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Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki


  • James Bond is assigned to track the movements of billionaire Auric Goldfinger whom MI6 suspects of smuggling large quantities of gold in and out of UK. Bond then uncovers a much bigger and scarier plot: Goldfinger plans to destroy the entire gold supply of the United States by detonating an atomic bomb inside Fort Knox, causing a massive increase of his gold stocks' value. The only way for Bond to stop it would involve Goldfinger's charming associate, Pussy_Galore...

Release Date:

  • September 17, 1964


  • PG (US)
  • PG (UK)

Box Office Results:

  • $124.9 million


  • 1965: Academy Awards- Best FX/Sound FX (won; ironically received a little gold man, Oscar)
  • 1965: BAFTA Awards- Best Brit Art Direction (nominated)
  • 1965: E.A. Poe Awards- Best Foreign Film (nominated)
  • 1965: Grammy Awards- Best Original Score (nominated)
  • 1965: Laurel Awards- Action Drama (won)
  • 2008: James Bond Wiki Tourney- Best JB Movie (won)

Running Time:

  • 110 minutes

Issued Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK


  • Big Boy & Little Boy Homers
  • Oddjob's lethal Bowler Hat
  • Plus the introduction of the Aston Martin by Q, including left and right machine guns, bullet proof windows, oil slick, smoke screen, rear armour and an ejector seat...



  • Richard Maibaum
  • Paul Dehn


  • John Barry composed the main theme and the film's soundtrack.
  • Shirley Bassey performed the main theme Goldfinger, with lyrics by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse.

Filming Locations:

  • An unknown Latin American country; Miami Beach, Florida, USA; London, UK; Unnamed airport, UK; Golf course in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK; Nr. Geneva, Switzerland; 35,000ft above Newfoundland; Friendship Airport, Baltimore, USA; Auric Stud, Kentucky, USA; Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA; Washington, USA.

Best Quotes:

  • Bond: Shocking... Positively shocking.

  • Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
  • Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!

  • P*ssy Galore: What happened? Where's Goldfinger?
  • Bond: Playing his golden harp.

Oddjob just got electrocuted when Bond quips "Oh, he blew a fuse."


  • Bond sees Goldfinger break a pencil through his binoculars while able to hear the snap from far away. Perhaps Bond also had one of Q's high-powered listening devices.
  • During the card scene at the hotel, Goldfinger has a ring on his little finger. After the cut, the ring has switched to his fourth finger. Your sleight of hand isn't quick enough for us, Goldfinger!

Distinguishing Features:

  • The movie debut of Bond's iconic Aston Martin.
  • The debut of Guy Hamilton, who will return to direct 3 more Bond films. (Diamonds are forever, Live and let die, The Man with the golden gun)
  • Goldfinger is the first major villain in the Bond series who's independent, i.e. he's not working for SPECTRE.
  • First Bond film in the franchise that has a pre-title action scene showing Bond completing a previous mission seperate from the main plot of the film.
  • First film in the series in which the main song is played over the opening titles that features a singer. Dr. No and From Russia with Love featured movie-specific instrumental themes during the titles.


  • Locations for Goldfinger include London, Switzerland, Kentucky and Miami Beach. Second unit photography was done on location in the latter areas, but was seamlessly edited into footage shot at Pinewood Studios to replicate the locations. In fact, Sean Connery never set foot in the USA during the entire production. Even Auric Stud, Goldfinger's estate in the Kentucky bluegrass country, was built on the backlot of Pinewood.
  • The unnamed South American nation where Bond destroys a heroin plant in the pre-credits sequence was actually an oil refinery in England.

Bond Statistics:

  • Conquests: 2
  • Martinis: 1
  • Kills: 10
  • "Bond, James Bond": 1.5

Title References:

  • The main villain, Goldfinger, shares his name with the title of the film.

Information on Fleming's Novel:

  • In the book, Goldfinger was a part of SMERSH Russian Secret Service.
  • Pussy_Galore is a Lesbian in the book.
  • In the book, Bond drove a Aston Martin DB3.
  • Goldfinger is not overweight.
  • In the book, Goldfinger really tried to take gold from Fort Knox.

Detailed Synopsis:

Another hot night at the Ramirez Export Company. Perhaps if the temperature weren't so warm, the guards might have noticed their colleague knocked out near the encircling high-stone wall. They might have seen the black-clad figure sprinting to one of the large silos and tripping a hidden switch to gain entry. Once inside, that agent took from his back-pack a large tube of plastique which he squeezed generously onto the tanks of...Nitro-Glycerin? The agent sets his watch. synchronizes it with a timer and jabs the solenoid into the plastique, then avoiding the sluggish guards makes his way back over the wall, and strips off his dark gear to reveal...a white tuxedo jacket. Work was over for James Bond, Agent 007. Time to play.

Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Bond set the Bomb
The famous White Tuxedo

At the bar, the mood was festive. The band was lively. And with Bonita dancing, the crowd was livelier. As Bond surveyed the room, he and the girl exchanged glances. Casually, he took one turkish cigarette from his gun-metal case, and with a pause to glance at his watch ("Now"), he poised the flame of the lighter to the tobacco.

The cantina shuddered as the plastique set off a chain reaction: first, the nitro tanks, one after the other, and then explosions spread from silo to silo. As the ground shook, the flame of Bond's lighter crisped his cigarette edge, and he inhaled deeply. Screams raked the bar as frantic patrons headed for the exits as a hail of dust fell throughout. Bond appeared unfazed as he walked over to the bar and his contact, Sierra. Well, the girl was angry at the interruption. Plaster dust flew in a spiral as she whipped her dress around in disgust and headed to her dressing room. She'd lost some tips. He'd have to make it up to her. Later.

Bond then goes to her room and finds her in the bathtub. She gets out grabs a towel and they kiss. When they pull away, Bond sees the reflection of a man in her eyes who is about to knock Bond out. Bond spins her around and she is hit with the club. Bond grapples with the man. The man then ends up in the bathtub. He scrambles for Bond's gun (which Bond had hung up), but before he can shoot, Bond throws an electric fan into the bathtub, electrocuting the man. Bond then gets his gun and leaves.

Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Shocking, positivily shocking

After hearing Dame Shirley Bassey's lovely voice, we see a very nice hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, where Bond is relaxing after blowing Ramirez's plans to smithereens. Felix Leiter is walking through it, looking for Bond who is having a massage. Felix tell Bond that M has assigned Bond to keep an eye on a man named Auric Goldfinger who we see coming down some stairs. Goldfinger is joining his sparring partner, Mr. Simmons, for a game of gin rummy. Felix says Goldfinger has been beating Simmons every day for a week. Bond then heads up to Goldfinger's room and finds a girl on the balcony helping Goldfinger cheat by keeping an eye on Simmons' cards. Bond approaches and turns off the microphone. He does his signature introduction and asks the girl who she is. She responds "Jill Masterson". Bond finds out that Goldfinger pays her to spy in Simmons and help him (Goldfinger) win. Bond switches the mocrophone back on and tells Goldfinger to lose $15,000 or Bond will call the police. The scene shifts to Bond's hotel room where he and Jill are in bed. He gets up to get some champagne when somebody knocks him out. When he wakes up, Jill's dead body is found lying on the bed, entirely painted gold.

Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Sweet Miami
"Dink say goodbye to Felix"
The Man with the Midas Touch

Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Goldfinger - James Bond Wiki
Oddjob's shadow
The true Golden Girl

We are then in M's office in London where Bond is explaining how his mission went. M then tells Bond to meet him for dinner. Bond leaves and has his flirt with the always pretty Miss Moneypenny. We then see M, Bond, And someone from the Royal Bank of England, Colonel Smithers, who tells them about what Goldfinger does for a living. M is suspicious tha Goldfinger smuggles his gold overseas. And so, Bond suggests he meet Goldfinger in person. The next morning, Bond is at Q Branch ready to see his equipment. He asks about his Bentley and Q says it "has had its day". He ten tells Bond that he (Bond) will be driving a silver Aston Martin DB5. This DB5 has bulletproof windows, machine guns, smokescreen, oil slick, and an ejector seat.

The scene shifts to a golf course in London. We see Goldfinger checking on his partner who says an old member (Bond) has dropped by and asks Goldfinger if he'd rather play with him. Goldfinger looks at Bond suspiciously but agrees to play him. Bond goes outside and sees a small Korean man in a suit and Bowler hat who Goldfinger introduces as Oddjob, his manservant. During the game, Goldfinger admits he knows that Bond is not here to play golf. Bond then drops a bar of gold at his (Goldfinger) feet. Goldfinger then decides to raise the stakes to Bond's bar of gold. Bond explaines that the bar of gold is worth 5000 pounds and Goldfinger stakes that instead. Goldfinger then does his dirty tricks after launching his ball into the rough. Oddjob then "finds" it. Bond's caddy, Hawker, doesn't believe the ball Oddjob found is the real one and he is right. Bond is standing on the real ball. He then decides to outfox Goldfinger. On the next hole, Goldfinger gets his ball in. Bond then reaches into the hole and switches the balls. He throws Goldfinger the fake ball and then on the next hole, the last hole, Bond misses and Goldfinger scores. Goldfinger wins, or so it seems. Bond looks at the ball and asks Goldfinger if it is his ball. Goldfinger sees he played the wrong ball, and since they are playing by strict rules, Goldfinger loses. We then see Oddjob putting suitcases in Goldfinger's Rolls-Royce (Goldfinger is travelling to Switzerland). While Oddjob isn't looking, Bond slips a tracking device in the boot. Goldfinger then writes Bond a check for 5000 pounds. Goldfinger then departs.

We are now in Switzerland. Goldfinger is going along a mountain road, Bond is following, unbeknownst to Goldfinger. A woman in a white Ford Mustang Convertible comes up behind Bond and honks her horn to get Bond out of the way, Bond obliges, then we see Goldfinger has stopped to buy some apples. Bond is watching them. We are then treated to a view of the same woman allegedly pointing a sniper's rifle at Bond. She fires, misses, and disappears. Bond is once again following Goldfinger, then the woman comes up behind Bond again. But this time Bond doesn't let her through but motions her to drive up alongside him, where he uses the spike built into the spinner cap of the Aston Martin's wheel to destroy 2 tires on the woman's Mustang, where she goes into a ditch (neither she, nor the car is harmed, except for those 2 tires. Bond then stops to help her. She tells him to take him to the nearest garage. Along the way, she introduces herself as Tilly Soames. She claims the case in the back is for her ice skates. When she says she skates at St. Moritz, Bond says he didn't know there was ice there this time of year, she spots a garage to save herself from being questioned. Bond then tracks down Goldfinger and finds his signal at a Building with the banner "Auric Enterprises".

Later that night, Bond is planning on infiltrating the complex. He sees Goldfinger chatting with a Chinese man about something called "Operation Grand Slam" while some men disassemble his Rolls-Royce (turns out Goldfinger hides his gold in the body panel of his Rolls-Royce). Bond then starts to leave. On the way, he spots a hooded figure with a sniper's rifle heading towards the building. Bond tackles the figure and trips the alarm. The figure turns out to be Tilly. Apparently, she wants to kill Goldfinger because he killed her sister (Tilly Soames is really Tilly Masterson, sister of the late Jill Masterson). Bond and Tilly then head for Bond's car. Goldfinger's men give chase. Bond uses almost all the gadgets to fend them off. Bond then spots a cliff and has to stop. He gets out and shoots at the men and motions Tilly to run into the forest. But Oddjob gets out of one of the cars and throws his hat (which has a metal brim) at Tilly. The hat breaks her neck and she dies instantly (we were shown earlier at the golf course that Goldfinger is a dangerous man to cross; Oddjob throws his hat at a statue and breaks the head off). The men then proceed to guide Bond back into the complex (one goon is in the car with Bond pointing a gun at him). Bond goes in, but then goes off in another direction. The goon gets ready to shoot Bond, who deploys the ejector seat and ejects the goon. He then heads for the gate until the grandmotherly gatekeeper starts shooting at Bond with a machine gun (go figure). Bond then heads into a maze of crates. All goes smoothly, until Bond spots what looks like another car. He tries shooting at it to no avail. He the swerves to avoid it and crashes into a crate and is knocked out. Oddjob arrives and motions to the men to take him and gazes at his reflection in a big piece of glass (the car Bond spotted was his own car's reflection).

We then see Bond strapped to a solid gold table. Goldfinger comes and greets him and ridicules him on his escape attempt. He then tells his men to start up a laser. It starts to cut the table intent in slicing Bond in half. Bond desperately tries to convince Goldfinger to spare him (including the famous lines: "Do you expect me to talk?" "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"). He then tells Goldfinger that he knows about Operation Grand Slam (Goldfinger's plan; Bond only knows the name). Goldfinger then decides that Bond is worth more to him alive and spares him. A goon then comes and shoots Bond with a tranquilizer.

Bond wakes up on a plane 35,000 feet above Newfoundland, Canada and meets Pussy_Galore, Goldfinger's personal pilot. Bond then asks the stewardess for a martini; shaken not stirred. Bond then goes to get changed. Pussy_Galore seems immune to Bond's charm. She tells the stewardess "to keep and eye on Bond". The stewardess looks through a peephole at Bond. Bond hangs up his infiltration suit in front of the peephole. The stewardess (whose name is Mei-Lei), then opens another peephole which Bond opens his suitcase in front of. A little later, Bond takes his suitcase away and sprays the hole with shaving cream. Bond comes out and P*ssy is pointing a gun at him and asks him if he wants to play it the easy way or the hard way. Bond mentions the the gun, being a Smith and Wesson, will, at such a close range, fire a bullet that will pass through him and hit the fuselage and everything inside the plane will be sucked into outer space, therefore deciding to play it the easy way (oh, and btw, Bond slipped the smaller tracking device into the heel of his shoe while changing).

We are then in Kentucky, USA. Bond is walking out the airport with P*ssy, when we see Oddjob get out of a car and motions Bond to get in. We then go to Goldfinger's stud farm where he throws Bond in the "dungeon" as it were. Bond escapes, naturally, and listens in as Goldfinger explains Operation Grand Slam to a bunch of American gangsters. It seems that Goldfinger is planning on robbing the Fort Knox Gold Depository. Bond is then tripped up by P*ssy who has some men take Bond back to his cell, and this time there are more guards. One gangster opts out. Oddjob starts to drive him to the airport but then shoots him with a silenced gun and takes him to the junkyard and has the car crushed with the dead guy inside. Goldfinger and P*ssy are chatting about what she will do after Operation Grand Slam. Goldfinger then has Bond join them and tells P*ssy to change. Bond then is chatting with Goldfinger and tells him that Operation Grand Slam won't work because the US Military will move in and make him put it back. Goldfinger asks Bond who mentioned anything about removing the gold bullion. Bond then figures out Goldfinger's plan: To detonate an atomic bomb inside Fort Knox and irradiate the gold, increasing the value of his own gold. P*ssy then comes out and entertains Bond. They find themselves at a barn where they trip each other up, then Bond seduces her into helping him.

We then see Felix Leiter at Fort Knox with some men. Goldfinger's men then dynamite the fence and they break into the vault. Goldfinger handcuffs Bond to the atomic Bomb and has it placed inside the vault. Oddjob and Kisch (one of Goldfinger's henchmen) are also inside. Goldfinger then starts to talk to the Chinese man (Mr. Ling, who had provided the atomic bomb) when he hears gunshots which are the US army. Goldfinger then proceeds to close the vault with Oddjob and Kisch still in it. Goldfinger then takes off his coat to reveal a military disguise. Goldfinger shoots Ling as the soldiers come in. Goldfinger states "He is one of them! So is the girl; I'll get her, you get the door open!" He then shoots them all. Meanwhile, inside the vault, Kisch realizes Goldfinger has betrayed him and Oddjob, and he attempts to defuse the bomb. Oddjob doesn't like that, and throws Kisch over a balcony to his death. Meanwhile, Bond is trying to pry the lid open and defuse the bomb. Oddjob goes to stop Bond. Bond does manage to free himself from the bomb and proceeds to fight Oddjob, which isn't easy as nothing seems to hurt him. Oddjob tries to throw his hat at Bond but misses. Bond picks up the hat and tries to kill Oddjob with it. Bond throws, misses, and the hat ends up embedded in some metal bars. When Oddjob goes to get it, Bond takes a live electric cable that Oddjob had severed before with his hat, and hits it against the bars, and electrocutes Oddjob, killing him. He then tries to disable the bomb, but does not know how. There is only 10 seconds left. Felix and an expert have entered. The expert disables the bomb leaving the counter on 007. Felix tells Bond that P*ssy called the CIA and they helped her switch the gas in the canisters with a harmless substitute that her Flying Circus pilots sprayed

And so, Bond has been invited to have lunch at the White House with the president of the US in Washington, D.C. Bond bids farewell to Felix and boards the plane. About an hour, or so later, he rings for the stewardess, and who comes in, but our friendly neighbourhood Goldfinger. He reveals that he has hijacked the plane. He tries to shoot Bond, who momentarily distracts him. They then grapple with each other. During the fight, Goldfinger shoots a window open. The cabin starts to depressurize and while Bond grabs onto a bar, Goldfinger, not so lucky, is sucked out the window to his death. Bond then goes to the cockpit where we see P*ssy. She asks: "What happened? Where's Goldfinger?" Bond responds, "Playing his golden harp". They try to get the plane level but to no avail. The plane is falling, but Bond and P*ssy parachute out into the forest. Bond's friends go to look for them. The helicopter goes by, and P*ssy starts to wave them over but Bond pulls her down and kisses her, pulling the parachute over them.
Bond and *****
"This is no time to be rescued..."