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Appears in:
Quantum of Solace

Actor: Joaquín Cosío

Attempted methods of killing Bond: Sending his men to kill Bond in the boat chase in Haiti.

Evil scheme:
To be installed, with the assistance of Quantum, as the dictator of Bolivia.

How he is dispatched: Bond's efforts in tracking Dominic Greene were instrumental in allowing Camille Montes access to the General, who sought revenge for the death of her family by the General when she was a young girl. Montes kills him directly.

How plans were foiled:
He is shot by Camille.

More about him: Medrano's rise to power is thwarted, but it is notable in the Bond series that he was to ascend to the position of president (IE, dictator) of the South American nation of Bolivia with the assistance of Quantum. Medrano's contact is Dominic Greene, who has his own interests in Bolivia and seeks to use the General to achieve them. By brokering a deal to place the General in power, Greene negotiates for a seemingly worthless piece of desert land and whatever is beneath it. The General agrees, not knowing that Greene intends to dominate the underground water supply of Bolivia. When they meet at the Perla de las Dunas hotel in the desert to close the deal, Greene brings the General a large payoff and a new stipulation to their deal; Quantum will be the country's chief supplier of water. Medrano at first scoffs at the idea, citing that Quantum intends to charge them double what they pay currently. Greene calmly iterates that Quantum can have him easily eliminated and replaced with someone more compliant. The General then signs the agreement.

Defining dialogue:

(to Camille) "Now your face has the same look of fear as your mother did!"

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