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Appears in:


  • Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce, born in 1947.

Who he is:

  • A billionaire who made a fortune with his multi-national news and entertainment company, basically a media empire on its own: Carver Media Group.
  • The main newspaper of his media empire is named Tomorrow, hence the film's title.
  • He is married with Paris.
  • He can easily manipulate medias to fullfill his psychopathic goals.

Evil scheme:

  • He plans to start a war between China and the UK that would eventually allow his television network to have exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next 100 years.
  • Moreover, it seems like he enjoys setting up a war and having his news company covering it.

Attempted methods of killing Bond:

  • Hires Dr. Kaufman to dispose of Bond and Paris and make it look like a murder / suicide by Bond.
  • Having Stamper and his men attempt to kill Bond.
  • In a last attempt, he points a gun at him while blabbing on about his plan.

How plans are foiled:

  • Bond learns that he is going to fire a missile at China from his undetectable boat, in order to spark the war he's creating.
  • Bond kills him and destroys the Stealth Boat.

How he is dispatched:

  • Carver eventually holds Bond at gunpoint, explaining to him that by destroying his stealth ship, he is also destroying any evidence of Carver's actions. Bond secretly activates the sea drill Carver used to sink the HMS Devonshire, and while Carver is distracted, Bond grapples with him and disarms him. He then holds a screaming Carver in front of the approaching drill, informing him that he forgot that the first rule of mass media is: "To give the people what they want!", and releases him at the last possible second. The drill then shreds him.


Defining dialogue:

  • "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."
  • "So much for German efficiency!"
  • "There's no news... like bad news!"
  • "The Empire will Strike Back. I rather like this one. And it's not even mine!"
  • "Words are the new weapons, satellites the new artillery."
  • "Then it seems you've outlived your contract."