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JustinAtheropinion id=
More plot. Less stunts. Moore's starting to show age. Great climbing sequence. Borrowed bit from Fleming's "Live and Let Die" works well. Major ick factor as under-age gymnast Lynn-Holly Johnson hits on grand-dad Moore. Topol makes a good ally though he chews a lot of scenery. Bond ends up with girl on boat.

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Bond is back to the basics, back to his roots. Away with the gadgets. Bond is in a way down to earth. Perhaps one of the more serious Bond films. Though I must admit that Aris Kristatos is one boring villain. Talk about no feeling or emotion. For the love of the world!, what were producers thinking with Bibi?! I do find it funny yet awesome that Roger finally kills Blofeld. Not one of my favorites, but it does have its moments. I found Columbo to be funny. Must really love cashews! Only film to date that did not have M.

Bond Girl on fire
Personally my fave bond, for many different reasons. true, a poor excuse for a Q scene, not as much action as you would hope, and, along with Octopussy and and A view to a kill, moore is ageing fast. My personal reasons for liking it vary tho. firstly, my grandfather, james villiers, plays chief of staff while M is 'ill' (AKA he wasnt on set a lot and the movie needed to fill the plot wholes), also it has the keel hauling scene for the noval Live and let die, my personal favourite bond noval, and the amazing bond girl, Melina. although some say its cra;ppy and some parts cheesy, such as bloefelds cameo in the open ing scene, i give it a high rating. as it is the first bond movie i ever saw, it will always be important.

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