has a black long-sleeved shirt.
-The Professor is coming from the lower deck. He then says, "Look out...the rocks!" But his lips aren't moving. Now notice that he says this before he actually turned around to notice they were heading towards the rocks.
-Bond goes to swallow the homing pill. As he lowers his hand from his mouth, you can still see the white pill in his hand. Then he motions that he's swallows it.
You Only Live Twice quad poster A

You Only Live Twice quad poster B
You Only Live Twice
  • For being a Secret Organization, the Japanese SS sure uses some "un-secret" methods—like using an electro-magnet-equipped helicopter to dump a bunch of bad-guys into Japan Harbor, only a few hundred feet from shore! What did the papers say: "Secret service dumps another car in the ocean! Pictures on page six"
  • Explain to me again why they have to actually pretend to kill James Bond and have a funeral at sea...with Bond as the body...to fool his enemies?
  • When Bond opens the door to enter the sumo games, the sign says "beauty parlor" in Japanese.
  • Scene disaster! During the Russian space launch you can see palm trees in the right foreground. Palm trees in Russia? Only at Pinewood Studios!
  • When Bond and Kissy are sitting in the rubber boat at the end of the film, Bond has hair on his chest; however, previously in the movie this was shaven off to make him look more Japanese. That's Sean Connery for you!
-Bond is using a device to get the combination on a safe. The numbers on the device don't match the numbers on the safe's tumbler.
-Bond meets Aki, the Japanese girl, at the sumo event. They leave together, Aki is driving (on the right side of the car.) But, as they pull up to Henderson's, she & Bond have suddenly switched places.
-As Bond leaves Moneypenny on the sub, he says, (")Sayonara" but his lips don't move.
-By the docks, Bond is chased by a group of men to the rooftops. When he gets to the roof, he punches a man. In the next shot, there's now a man behind Bond who wasn't there in the previous shot.
-During the copter fight, Bond gets his tail fin shot up with bullets right across the white section. But after this shot, the holes never reappear.

OHMSS quad poster
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Blofeld doesn't recognize Bond, even after meeting him in You Only Live Twice! (But he might just be playing along...)
-The view seen through Bond's telescopic lens at Tracy (Dianna Rigg) on the beach is the same magnification of the area around the lens. Thus, the lens isn't doing anything.
-Bond pulls up on the sand & gets out to save Tracy. As his car stops on the sand, it screeches.
-As Tracy takes off in the car from the beach, the tires screech again on the sand.
-In Bond's room, Tracy sneaks his gun out of his holster & points it at Bond. Watch her hands. She's holding the gun in her right hand. She then takes her left hand & places it under her right elbow. In the next shot, from behind her, she does it again.
-After the machine has cracked the safe, the big suction thing pops off & hits the handle down about 45 degrees. But then when Bond goes to open it, the handle is back up.
-As Bond gets out of the Rolls to enter Gumbold's building, his tie is tucked into his jacket. In the next shot, it's hanging out of his jacket. Then in the following shot, it's back in his jacket again.
-Bond is in the helicopter with Irma Bunt. She points & says, "That is avalanche damage." But her lips don't match what she's saying.
-Bond sneaks back into the girl's room a second time. But Irma Bunt is hiding in her bed as a trap. Bond walks in & says something. She laughs. But the laugh is the real girls laugh & not Bunt's, even though the real girl is not in the room.

Diamonds Are Forever Quad poster
Diamonds Are Forever
  • A small-time smuggler like Tiffany Case knows who "James Bond" is? So much for being a "secret" agent!
  • Poor Plenty never found out Tiffany address. This was explained in a deleted scene
  • It's the little things that are interesting...When the porter takes the stuffed animal out of the airport locker he places it in the suitcase head towards the clasps...when Metz opens the suitcase, the head is faceing the hinges.
  • How long has Willard Whyte been missing?...While at the gas station Tiffany Case says Whyte hasn't been seen in 3 years, however when Bond is talking to Blofeld, 007 says no one has seen the man for 5 years.
From: http://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/dmovies/diamonds.html
-The guy's getting beat up at the beginning. Bond is asking, "Where is Blofeld?" The guy answers "Cai-Cai-Cairo!", but his mouth doesn't match what he says.
-Bond is driving along in the moon buggy. In one shot, one of the buggy's wheels falls off. Then a car flips over in the background. As the car comes to a stop, we can see the wheel bouncing along the ground. But, somehow, the buggy keeps on moving normally. In fact, when the buggy is seen driving on it's own, it as all 4 wheels back.
-Bond steps out onto a ledge at the hotel & walks to the top of an elevator. But as the elevator is seen going up, you can see the hotel doesn't have ledges that he could've walked on to get to the elevator.
-Blofeld says, "Science was never my strong suit." But, Blofeld is a scientist.
-Bond is in a pipe, buried under the ground. But, somehow, the pipe is lit up.
-Bond is in the pool with Bambi & Thumper, holding them under water by their heads. He's using both his hands to do so. When he surfaces from the water, his hair is slicked to his head to the right. Then Felix runs up & we see Bond's hair is slicked back. But if his hands are occupied, how did he do this? Then in the next shot, Bond's hair is all nicely combed.
Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die
The 007 motif is visible on the cards.
-When Bond arrives at the airport, notice the knot in his tie. There's a stripe that moves it's position on the knot whenever he changes locale. When he first gets into the cab, the stripe is in the middle. When he then enters the tarot shop it's near the top. When he gets into the second cab, it's in the middle again. When he then has his tarot read, it's at the top again.
-When Tee-Hee takes Bond's gun, you can see his real wrist bend underneath his jacket.
-When Tee-Hee takes the gun, he uses his steel hand to bend it. But, he bends the gun muzzle to the right. When he hands it back to Bond & when Bond throws it out, the muzzle is now bent to the left.
-It always bothered me that Bond drops the cards on the table in plain view. Doesn't he care if she sees them? It would have ruined his whole ploy. I mean, he does tell, her but only after the damage is done. Very sloppy for a spy, Mr. Bond.
-When the cab driver picks up Bond & Solitaire, he locks the doors & brings up a piece of glass between the front & back of the cab. He then turns to Bond & laughs. Watch his mouth. He says something, but they overdub a laugh over it. Then it takes a few seconds for the dialogue to catch up to his mouth.
-After the boats pass over the road in front of the cops, after passing the oyster truck, the cars get into a big pile up accident. As they crash, if you look at the drivers of the last cop car & the blue car, you can see they are wearing driving crash helmets.
-Mr. Big shoots the couch with the gas pellet. It expands & explodes. But you can tell, the couch was just a big balloon, because there's no stuffing inside it.
Golden Gun
The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Gold is a very unreliable material to make bullets out of.
  • You can see the camera in the dressing room mirror
  • This is more of a plot hole but Hip left Bond behind! Some Ally!
From: http://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/goldengun.html
-When Scaramanga is first seen getting out of the water, he has his third nipple, which is close in color to his real nipples. But after the assassin shows up, we see Scaramanga taking sun. Now his nipple is much lighter than before. In fact, it's almost the same color as his body, making it look almost invisible.
-At the beginning, during the contest with Scaramanga, the mob guy assassin shoots his gun at least 8 times, making a loud bang noise, even though he has a silencer on his gun.
-Scaramanga shoots the fingers off of James Bond's dummy. But he misses with the third shot. Watch carefully, or in slow-motion, after the third shot, his pointer finger is still there. But when it cuts to the next shot, his pointer finger is gone.
-After Bond swallows the bullet from the dancer's stomach, a fight breaks out in the room. Bond punches a guy & sends him into a dresser with a mirror on it. As he hits it, the mirror turns. In the mirror, you can see the reflection of 3 crew members & the camera. Very funny.
-It is obvious that when Bond is walking through the statues that the statue that winds up to be Nick Nack (Herve Villechaize), is really a statue until the shot where he moves.
-Where did Bond get the gun to shoot Scaramanga? There's only 2 places he could have gotten it. One, he climbed down the scaffolding & retrieved the gun he dropped, which is impossible, given the time, between dropping it & climbing back up. The other way is that he could have gotten it off the Bond dummy Scaramanga had. Which I also disagree, because, why would Scaramanga have a loaded gun on a dummy that just stood there? The Bond dummy did not shoot, it just stood there.
The Spy Who Loved Me
The Spy Who Loved Me
From 'The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book' :
Anya expresses shock when the Lotus goes off the dock... later she says she saw the blueprints.
-Stromberg raises his underwater base out of the water. In less than a minute, the deck is almost completely dry & there's a helicopter waiting for the two men on it.
-Jaws bites the guy's neck in Egypt. But, there's no blood on the guy or Jaws after he bites him.
-Why is the Egyptian telephone company using a right-hand drive van in a left hand drive country? Also, there is a sequence after the guy is killed in the phone booth and the van drives off where the parked cars are right-hand drive cars. This was clearly filmed at Pinewood and not in Cairo.
-When the Lotus drops off the dock, it's hits the water at about a 10 degree angle. But the next shot, from under water, shows it hitting the water at about a 45 degree angle, much steeper than it really hit.
-I know it's a joke, but how did a fish get through the small leaks in the sub?
-As the magnet grabs Jaws' teeth, you can see, the magnet is actually made of foam, as Jaws' face goes into it.
From 'The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book':
...numerous errors during the weightless sequence, including long hair that falls attractively onto women's shoulders...
From: http://www.geocities.com/ottopallone/moonraker.html
-As Bond stands in the doorway of the plane, you can see he's wearing a parachute under his clothes. It can also be seen as he's falling.
-When Bond takes the chute from the falling guy, you can see the guy has another chute under his clothes as well.
-During the mid-air struggle, clear goggles can be seen on Bond (his stunt double) twice, even though Bond's not wearing goggles.
-Bond uses an X-ray scanner to see the safe's tumblers to open the safe. But the turning of the tumblers seen in the x-ray don't match Bond's hand movements.
-Bond shoots at the assassin in the tree. When the guy falls, he's wearing a hat. But when he lands on the ground, his hat is gone.
-When Drax fires the woman, he then sets his dogs after her. As she's running towards the trees, you can notice she's wearing white high-heels. She very clumbsy. But that doesn't matter, because when she enters the forest, she's is now wearing tall black boots!
-Bond meets Holly on the boardwalk in Venice. As they walk down the boardwalk, their shadows are straight behind them. Then in the next shot, the shadows of the posts & other things behind them are going to the sides.

For Your Eyes Only
From 'The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book'
Bond's cards are wrong in the chemin de fer game; his second hand is seen twice...
-When Bond dumps the pilot's body out of the helicopter, the pilot's leg's & arms bend at impossible angles. An obvious dummy.
-Melina's parents get shot up. As she runs over to their bodies, notice there's no blood on them. Then in the next shot as she kneels down to her father, he's covered in blood.
-Bond jumps using an umbrella as a parachute. He lands & a guy takes aim at him. Before the guy even shoots, we see 2 holes in the umbrella already. The guy shoots 4 shots & we then see 6 holes.
-Bond is being chased when suddenly the guy following him is shot by a crossbow. You can see the pad under the guy's shirt where the bolt hits.
-Bibi, the ice-skating girl comes out of Bond's shower completely dry, hair & all.
-Now Bond has no ski pole, after sticking it in the tree. But a few shots later, Bond has the pole back in his hand. Then after that, it's gone again.
-When Bond pushes the car off the cliff, the hood pops open. You can see there's no engine in the car.
-Bond is scuba diving with Melina in the sunken ship, when they are attacked by a guy in a pressure suit. The guy knocks Bond to the floor, then he lifts Melina to the roof. In the shot where Melina hits the roof, you can see a cable attached to her suit that pulls her to the roof. A few shots later & the same cable can be seen holding her there.

The Living Daylights
In the last cello part in the movie theres a bullet hole in the cello (I know its there for laughs) but the cello would be completely out of whack!
-Bond in the jeep falls off the cliff & pulls his parachute to escape death. He's seen pretty close to the water. Then suddenly, we see him above a boat hundreds of feet up.
-The jeep explodes & falls, yet none of the debris hits the boat or the water.
-In fact, we see a woman on the boat complaining how boring it is. She didn't see or hear the exploding jeep above her head? I don't think so.
-After his tire is blown, the rim cuts a circle through the ice, but the rim wouldn't be able to cut through the thick ice all the way.
-Bond is shown making a large circular cut in the ice, but when it cuts through, the circle is much smaller, barely bigger than the car itself.
-Kara makes Bond a martini with an olive in it. He drinks it, & the olive in the glass disappears, even though he hadn't eaten it.
-Kara is obviously not playing the cello. There's a shot of her doing vibrato on the strings, while the music is hitting different notes.
Licence To Kill

-Audio problem: When Bond captures the seaplane with the money, he knocks out the pilot and throws him out. We can see that his body is limp when he falls from the plane. Nevertheless there is an 'aaaarrrrgghh' sound, as he falls. If he was awake, he would not have been as limp as we see - and in that event it is then clear it is a dummy being thrown from the plane.
-After Bond received a lighter from Felix and Della, he uses it, and the flame is big. In the beginning, you can see a tube is connected to the lighter and the tube goes into his suit.
-When Bond finds the dead body of Felix's new wife Della (Pricilla Barnes), as he grabs her head to turn it, she blinks.
-When the badguys see a large manta ray on their view screen, notice there are no bubbles coming from it. But then when we see, it's actually Bond disguised as a manta, non-stop bubbles stream out from under the ray disguise.
-Bond gets aboard Sanchez's ship during the night. He goes to Lupe's room & looks out the window. Now it is daylight.
-As Bond looks out the window, we see his friend Sharky hanging from a pole. Notice there's nothing on Sharky's shirt. In the next shot, there's blood on his shirt under his neck.
-Sanchez whips his girlfriend Lupe (Talisa Soto) vertically along her back. But later in the film, when Bond notices them, the marks are horizontal.
-It's impossible to do a wheelie in the truck as Bond did. Especially just by hitting the brakes & gassing it & then releasing the brake.

-Bond uses a laser to cut into the base. If you watch the beam, it goes off the line where he's cutting, but the cut appears in a straight line anyway.
-Bond runs toward the plane on the runway, notice, he's not wearing gloves. Yet, when he catches the plane & he grabs the door to enter, he has black gloves on.
-When Xenia gets up from the Baccarat table, Bond goes up to talk to her. Her cigar is unlit. Then towards the end of the conversation, the cigar is lit, even though she doesn't light it.
-Bond lifts a telescope up to his left eye to look at Xenia & the Admiral entering a boat. Then in the next shot, the telescope is on his right eye.
-Natalya is guessing Boris' password. She types 3 letters & then Enter, magically the word "Knockers" has been typed with her 3 strokes.
-General blooper. The Goldeneye satellite makes noise when is splits open. But there's no sound in space.
-M" offers Bond a Bourbon with ice. She hands him one without ice.
-When Bond & Natalya eject from the helicopter, the parachutes that deploy are all white. But when it lands, the parachutes are white & red.
-The train has only 2 cars, & yet from inside, we see there's a car for the control room, a car for the dining area & finally a car for the helicopter.

The World Is Not Enough The World Is Not Enough

Right at the beginning, as Bond walks across the street to the bank, behind him, you can see a crowd of people behind a fence watching the filming of the film. A few even take pictures.
Bond grabs the banker & puts his gun right under the guy's jawbone against his neck. In the next shot, the gun is an inch away from the guy & now pointing at his cheek. After the shootout in the bank, Bond puts his gun in his pants. Then a bad guy points a gun at Bond & gets shot by a sniper. The police are heard arriving & then Bond puts his gun in his pants again, without ever taking it out in the first place. After Bond puts his gun in his belt the second time, he breaks the window & steps out. As he steps out, you can see the gun in his belt is no longer there. Bond ties a rope to the unconscious guy & jumps out the window, tied to the other end. The guy wakes up & grabs a table, winding up about 5 feet from the window. Outside, Bond runs out of rope is seen hanging at least 20 feet high (at top of at least the second floor). The guy then lets go, giving Bond only 5 more feet of rope difference to the window that he had. Yet Bond is lowered the 20 feet (at least) to the ground. Would a cord on a window shade be long enough (or strong enough) to lower him down all those stories anyway?

-Renard who cannot feel pain picks up a steaming hot rock with his bare hand. He then holds it against one of his men's hand. Naturally the guy feels the pain. Now the problem is, even though Renard doesn't feel the pain, his hand should be burnt & scarred, but it's not harmed at all.
-Bond on the plane has to change the photo on the phony ID with his picture. He goes to the bathroom & we see him cutting his picture off another ID. Fine, but how does Bond get the picture on the other ID & laminate it again?
-...Bond meets Renard & places his gun against Renards face, just above his left eye. But in the next shot, the gun is now a few inches over his right eye.
-Why are there lights inside a pipeline that oil is going to be pumped through?
-Bond hands the walkie-talkie to Elektra & says, "Call them off. I won't ask you again. Call them off....CALL THEM OFF!" Not only did he ask her twice again after he said he wouldn't, he never asked her in the first pace since "Call them off!" is an order & not a question. I know, I have a lot of free time.

casino royale
Casino Royale

  • Bond follows Vesper through the streets of Venice. The camera follows him with a track-shot. Bond turns left, going into some kind of alley, and the dolly keeps going. The dolly, camera and crew are reflected in a window for a second.
  • Since Casino Royale takes place before Tomorrow Never Dies, in which Bond is introduced to the Walther P99 his gun should be a .25 Berreta.
From: http://www.bondmovies.com/bloopers/bond21.shtml
  • Near the end when Bond is following Vesper, the camera shows her from behind and then from the front, the people around her are completely different people.
  • In a scene towards the end of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. When they start to kiss, in the distant shot towards the end of the scene, he has no sand on his back at all.
  • In the scenes at Miami airport you see numerous CSA planes (Czech Airlines). Czech Airlines offer no direct flights to Miami, however Prague airport, where this scene was shot, is full of CSA planes.
  • During the scene at the restaurant in Montenegro (actually filmed in the Czech Republic) you see a payphone with a Czech Telecom logo on it (itself a piece of history as these are all now rebranded O2).
  • When Bond starts to type his resignation letter on the boat in Venice he's wearing an Omega Planet Ocean watch with a black strap. When he finishes typing and closes the laptop he's wearing an Omega Seamaster with a silver strap - a completely different watch.
  • When Bond enters his password in the casino, the last two buttons he presses are 4 and 7. He later gives the password as Vesper. On an alpha-numeric keypad, the last two digits of Vesper should be 3 and 7.
  • In the final hand of the poker game, everybody is all-in and Bond wins. However, LeChiffre has a greater value of chips, meaning that Bond can only win from each player up the amount he put into the pot. Any money in excess of this should have gone back to Le Chiffre and the game continued between him and Bond. In the movie, Bond wins everything.
  • During the poker games as usual the gamblers say: "check", meaning they pass the opportunity to bet to the next person. However, in the Polish cinema translation the subtitles say "czekam" instead of "sprawdzam", which is the word which should be used. "Czekam" means "I'm waiting" - while it sounds similar to "check", it makes no sense in the context of the game.
  • If a house collapses into the waters of a Venice channel, after the collapse the water would be so murky that the under water visibility would be zero. But in the underwater scene the visibility is like that of a swimming pool.
  • During the chase at Miami airport the gas truck gets shot at and the rear tires blow. When Bond slides the truck to a halt the tires are fully inflated again.
  • Bond follows the girl through the streets of Venice. The camera follows him with a track-shot. Bond turns left, going into some kind of alley, and the dolly keeps going. The dolly, camera and crew are reflected in a window for a second.
  • Just after Vesper has shocked James, the lead connecting the defibrillator to the chest pad can be seen to have come loose. When the camera cuts back to James, the lead has been reconnected. Note this is after the shock, not the disconnected lead that forms the drama.
  • On the train to Montenegro, Bond & Vesper are swaying or rocking with the train, but the wine on the table is not.
  • In Uganda, when the bulldozer is about to break through a fence with a guard in a blue shirt standing in front, the first shot shows him jumping away. In the following angle, a split second later, he is back there and runs away instead of jumping.
  • When Bond is trying to climb onto the aviation fuel truck, his trouser leg rides up and you can see the white protective suit the stuntman is wearing under the costume.
  • When James Bond is supposedly in Montenegro, this was filmed in the Czech Republic - although they changed most of the signs they forgot some. When they are having a drink in the square there is a visible sign saying "Bily Kun" which means "White Horse" in Czech.
  • When Bond first gets into his Aston Martin outside the Casino Royale, the driver's door is open. Then the shot cuts and the door is closed.
  • When Bond is hunting the bomb terrorist at the beginning, they both cross a fence of a building site. At the bottom of the fence is a heap of sand. When the terrorist crosses, the heap approximately reaches the middle of the fence. When Bond crosses a second later, the heap is suddenly higher, although the bulldozer, that is dumping sand, doesn't reach to the fence.
  • In the scene in which Bond is in his car after being poisoned, attempting to set up his defibrillator, the cardiac monitor at M16 headquarters (or wherever that was) displays "ventricular tachycardia". The rapid beeping of the monitor makes this serious heart arrhythmia plausible, but the beeping then gradually slows, suggesting 2nd or 3rd degree heart block or approaching asystole (complete absence of heartbeat) rather than continued ventricular tachycardia or cardiac arrest (ventricular fibrillation). As tension mounts with his apparent impending death, the loose lead is reconnected, the defibrillator finally fires and he is saved. This sequence is not credible because defibrillation has no place in treating a slow heart rhythm, and certainly not heart block or asystole. The "correct" sequence of events should have been deterioration of ventricular tachycardia to ventricular fibrillation, and then the defibrillator shock to convert his heart back to a normal, life-saving rhythm.
  • When Bond is being tortured in the seatless wicker chair, in one shot when you look at the right side of Bond's face the blood is running in an unbroken line down his face. The next shot where you see his face the blood has been smudged, but in the next shot, where you see his right cheek, the blood is running unbroken again. This happens a few times in this scene.
Quantum of Solace Quantum of Solace

  • When Bond listens to members of "Quantum" discussing plans at the opera, Bond inserts his earphone in his left ear, but takes it out of his right ear.
  • At the beginning of the movie, after the car chase, Bond would have dust all over him, but when he says,"It's time to get out." his suit isn't dusty at all!
From: moviemistakes.com
-During the fight scene at the Hotel Dessalines with Slate, Bond and Slate go through glass pane doors and land on the terrace, and Bond kills Slate. Notice that at first there is a broken piece of wood pane laying next to Slate's head; the next shot shows no wood pane, and there is a door knob that wasn't laying close to Slate's head in the first shot.
-After Camille shoots General Medrano, she sits up on the floor looking at him; the very next shot has an overturned table beside her that wasn't in that first shot.
-At the beginning of the movie, Bond and M are interrogating a man Bond brought in. As the man they are interrogating tells Bond that he was always interested in meeting him, look at his face - there is no blood line going down the right side of his face. But the next shot shows one as he continues talking.
- At the end of "Casino Royale," Bond is wearing a three-piece suit. Although "Quantum of Solace" begins just minutes later, Bond is wearing a completely different, two-piece, suit.
- After Bond throws Mathis into the dustbin, the position of Mathis' arm changes. One shot it lies in the dustbin; the next shot it lies on the edge of the dustbin.
- In the roof top chase between Bond and Mitchell, it is obvious that both characters are wearing black running shoes, when in the previous scene both wore smart black suit shoes.

Casino Royale (1954) During Act 3 Peter Lorre didn't know he was meant to be dead, So he walked out of the shot!

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