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  • The British spy ship St George has struck a mine and has sunk in Albanian waters. On board was a vital piece of defence equipment, the ATAC transmitter. Bond has to race against the clock to recover it before Soviets get hold of it. The murder of Sir Timothy Havelock, a marine archaeologist helping MI6 locate the wreck, gives Bond a lead. He goes after the assassin and encounters the late archaeologist's daughter, Melina, who is on her own quest for revenge. She and Bond discover who was behind the murder, Emile Leopold Locque. But who is he working for? A gang boss called Columbo? Or Kristatos, a shipping magnate?

Release Date:

  • June 24, 1981

Box Office Results:

  • $ 94.9 million

Running Time:

  • 127 minutes
Issued Sidearm:


  • Q's Identigraph (for facial composites)
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo (with exploding anti-theft system)
  • Radio wristwatch



  • Richard Maibaum
  • Michael G. Wilson

Title Song:

  • For Your Eyes Only

Title Song Artist:

  • Sheena Easton (the only performer to appear in the title sequence so far)

    Filming Locations:

    • London, UK; Ionian Sea off Albania; Albania; Moscow, Russia; Corfu, Greece; Madrid, Spain; Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy; Albania itself.

    Best Quote:

    • "Now put your clothes back on and I'll buy you an ice cream." (to Bibi Dahl)
    • "Bond... James Bond" (to Melina Havelock immediately after evading their pursuers in Spain)

    Best Mistake:

    • Bond uses a table umbrella as a parachute while being shot at by baddies. But the umbrella seems to contain bullet holes before the enemy starts shooting .

    Distinguishing Feature:

    • M does not appear in this film due to the death of actor Bernard Lee. The picture of a knight riding a horse in M's office is also absent for the first time.

    Vital Statistics:

    • Conquests: 2
    • Martinis: 0
    • Kills: 11
    • "Bond, James Bond": 2


    • Cassandra Harris was the first wife of Pierce Brosnan.
    • This was intended to be the next movie after The Spy Who Loved Me, but after the box office hit of Star Wars, the producers cashed in on Moonraker.
    • Caroline "Tula" Cossey was cast as an extra in For Your Eyes Only as one of the Bond-girls by the pool. Shortly after the film's release, the tabloid: News of the World came out with a front page headline that read: "James Bond Girl Was A Boy". At the time of the casting nobody knew that "Tula" used to be a man and therefore it came as a shock to the other cast members.

    Detailed synopsis:

    The pre title sequence begins with Bond visiting his late wife Tracy's grave. He is rudely interrupted by a Universal Exports helicopter coming to retrieve him. Once they are flying directly over the Thames, a bald man in a wheel chair with a white Persian cat (Blofeld, presumably) hijacks his helicopter via remote control. Bond daringly climbs outside the helicopter then back in and disables the remote control. He then flies over and lifts the bald man and his wheelchair by the landing gear and drops him down a smokestack.

    After the main titles...

    The British surveillance ship St Georges equipped with the ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) transmitter is on a routine run. After being hit by an old naval mine caught in the fishing nets, the ship, and ATAC system, sinks beneath the Ionian sea.
    Greece-based Marine Archeologist Sir Timothy Havelock is contacted by the British government to secretly locate the sunken ship. However he and his wife are soon shot down and killed by Cuban hitman Hector Gonzales. Havelocks daughter Melina survives the attack and vows to avenge her parent's death.
    Bond is assigned to retrieve the ATAC system, as the British Minister of Defence and his Chief of Staff explain to him that if another world superpower discovered the system underwater, they could manipulate British submarines into using their ballistic missiles to destroy major western cities. Bond travels to Spain to find out who hired Gonzales the hitman, but Melina Havelock kills Gonzales before Bond can get any information. After a car chase through the country, Bond and Melina escape.
    Bond and Q use Q's Identigraph to find out who the man was who payed Gonzales, eventually discovering that it is a brutal killer named Loque. A lead takes Bond to Aristotle Kristatos, a Greek businessman and intelligence informant in Cortina d'Ampezzo, a peaceful retreat in northern Italy's dolomites. Kristatos informs Bond that Loque works for a Greek smuggler called Milos Columbo. Kristatos' young niece Bibi Dahl, a figure skating champ, tries to seduce Bond but he refuses, before having to contend with German biathlete Eric Kriegler, who shoots at Bond with a biathlon rifle before engaging in a ski chase, but Bond ultimately escapes. In the meantime, to keep Melina safe and out of danger, he promises that he will keep her posted with information about the death of her parents.
    However when Bond eventually confronts smuggler Milos Columbo, the truth emerges that Loque is in fact employed by Kristatos, who himself has been employed by the KGB to retrieve the sunken ATAC system. Columbo had been set up by Kristatos to appear as the villain, but Bond trusts Columbo after joining him and his men on a raid of one of Kristatos' warehouses where they find Loque, as well as additional naval mines, suggesting that the sinking of the St. Georges ship was no accident. Loque plants explosives on the evidence and destroys the warehouse before attempting to escape in a car, but Bond shoots him through the windshield which leads to Loque's car tumbling off a cliff after Bond gives it a good hard kick.
    Soon Bond and Melina recover the lost ATAC system from the wreckage of St. Georges, but when they surface Kristatos and his men are waiting for them. He tries to kill them by dragging them behind his yacht through shark-infested waters and coral reef, but Bond and Melina survive by using an oxygen tank that they left down there earlier.

    After Melina's pet parrot repeats the words "ATAC to St. Cyrils", Bond and Melina break into the mountaintop retreat St. Cyrils, where Kristatos is planning to rendezvous with KGB chief General Gogol to turn over the lost ATAC system. With help from Columbo and his men, Bond and Melina manage to take out all of Kristatos' men, including Erich Kriegler, before Columbo throws a knife into Kristatos' back, killing him. Bond retrieves the ATAC system as General Gogol arrives; he throws it off the cliff and it smashes to pieces on the rocks, with Bond telling Gogol; "That's detente, comrade. I don't have it, you don't have it." Gogol gives Bond a smile of understanding before leaving.

    Later on Bond and Melina romance abroad her fathers yacht. An office call comes in, patched to the home of prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but Bond lets the parrot talk into the phone while focusing on undressing Melina.