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GoldenEye 007, also known as "GoldenEye 64", was a groundbreaking video game based on the eponymous film, made by Rareware on the Nintendo 64 in 1997.

As in the movie, James Bond is sent to the Byelomorye Dam in Arkangelsk, Russia, where MI6 has uncovered a secret chemical facility producing nerve gas that has been given to terrorist regimes all around the world. The scene is expanded, though, where Bond has to make his way through many Russian guards before bungee jumping off the dam (the player can either kill them or run past them, the only guard who needs to be killed is the one heading for the alarm after Bond gets through the first security gate, however on the 00 Agent difficulty while avoiding the rest of the hostilities other than that one guard is still possible, it is harder to pull off in the tunnel beneath the path to the dam). After jumping off the dam and reaching the facility, Bond meets Agent 006 Alec Trevelyan in the facility bottling room, where he is able to successfully destroy the facility, but is forced to watch helplessly as his partner is apparently executed by Colonel Arkady Ourumov. Bond makes his escape from the facility in an aeroplane in the service runway. Several years later, Bond is sent to the satellite control center in Severnaya, Russia, where he encounters Boris Grishenko for the first time (a scene which didn't happen in the movie). As Bond makes his way through the base, killing the various guards, he encourages Boris to disable the security on a mainframe (Three guards are also at the mainframe, if the player doesn't kill them before getting Boris to disable the security, then they will be killed at this point of the mission). Boris raises the alarm on Bond, who is forced to retreat the base as he is ambushed by elite members of the Janus Syndicate.

During the Silo mission which is exclusive to the game, Bond is sent to a missile silo in Kirghisztan where an unscheduled test firing of a missile is believed to be a cover for the launch of the Goldeneye satellite. Bond encounters Ourumov, who escapes, and destroys the silo using C-4 explosives. Bond's investigation of the La Fayette frigate in Monte Carlo where the Tiger Eurocopter (called "Pirate" in the game) is stolen by the Janus crime syndicate from the film is featured in the game, but the scene is expanded, with members of the syndicate taking hostages inside the boat . Bond rescues the hostages and plants a tracker bug on the helicopter before it is stolen. Bond is then sent to Severnaya a second time, but this time gets captured and locked up in the cells of the base along withNatalya Simonova. They meet much earlier than in the film. After Bond breaks free and kills the armed guards as he obtains documents to find out who could have been responsible for the Severnaya massacre, he and Natalya escape the base seconds before it is blown up by the Goldeneye satellite under orders of the now-General Ourumov.

Natalya returns to St Petersburg against MI6 wishes where she is captured by Janus. The Russian troops are also fully alert and try to kill Bond as he makes his way through the Statue Park of St Petersburg and meets up with ex-KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky to arrange a meeting with the Janus leader at the statue of Lenin. It is revealed that this is Trevelyan, whose execution in Arkangelsk was apparently faked. Bond and Natalya escape from Janus and his men, but they are captured by the Russian authorities and taken to a military archives for interrogation. Bond manages to get the key from a guard in his interrogation room and escapes as he finds Natalya and proves his innocence and Ourumov's deceit to Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin, but once they escape the building Natalya is captured by Ourumov. Bond makes his way past a tank through an alley filled with guards, whom he eliminates, and again meets Valentin, who helps delay Ourumov as Bond gives chase in that tank through the streets of St Petersburg. Bond eventually reaches a depot used by the Janus Syndicate to coordinate their terrorist actions. After destroying their computer network and arms cache, Bond reaches Trevelyan's Soviet missile train, where he kills two guards directly at the entrance, then kills the rest of the guards in the train as well as Ourumov and wounds Trevelyan's bodyguard Xenia Onatopp to rescue Natalya. As Trevelyan escapes with his wounded bodyguard, Natalya manages to crack Boris's password and locate Janus's secret base in Cuba. Bond and Natalya then go to Cuba on a plane, but they are shot down and perform a ground search in the Cuban jungle on foot. They go through the place while killing guards, and are ambushed by Xenia, whom Bond kills in a gun battle, then make their way to the control center. Once in the control center, Natalya disrupts transmissions to the satellite and forces it to burn up in the Earth's atmosphere while Bond is able to successfully destroy the mainframes within the base. Bond then pursues Trevelyan through the flooded caverns underneath the base, where he destroys the pumps and radios CIA contact Jack Wade to inform him of their position, all while eliminating Janus's tough elite troops, then arrives at the antenna of the base where Trevelyan attempts to restore contact with the Goldeneye satellite by realigning the base's antenna. High above the ground, Bond fights off Janus's toughest troops and destroys the main computer terminal, forcing the Goldeneye to burn up on reentry, then kills Trevelyan at the bottom of the antenna itself, sending the Janus leader falling to his death.

Two additional missions not featured in the film were featured in this game. The first one, Aztec Complex, has Bond visiting the Aztec Temple from the Moonraker movie. Apparently even though Hugo Drax was killed, his organization still exists, and have stolen a shuttle from NASA. Bond's mission is to alter the shuttle launch data so MI6 can take control of it after it reaches orbit, while picking off the Drax Corporation's elite troops and getting a security card from Jaws, who has apparently rejoined them, as well. In the Egyptian mission, Bond is sent to an el-Saghira temple in the Valley of the Kings where Baron Samedi claims to have the legendary Scaramanga's Golden Gun. The Russian troops apparently are now working for the Baron as well. Bond recovers the Golden Gun and apparently kills Baron Samedi three times, but in an end-of level cutscene, after Bond walks out thinking he has defeated the Baron for good, Samedi reemerges and laughs.