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  • World security is imperilled when an international terrorist organization calling itself Janus steals a classified top secret Russian satellite EMP weapon system called GoldenEye and plans to use it to destroy London and send the economy of UK back to the Stone Age. Bond's mission is to prevent this - no easy task, for he is faced by an array of utterly ruthless foes: beautiful but sadistic assassin Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp, treacherous General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov, obsessive computer expert Boris Grishenko, and most devious of all, Bond's former MI6 colleague and friend who came back from the dead...

Release Date:

  • November 13, 1995

Box Office Results:

  • $350.7 million

Running Time:

  • 130 minutes


  • Grapple/Laser Gun
  • Laser-Equipped Omega Watch with Bomb Detonator Function
  • Explosive Parker Jotter Pen Class 4 Grenade
  • Belt Piton and Cable
  • The GoldenEye

Issued Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK
  • Browning Hi-Power (used by Alec Trevelyan while still a "00")




  • Jeffrey Caine
  • Bruce Feirstein

Title Song:

  • GoldenEye

Title Song Artist:

  • Tina Turner

Filming Locations:

  • Arkhangel Chemical Weapons Facility, USSR; Monte Carlo, Monaco; French Riviera, France; Severnaya, Russia; London, UK; St Petersburg, Russia; Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Cuba.

Best Quotes:

Bond : Beg your pardon, forgot to knock !

Bond - It's too easy.
Alec - Half of everything is luck, James.
Bond - And the other half?
Alec - Fate.

Alec - Closing time, James. Last call.
Bond - Buy me a pint !

Ourumov - This is Colonel Ourumov. Come out with your hands up.
Bond - How original.
Shut the door, Alec. There's a draught !

Ourumov : You can't win !

Caroline: "I enjoy a spirited ride as much as the next girl.....Who's that?"
Bond: "The next girl."

Xenia: "I hope the third is where your real talent lies."

Bond: "One rises to meet a challenge."

M - I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to that young woman I sent out to evaluate you.

Xenia: "This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine..."

Bond: "She always did enjoy a good squeeze."

Alec: "For England James?"
No. For me."

Boris : Yes, I am invincible !

Best Mistake:

  • The color of Bond's bungee rope in the opening sequence changes.

Distinguishing Feature

Vital Statistics

  • Conquests: 2
  • Martinis: 1
  • Kills: 12
  • "Bond, James Bond": 1


  • If you look closely or if you have alreadly noticed, the DB5 that Brosnan drove in Goldenye had a different licence plate then the one used in Goldfinger, Thunderball. In Goldeneye the licence plate read BMT 216A, while in Goldinger and Thunderball it read BMT 214A.

  • This is the last Bond film to be produced by Albert R. Broccoli, who died the year before the movie was released.

  • First James Bond film not to have Maurice Binder creating the titles.

  • Pierce Brosnan was the ideal choice for Bond before Dalton, but contract troubles with Brosnan's hit show "Remmington Steele" kept him for taking up the role.

  • The actual T-55 Tank in the opening Chase scene is on display at the Bond Museum in Keswick along with the Russian General's car.

Detailed synopsis:

MI6 Agents 007 (James Bond) and 006 (Alec Trevelyan) infiltrate an illicit Soviet chemical weapons facility at Arkhangel and plant explosive charges. Trevelyan is captured and apparently shot dead by Colonel Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov, but Bond steals an airplane and escapes the exploding facility.

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki
Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

Nine years later, Bond arrives in Monte Carlo to follow Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp, a suspected member of the Janus crime syndicate, who has formed a suspicious relationship with a Canadian Navy admiral. She murders the admiral to allow Ourumov (now a General) to steal his identity. The next day, they steal a prototype French EuroCopter Tiger helicopter which is immune to damage from Electro-Magnetic Pulses which would normally destroy any electronic equipment, flying it to the classified Russian Space Weapons Control Center in Severnaya, where they massacre the staff and steal the control disk for the GoldenEye satellite weapon. The two program the first GoldenEye satelite Petya to destroy the complex with an Electro-Magnetic Pulse and escape with traitor computer expert Boris Grishenko. Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova, the lone survivor, manages to climb out of the crippled facility using a collapsed gantry which falls through the ceiling of the control center, and is subsequently spotted by Bond in MI6 headquarters using a digital read-out from their orbiting satelite's Thermal Imaging Sensors.

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

In London M assigns Bond to investigate the attack, and he flies to St. Petersburg to meet CIA agent Jack Wade, who suggests he meet Valentin Zukovsky , a Russian Mafia head and business rival of Janus. After Bond gives him a tip on a potential heist, Zukovsky arranges a meeting between Bond and Janus, who reveals himself as Trevelyan. A Lienz Cossack, Trevelyan faked his death, having vowed revenge against Britain for their involvement in his parents' deaths. He ties Bond up with Simonova in the Tiger helicopter programmed to self-destruct, which the two escape using its ejection system. They are immediately arrested by the Russian police and interrogated by the Minister of Defence, Dmitri Mishkin. Just as Simonova reveals the existence of a second satellite and Ourumov's involvement in the massacre at Severnaya, Ourumov bursts into the room, shooting Mishkin and dragging Simonova into a car. Bond steals a T-80 tank and audaciously pursues Ourumov through St. Petersburg to Janus' train, where he kills Ourumov as Trevelyan escapes, locking Bond in the train with Simonova. As the train's self-destruct countdown begins, Bond slices through the floor with his laser watch while Simonova locates Grishenko's satellite dish in Cuba. The two escape just before the train explodes.

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

In Cuba, Bond and Simonova fly a plane over the jungle before they are shot down. As they stumble out of it, Onatopp rappels down from a helicopter and tries to kill Bond, who resists and kills her. Minutes later, he and Simonova watch a lake being drained of its water, uncovering the dish. They infiltrate the control station, where Bond is captured by Trevelyan, who reveals his plan of stealing money from the Bank of England before destroying it with the remaining GoldenEye, concealing the theft and destroying Britain's economy.

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki

Meanwhile, Simonova programs the satellite to initi ateatmospheric reentry and destroy itself. As Trevelyan captures Simonova and orders Grishenko to save the satellite, Bond triggers an explosion with his Parker Jotter pen grenade and escapes to the antenna cradle. Bond sabotages the antenna, preventing Grishenko from regaining control of the satellite, before turning and facing Trevelyan. Bond shoves Trevelyan off the antenna and into the dish before escaping aboard a helicopter commandeered by Simonova. The cradle collapses, crushing Trevelyan and rupturing liquid nitrogen tanks that freeze Grishenko. Meanwhile on the surface, while solacing each other, Bond and Simonova are rescued by Wade and his platoon of U.S. Marines.

Goldeneye - James Bond Wiki