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This page displays all the handguns used by Bond, his allies, and his enemies in the films.—guns of the mundane variety (e.g. the PPK) through those over-the-top guns that could ONLY appear in a Bond film (e.g. Scaramanga's iconic Golden Gun). If you wish to to the guns for the novels, visit our Guns from novel page.

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Beretta .25 ACP:

This is the gun that was actually taken from Bond in the first film, Dr. No. Bond resisted the switch, but the armorer (played by Peter Burton) insisted that his .25 caliber Beretta was more appropriate for "a woman's handbag" than for a Double-O agent. When he's leaving M's office after having been issued the Walther PPK, Bond attempts to steal back his Beretta, but M catches him, and we never see the Beretta again.

In the Ian Fleming novels, the reason for M's insistence on a change of weapon had to do with an incident from the previous novel, in this case, From Russia With Love. During Bond's final encounter with Rosa Klebb his Beretta's siliencer got caught on his suit, leaving him without any defense and subsequently lacerated on the ankle with Klebb's poisonous shoe.

Beretta 1934 in .380 ACP, gun Bond gives up in beginning of Dr. No film. Beretta 418 in .25 ACP, Bond's gun in novels up to Dr. No.

The first appearance of a gun with Bond occured in "Casino Royale" copywrite 1953:

"After pocketing the thin sheaf of time-mille notes, he opened a drawer and took out a light chamois leather holster and slipped it over his left shoulder so that it hung about three inches below his armpit. He then took from under his shirt in another drawer a very flat .25 Beretta automatic with a skeleton grip, exctracted the clip and the single round in the barrel and whipped the action to and fro several times, finally pulling the trigger on the empty chamber. He charged the weapon again, loaded it, put up the safety catch, and dropped it into the shallow pouch of the shoulder holster."

Walther P38(featured inFrom Russia With LoveandGoldfinger)

Not actually used by Bond in From Russia With Love and used only once in Goldfinger when Bond is trying to escape from Auric Enterprises in his DB5, the Walther P38 is one of the unknown Bond guns. The Walther P38 was actually used on the posters for From Russia With Love because the producers had misplaced the Walther PPK so the Walther P38 (Air Pistol Version) took it's place. The Walther P38 is a 9mm pistol developed by Carl Walther during WW2 for the Nazis. The weight of the gun is 800g and its barrel length is 125mm. The cartridge of the gun holds 8 bullets.

Guns - James Bond Wiki
Guns - James Bond Wiki
Sean Connery posing with a Walther LP 53 air pistol

Walther PPK:

This gun was issued by the armorer in Dr. No, and became the signature gun for 007 throughout the rest of the movies up to Tomorrow Never Dies. It came back in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

Guns - James Bond Guns - James Bond Wiki Guns - James Bond Wiki
With finger rest on the magazine
With plastic "wood-like" grips
Prop from Dr. No

Guns - James Bond Wiki
With palmprint activation
Guns - James Bond Wiki

Walther introduced the PP (polezei pistol) in 1929 intended for law enforcement applications. In 1931 a smaller version was introduced for undercover and detective use, the PPK (polezei pistol Kriminal). The Nazi's secret police called the "Gestapo" also used this weapon. The Nazis chose this weapon because of its small and easily-hidden capabilities matched with its fire power. The PPK has been offered in four calibers: 22LR, 7.65mm (Bond's caliber, also known as .32ACP in the US), 9mm kurz (also known as .380 ACP in the US and 9mm short in UK) and 6.35mm (.25ACP). Magazine capacity of the 7.65mm is seven rounds.

A recent Christies auction illustrated a prop error in Dr.No: " A Walther PP handgun, serial number 19174A used by Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr.No. This gun, used by Bond throughout the film, is first seen in the early memorable scene when Bond is summoned from the c by M for his mission briefing [the gun's original brown grips replaced at a later date]." The early scene in which M (Bernard Lee) orders the reluctant Bond to part with his Berretta, defines the relationship between the agent and his superior, M tells Bond...'If you carry a double-O number, it means you're licensed to kill, not get killed...You'll carry the Walther.' The gun is then presented to him by Major Boothroyd [Peter Burton] who tells Bond about the gun's credentials '...the Walther PPK 7.65mm with a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window. The American CIA swear by them.' This part of the script reveals an error made during production as the gun supplied on-screen was, in fact, the Walther PP and not the PPK."

Bond and PPK
Iconic Image of Bond and his Walther and a drink
(not a recommended combination)

Bond and Walther
Daniel Craig at the time of Casino Royale with a Walther PPK (and Silencer)

Guns - James Bond Wiki
Scene from Dr. No where Bond is
first introduced to the PPK

Guns - James Bond Wiki
Daniel Craig with his PPK in Skyfall

Misc Comments:
  • Note that Daniel Craig had publicity shots with the PPK, but never actually used the pistol in Casino Royale. He used the P99 (see below).
  • A Walther PP was used in Dr. No
  • Bond's caliber is 7.62 (aka .32 ACP) NOT the .380 commonly offered in the US. Much fan confusion has resulted in this caliber difference. .32ACP is a common caliber in Europe.
  • The caliber of the PPK/S in Skyfall is 9mm short, the other name for .380.
Smith and Wesson Super Magnum(featured inGoldfingerandYou Only Live Twice)

This gun was used by Auric Goldfinger in the battle between his army and the US MP at Fort Knox. It was plated in gold, making it the first apperance of a Golden Gun in the series. Blofeld uses a normal one to kill Osato and also tries to get rid of Bond with it in You Only Live Twice.

Goldfinger's Golden Gun

Walther P5

The P5 apears in the film Octopussy as Bonds side arm, this was reportedly due to Walther wanting to promote a newer pistol. In the film Bond covers this by stating that he misplaced his PPK. The P5 was developed for the West German Police Pistol Trials and was purchased by them following these trials. The P5 would have given Bond a bit more stopping power as it was for chamberd the 9mm Parebellum round. Although closer to a P38 in design the P5 did keep an air of the PPK about it. Unusualy this gun ejected its spent rounds to the left.

.Walther P5

Bond with P5 and interesting shirt choice

Walther P99

The Walther P99 holds up to 16 bullets (9mm) while the PPK only holds seven, but the P99 is bigger than the slim PPK so 007 had to tailor his suits to fit the P99. This is a full size police/military side arm.

First used in "Tomorrow Never Dies". Bond obtains the new Walther thanks to the armory of Wai Lin.

Guns - James Bond Guns - James Bond Wiki
P99 (stainless slide) P99
Guns - James Bond Wiki

Golden Gun: (featured inThe Man With The Golden Gun)

This special gun is made of solid gold and can be disassembled into a pen, used as the barrel, a lighter,used as the magazine/chamber, A cuff link, used as the trigger and cigarette case, used as the but of the gun. This 4.2 mm gun is used by Scaramanga with deadly accuracy. It's power is tempered by the fact that it can only hold one round at a time. Each bullet is made of 23 carat gold, acting as a "Dum-Dum" round; the soft gold bullet expands exponentially upon striking a target, causing grievous wounds that normally cause a one-hit kill.

In the novel the Golden Gun was actually a gold plated Smith&Wesson .45 that could fire 6 gold bullets before re-loading, like Goldfinger's gun.

Guns - James Bond Guns - James Bond
Guns - James Bond Wiki Guns - James Bond
Guns - James Bond

Grappling Hook Gun: (featured in Diamonds are Forever)

Bond uses this device to move from the top of an external elevator to the penthouse of The Whyte House Casino and Hotel. This gun was actually fitted with a piton-hook that supported Sean Connery's weight as the stunt was actually performed by Connery (at Pinewood Studios, of course). Amazing!

Other gadgets - James Bond Other gadgets - James Bond
Other gadgets - James Bond Other gadgets - James Bond

FN Model 1910: (featured in Dr. No)

Used by Bond in Dr. No to eliminate Prof. Dent. Bond equipped his with a silencer. It is rumored that this gun was used in place of Bond's PPK in one scene because the propmaster for the film could not fit the silencer to the PPK. However, it is possible that Bond simply found the gun in Miss Taro's house and made use of it instead of his own pistol.

FN Model 1910
You had Your Six

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