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Posted by TroyJMorris on February 15th, 2008

It was a cold winter night in Idaho when our very own Alex Berg set out on a mission. A mission that would send him to the top of the Google world in a quest of the Ultimate James Bond Fan Site. It took Alex 4 months of diligent effort to get his Bond Wiki to the number one page on Google. Earlier today, I spoke with Alex and petitioned him to brief the Wetpaint community on his success story.

He politely obliged.
  • Get a good custom URL. - Easier said than done in some cases. Most James Bond URLs have long since been taken up, but JamesBondWiki.com was still available. Domains are getting cheaper and cheaper to buy, so start snagging some up and your Wetpaint Wiki can easily be placed under any of domain your purchase.
  • Build smart page names. - This is an easy one to miss out on. Yes, it may seem repetitive inside your site to call the Bond Quotes page “James Bond Quotes,” but think of what someone on Google would search for: not many folks would type “quote” into the search bar and expect to see James Bond Quotes. Internally repetitive? Maybe. Search Engine Optimized? Yes. (Side note - a search for “James Bond Quotes” delivers that Alex’s page as the number one result).
  • Start link swapping. - You’re never alone. If you have a passion, others share it. It’s the essence of Wetpaint Wikis. And there are probably a few sites already out there about your very topic. Don’t be afraid to reach out and start sharing links. Alex contacted some Bond sites and offered exchanges, and even just added some links to his link page just out of good faith. Google loves link sharing- just like your mother taught you.
  • Link your own content -extensively. - It all comes back to links. Link to your own internally pages whenever possible. Linking to your own pages within your site, you increase the number of page-views for each session. More page-views = more wiki love. But, don’t forget, those links have to be quality. Don’t just link for the sake of linking. Wetpaint developed a snazzy little tool to help you do just that. In the EasyEdit Menu, just click the “Suggest Links” button and let us help do some heavy lifting.

Those are just some of Alex’s hints and tips to get you climbing higher and higher on Google. Other key points he made were to have quality content, define your wiki’s purpose to new members, use “To-Do’s” to help contributors know what to do with the wiki, install some Analytics program to understand your traffic, make sure you use specific and meaningful tags (tags are your best friend in the Wiki game) and every great wiki needs at least 3-5 high quality moderators, after all- no wiki is an island.

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