Dr. Carl Mortner

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Dr. Carl Mortner - James Bond Wiki
Appears in:

  • English actor Willoughby Gray (1916-1993).

Who he is:

  • He is an old nazi scientist who injected pregnant women in concentration camps with steroids to create gifted babies.
  • Max Zorin and May Day are his two most successful "experiments". Zorin turned out to be a genius, May Day an ultra-strong fighter, but both also turned out to be psychopaths.

Evil scheme:

  • Helping Zorin win at horse races by injecting steroids into the horses.

Attempted methods of killing Bond:

  • Throwing sticks of dynamite at Bond and Stacey Sutton on the Golden Gate Bridge after Zorin falls to his death.

How plans are foiled:

  • Operation Main Strike fails.
  • Zorin dies.

How he is dispatched:

Defining dialogue:

  • "And it'll all happen naturally!"