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There are still thrills, but an extra coat of polish and humor is given this one, which also improves on Fleming, ditching his caper for one that's a bit more practical and scarier. Connery throws in more comic bits of business and plays it a bit more detached, probably because his Bond is a bit passive in the detecting department. Lots more gadgets. That car. That laser. Oddjob and his lethal derby. That little old lady with the machine-gun. Pussy_Galore starts the trend towards eye-rolling names. Extended battle sequence at Fort Knox is the first extended battle sequence to climax the movie.
Topol Topol and Bond What do you think of when you think of James Bond? Girls, gadgets, Goldfinger! This movie had everything... best Villian, great henchman, girl, gadgets... My favourite film has humour, action, but can still manage to create a great plot. Q's line "I never joke about my work" is one of the best scenes! The best book, the best movie. The difficult plot of the book made better, the film every other film trys to be like!
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Not the best in the series, others may disagree, but this movie does have its ups and downs. At last the Aston Martin debuts! Bond orders the world famous drink for the first time to. The Vodka Martini...Shaken not Stirred. Oddjob with his derby hat is by far one of the best henchman ever in the series. He proves to a tough challenge to our hero. I'm sorry but Gert Fröbe as Goldfinger? Huge flaw. Honor Blackman as alore? Another flaw. I will admit Goldfinger did push Bond to the high standards of what Bond was and still is. I'm sure Fleming would be proud of how this came out. Bond did strike gold with this entry. One word can sum up this entry for all of us I'm sure or should I say Bond left us with one word to say and this was..."Shocking...Positivly Shocking".
Goldfinger Reviews - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger was the classic Bond movie. I mean they had everything.
The best villain, the best girl ;) , cool henchman, a giant laser, good plot, need I say more? It was brilliant! Goldfinger was a great villain, "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!" Classic! Honor Blackmans performance as Pu$$y Galore was fantastic, she was by far the best Bond girl of the lot. Sexy, knew judo, could totally kick Bonds ass any day and thats what you have to love about her, apart from her name, chest, figure and the fact she was sooooooo cool, you gotta love her! She had great quotes too. Her and Bond make a great couple. I would love to see them having a row! OddJob was so cool. Bowler was a great weapon. The laser scene is great. The quote I mentioned was funny and cool. The plot was the best! Aston Martin DB5 was great. What else can I say? 10/10

This is one of my favorite James Bond movies. But it isn't as good as everyone makes it out to be. It has too many gadgets that don't seem to help him out at all and some pointless scenes in the movie. Such as when Oddjob kills Soto and puts the car into a car compactor. Later on Goldfinger has to seperate the gold from the wreckage, why didn't Oddjob just take the gold out of the car? And Bond is a horrible agent in this movie, all he did was follow Goldfinger and get caught everytime. To count them, he gets Jill killed, Goldfinger recognizes him at the golf club, gets caught at Goldfinger's factory. Then he gets caught trying to escape Goldfinger's factory and to top it off, he gets caught escaping from his cell at Goldfinger's house. Not saying it's bad, just didn't think it was as good as other movies like From Russia with Love or Casino Royale (2006). 3rd best Bond film.

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