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Starts out promisingly: Bond is captured by North Korea and held prisoner and tortured while 9-11 happens. Traded and discredited but escapes own services' captivity to start an investigation in Cuba. Then Halle Berry shows up and it all goes horribly...horribly wrong. Bond's Greatest Hits Done Poorly. Laser satellite. Car chase on ice. The thing is like a steroid-pumped video game (which probably was the idea). Snarky villain. Madonna title-song and..urk..cameo. Awful. Bond ends up with girl in Korean prayer temple. Protests ensue. Wanted to grab a sign and join them.
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All right, where do I start? Brosnan's fourth and final time as he dons the famous tux and sips the martini. A huge slap in the face to the die hard fans of 007. Halle Berry as the newest Bond girl?! Big red flag on that call! One of the worst Bond girls. John Cleese as the new Q? Okay mabye. Judi as M? Great! Samatha as Miss. Moneypenny? Great! Tobey as Gustav? HELL NO! Zao? NO! The two biggest flaws for the 20th film was the invisible car and all the damn CGI! A note to the producers, Bond is suppose to be realistic! Nothing can or could have saved this movie. I almost feel bad for Brosnan myself. There is no James Bond feel to this film. The only reason it is a Bond film is because it said so in the credits. Bottom line this film was all wrong. RE-DO!
Now, Im not gonna lie, Im a die hard bond fan. I have seen every single one, and im always eager to see another. my grandfather played chief of staff in FYEO! But die another day, well it just wasnt for me. some parts have grown on me, like the fencing scene. and his dream sequence was cleverly thought out, but come on. hovercrafts, second suns, ice palaces, invisable cars, man starting his own heart up again, its like something out of star wars, not bond! Its not pierces fault, he was awsome in the other three. (tho he annoys me like hell in other movies *cough* mamma mia, mars attacks.) I dont want to stop u from watching it if you havnt, but this is no bond movie, its a long action sequence with some snogs, torture, and solar energy.


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