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After a six year hiatus where most of the old Bond-team died, Bond returns. Pierce Brosnan makes a dapper, very crisp Bond and his introduction in the pre-credits in terrific. Casting of unfamiliar names (except for Sean Bean and Famke Janssen as the villains) with fine acting chops helps push Brosnan to the forefront. Bond-girl can ACT!! And she's the one who saves the day! Dame Judi Dench is the female "M" (she's squinty-eyed/prickly), Alan Cumming is a Russian computer-nerd, Joe Don Baker is back as an ally, Michael Kitchen as M's Chief of Staff and Robbie Coltrane and Minnie Driver show up in cameos. Another too-long finale. Great CGI credit sequence. Horrible score by Eric Serra that electronically with sampled clanking between "oohs" and "aahs." Bond ends up with a military helicopter.

TopolTopol and Bond Great movie. Brosnan slams onto the scene with a Bang! Sean Bean great, loved Cumming, the plot was more than just take over the world for no apparent reason... tank chase was amazing. Xenia a bit underused after sauna scene... new M needed, only complaint was the music. Sleigh bells or something between every note. Good thing this guy didn't stay long.

Six years without 007? That's unheard of, but it happened. Until 1995 came along with a new Bond Movie entitled "GOLDENEYE", and a new Bond as well in the form of Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan who was set to star as Bond back in 1987, finally bursts onto the screen and breaths life into the world of James Bond. Along with the new Bond comes a new M and Miss Moneypenny. The Bond girl style changed as well in the form of two new beauty's. Sean Bean who also was tipped to be the next Bond, plays a great villian,who knows Bond's every move. A great storyline plot. Plenty of action as well as romance. The true highlight is the now-famous tank scene, to which Bond almost leaves. However sadly this would be the last 007 picture legendary producer Cubby would see. His vision for the series still lives on in the eyes of his children and the fans of the James Bond Universe.

1995 was the year that the world was able to be moved towards the twenty-first century when Pierce Brosnan stepped in as James Bond. The pre titles sequence almost blew me away with 006 being killed and Bond barely escaping. Goldeneye used original bond style and went almost back to basics with almost frightenly real villains, a suave and sophistacated James Bond if he isnt racing through the mountains in his Aston Martin or relaxing at the casino. Goldeneye takes James Bond half way around the world in pursuit of his former colleague and a gang of ruthless traitors and sadistic killers who have control of a futuristic space bourne sattelite. Eric seiiras score was the only thing that i reaally dislike about this movie. Other than that it is one of the good Bond movies.

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