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New to WikiFoundry, and it's features?

Don't worry, we here at the License to Kill Community are here to help. Below, you'll find all the information you need to get started on this site. If you have any questions, contact a Moderator for assistance, or post a thread below!

As the James Bond wiki continually grows day-by-day, and new pages being built daily, we here at License to Kill would like to set a 'formatting standard' to all pages. By that we mean to make each page look consistent between from page to page. Below, you'll find some key points before, during, and after you creating a new page.

If you have any future question, comments, and/or concerns about the James Bond Wiki Format, consult one of our terrific moderators.

Your Profile

As a member to our site, it is recommended that you complete your profile, and add a profile image. Your profile is a place where you can share information, detail, photos, and videos about yourself to other members on this community.
Likewise, you can also see their profile as well.

Minimalist - Wet Paint SplattersStep One: Sign in to your WikiFoundry Account
Minimalist - Wet Paint SplattersStep Two: Click "Profile"

Signing In
Look for this in the upper-right hand corner of you screen
Account Login
Enter your account information here, then "sign in"

Getting Started - James Bond Wiki
After signing in, click "My Profile" off to the right, and then "Profile"

How-To Create a New Page

When creating a page on the James Bond Wiki, make sure that your not duplicating an already existing page. To check, browse over our Table of Contents or use the "Search this site" function found on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

screenshot 8

Search this Site
Search this SiteA closer look at the "Search this Site" function

Another thing to consider is "what category does this page fit into?" Is it a Bond Girl, Bond Villain, gadget, vehicle, etc.....? When you have chosen an appropriate category, go to that page and click "add page" button.

James Bond WIki Formatting Guide - James Bond Wiki
Adding a New page is easy! Give it a try!

Page Names, Tags, and Templates

After you've clicked "Add page", a toolbar (shown right) will appear. This toolbar will ask you for the Page name, Keyword
screenshot 6
tags, and if you wish to use a template. All three are essential in creating a strong page.

Page Name
When creating a page, the first thing that one needs to do is create a page name. First off, page names should be simple, and right to the point. Good page names are like "James Bond Actors", "James Bond Quotes". Notice that the name is not just "Actors" or "Quotes". We put James Bond in front. This will help people who are looking for the topic find it faster, especially on them search engines. Also, keep names clear and direct. We need our visitors to know what we're talking about at a short glance.

Keyword Tags
Many people do not to use keyword tags, when in reality, these are your best friends. Keyword Tags help your visitors find information they are looking for. You can add these tags to pages and threads when you create them or any other time. We encourage you to add these, but make them relate to your topic.

Templates are pre-formatted pages that you allow you to create pages faster and easier. We want you to use them! In order to create a formatting standard, use templates to make pages similar to their brethren. So if your creating a new page for a bond girl, use the "Bond Girl" template.

The Content

The James Bond Wiki is proud to use unique content on its site, that is, we use text that is original to our site and only our site. This means that we are not plagiarizing in any way. Its OK to get some ideas from other sites, but not word-for-word. Search engines like Google DON'T love text that has been copied from one site and pasted on another. The reason that search engines don't like copied text is because it makes it hard for a search engine to decide which page should rank for that content. Usually, the search engine picks one site (the site that had the content first) and doesn't show the other sites, at least not on the top results pages. So by copying and pasting, that page is lucky to make it on Google's top 10 pages.

Also, the James Bond wiki is proud to original content like headers on each page and page dividers as quick links to sub-pages.

Headers on each page
screenshot 3

Headers are quick ways to find other pages similar to that page. On the James Bond Wiki, they are found at the top of each of our pages. We encourage you to add headers to the top of each page. (header is the top circled item).

Opening Paragraph (body text)
Opening paragraphs should only be used on main pages. These are used to A.) introduce the topic and B.) add links to each sub-page found on that topic. It should also list the importance of that section. Only use opening paragraph's on main pages, or if the page template allows such. Remember, we want each page to look consistent.

Table Links
Table links are an easy way to add links to the the important sub-pages. To add table links, add a table and put pictures and links to the appropriate corresponding page. Again, these too should only be used on main pages that act as a portal to the rest. Here are some examples of what we mean:

screenshot 2screenshot

Don't forget Consistent Formatting

Consistent formatting is making a page, or a section of the page, similar to the rest of it. This could be anything from centering text, to using bold, or sub-headers to divide up the page. Please try to make the formatting similar and using templates when possible.

screenshot 4

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