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  • Resolved to avenge Tracy's murder, Bond tracks Blofeld around the world and watches him die in a mud pool. Back in London, M assigns 007 to infiltrate a smuggling ring and find out who is stockpiling stolen diamonds. Bond kills a smuggler named Peter Franks, impersonates him and contacts another, Tiffany Case. He then travels to Las Vegas with a hoard of gems hidden in Frank's coffin. The diamonds are acquired by a high-tech empire belonging to a reclusive tycoon, Willard Whyte. But lurking in the background, back from the dead, is none other than Bond's most bitter foe...

Release Date:

  • December 17, 1971

Box Office Results:

  • $116.0 million

Running Time:

  • 120 minutes

Issued Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK




  • Richard Maibaum
  • Tom Manckiewicz

    • The main theme and soundtrack were composed by John Barry.

    Filming Locations:

    • Japan; Cairo, Egypt; South America; South Africa; Dover, UK; Amsterdam, Holland; Los Angeles, USA; Nevada, USA; Las Vegas, USA; Baja, California; USA.

    Best Quote:

    • Plenty: "Hi, I'm Plenty."

    Bond: "But, of course you are."
    Plenty: "Plenty O' Toole."

    Bond: "Named after your father, perhaps."

    "Bond... James Bond":

    • During the pre-title teaser just before Bond "interrogates" Marie.

    Best Mistake:

    • One of the moon buggy's wheels falls off mid chase.

    Distinguishing Feature:

    • Connery's return. Tempted back into the Bond role for a then record sum of $1.25 million plus a percentage of the profits. He donated the entire sum to his Scottish International Educational Trust.

    Vital Statistics:

    • Conquests: 1
    • Martinis: 0
    • Kills: 7
    • "Bond, James Bond": 1


    • When "M" and Bond are briefed by Munger, he offers the men a glass of Sherry. "M" defers, mentioning doctor's orders, which Bond attributes to his liver. In real life Bernard Lee ("M") wasn't allowed to drink due to his health. He died of stomach cancer in 1981.
    • The last official Bond movie to star Sean Connery.
    • Sammy Davis Jr. appears as himself in a cameo that was deleted from the film's actual release. However, his picture is still seen as one of the performers at the Whyte House as Bond looks through a pamphlet in search of Shady Tree.
    • Another set of deleted scenes further develops Plenty O'Toole: the first one involving Bond further "wining and dining" with her as it explains the "friends she has in this town" (one of whom is one of the female performers). Another, more crucial, cut further explains why Plenty died: after escaping from the pool she was thrown into by the gangsters, she returns to Bond's room where he is with Tiffany Case. Finding her address among her things, Plenty shows up at Tiffany's house, where Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd mistake her for the diamond smuggler and drown her in the pool. (leading to Tiffany to mistake her as "her black wig" when she finally returns)

    Detailed Synopsis:

    The film begins with Bond traveling the world in search of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, an evil mastermind hell-bent on world domination. In his search for Blofeld, Bond travels to restaurant in Japan, a casino in Egypt, and a beach in Maui. When he finally locates Blofeld at a secret research facility, he finds Blofeld working on a project to create physical doubles to replicate him. After dispatching his guards, Bond drowns Blofeld in the green mud.

    <embed height="150" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="183" wmode="transparent"/>
    The search for Blofeld
    Ernet Stravo Blofeld

    With Blofeld seemingly dead, M involves Bond on behalf of Treasury secretary Sir Donald Munger in a diamond smuggling investigation. MI6 fears that someone is stockpiling the smuggled diamonds originating from South Africa in an attempt to control the world diamond market. We find out that the diamonds are being smuggled out of the mines by workers who place the diamonds in their mouths. After smuggling, the miners visit Dr. Tynan, a dentist who extracts the diamonds and collects them before meeting an associate at a rendezvous point in the desert to pass them to the next link in the pipeline. As Dr. Tynan arrives at the rendezvous point, two men, Mr. Wint and and Mr. Kidd are waiting for him. They take the diamonds and kill him by dropping a scorpion down his shirt. The dentist’s contact eventually arrives and Wint and Kidd kill him by bombing his helicopter. Wint and Kidd take the diamonds to Mrs. Whistler, a South African teacher who is the next link in the pipeline. Ms. Whistler travels to Amsterdam, but soon after her arrival, Wint and Kidd drown her in a canal. By the time she was drowned, Whistler had already passed the diamonds off to the next link, Tiffany Case.

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    Fake fingerprints
    Tiffany Case <embed height="157" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="191" wmode="transparent"/>
    Bond vs. Franks

    Meanwhile, MI6 has been focusing their efforts on a professional diamond smuggler named Peter Franks who works out of Amsterdam. They instruct Bond to go to Amsterdam and investigate the role that Franks plays in the diamond smuggling pipeline. MI6 detains Franks at a Dutch port, and Bond assumes Frank’s identity. When he arrives in Amsterdam, Bond visits Tiffany Case, a contact in the smuggling operation who received the diamonds from a recently deceased operative. Tiffany is suspicious of Bond’s identity, but he fools her with, among other tricks, some fake fingerprints courtesy of Q. Back at his hotel, Bond phones Q and learns that Franks has escaped custody. He hurries back to Tiffany’s flat and kills Franks in the elevator up before he has time to meet with Tiffany. Bond cleverly switches his wallet with Franks’, and so Tiffany thinks that Franks (Bond) killed Bond (Franks).

    <embed height="151" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="184" wmode="transparent"/>
    The scorpion and the dentist
    Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

    Tiffany and Bond (impersonating Franks) smuggle the diamonds to America inside Franks’ body, unknowingly being followed by Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd Once the plane lands, Felix Leiter, an old CIA friend of Bond, arranges for the diamonds to pass through customs. Three men from the Slumber Inc. funeral service arrive and take the the casket to their crematorium in Las Vegas. Once there, the casket is cremated, and the diamonds are extracted. Bond places the diamonds in the designated pick-up location, only to find Wint and Kidd waiting for him. They knock Bond out, place him in a casket, and begin to cremate him. Bond is saved by Shady Tree, a comedian at a local casino who is also the next link in the pipeline. Shady realizes that Bond has switched the real diamonds with fakes and demands to know where the real diamonds are located.

    Diamonds are Forever - James Bond Wiki Bond escaping cremation as Shady Tree (right) realizes the diamonds are fakes.

    After discovering where Shady Tree performs, Bond heads over to The Whyte House, a local casino, to keep an eye on him. The Whyte House owned by Willard Whyte, a reclusive millionaire who made his fortune in research, explosives, aviation, and real estate. Whyte lives in the penthouse, and hasn’t been seen in public in months. After the show, Bond goes down to the dressing room to talk with Shady, but finds him murdered. Though disgruntled for losing another pipeline link, he decides visits the craps table where he meets Plenty O’Toole, a casino leech looking to seduce the high-rollers. Bond and Plenty go back up into Bond’s room, but find Morton Slumber's men waiting for them. The men throw Plenty out the window and into the pool.

    Plenty O'Toole Diamonds are Forever - James Bond Wiki Diamonds are Forever - James Bond Wiki

    Tiffany suggests that she and Bond take the diamonds and escape to Hong Kong. Bond agrees and tells Tiffany to go to the Circus Circus casino where he’s arranged for her to get the diamonds. Upon his instructions, Tiffany gains the diamonds by "winning" water balloon game and receiving a stuffed bear that contains them, but is persued by the CIA who tries to regain them back. When Tiffany returns home, she finds Bond sitting by the pool and Plenty O'Toole drowned in the pool. Bond explains to Tiffany that she was the intended target of the murder and that each link in the diamond pipeline has been killed. Bond reveals his true identity and asks Tiffany where the diamonds are. She directs bond to a locker at the airport, but Bond arrives just as the diamonds are being picked up. Following and finding a scientist who works for Whyte nearby, Bond sneaks aboard the truck carrying the diamonds to find out where they were going. He arrives at a research lab where he quickly discovers the diamonds being used to create a massive project by the Whyte Tectronics. When they realize Bond is there, he's forced to escape by stealing a moon buggy, which only takes him so far before taking a motorbike to return him to Tiffany at the entrance.

    Bond escaping the secret research lab in the moon rover <embed height="151" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="184" wmode="transparent"/>
    Bond steals the Moon Buggy
    <embed height="153" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="186" wmode="transparent"/>
    Car chase through Las Vegas

    After a lengthy car chase with the police, Bond decides to investigate Willard Whyte booking a room in the newlywed suite with Tiffany close to his top-floor penthouse. Bond soon starts his investigation by rising upwards on top of an elevator and using a special gun to hook his way upwards towards Whyte's room. Once inside and searching around to find the connection, Bond is greeted by two Blofelds! Blofeld reveals fully his impersonation project allowing him to consistantly escape death, while also developing a device that allows him to impersonate the voice of someone else. Using the vocal device, Blofeld was able to fool everyone to think he was Willard Whyte while he hid himself from the world, likewise making him an easy captive. Though Bond is able to trick his way to killing the other Blofeld fake, the real Blofeld traps Bond in an elevator and uses gas to knock him unconscious. Wint and Kidd collect Bond and take him out into the desert, where he awakens to find himself inside a newly buried irrigation pipe. Bond shorts out the automatic welder inside the pipe, and escapes when the technicians arrive to fix it.

    Bond riding the elevator up to the penthouse Blofeld forcing Bond into the elevator

    Bond meets back up with Felix and Q, who replicates the same technology that allowed Blofeld to impersonate voices. Bond, using the voice of Bert Saxby, the casino manager, calls Blofeld and tells him that Bond is backed by the CIA and that they need to move Whyte to another location. Blofeld tells Bond the location of Whyte (his own home) so he could be assassinated. Bond arrives at Whyte's home to find that he is being guarded by two women, Bambi and Thumper. Bond subdues the women by dunking them in the pool and they tell him where Whyte is being held. As Felix and the CIA arrives, Whyte finally reveals himself from hiding to discover the commotion's source, and agrees to assist after discovering Blofeld has taken over his company. (and after the CIA "fire" Saxby when Saxby attempts to assassinate Whyte)

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    The voice algorythm recorder
    Thumper and Bambi <embed height="151" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="184" wmode="transparent"/>
    Bond meets Bambi and Thumper

    Whyte figures out that Blofeld, by impersonating him, was able to launch a satellite that he has complete control over. The satellite contains a laser which, when refracted through all of the diamonds, is able to destroy targets on the earth. Blofeld tests his weapon by blowing up American and Chinese missiles and a Russian submarine.

    Though initially unknowing of where Blofeld was, Whyte figures it out when discovering an oil rig off Baja California that formerly wasn't part of his many national properties. Bond parachutes towards the rig, but Blofeld finds him immediately and captures him. Bond finds Tiffany aboard, apparently cooperating with Blofeld. Bond seems to successfully switch the tapes, but Tiffany reswitches them with the real one accidentally forcing Bond to switch it back again making him get recaptured. As Bond is being taken below deck, he uses a weather balloon to signal Felix and his agents, who show up with helicopters and attack the rig. Bond escapes and discovers Blofeld attempting to escape in his submersible, which he uses to further destroy the rig before diving off just as it explodes, taking Blofeld with it. (or so it seems)

    Tiffany appears to be working with Blofeld <embed height="151" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="184" wmode="transparent"/>
    Bond signals Felix
    <embed height="148" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="180" wmode="transparent"/>
    Attack on the oil rig

    His mission accomplished, Willard Whyte allows Bond and Tiffany to ride one of his cruise ships back home, unknowingly also carrying a vengeful Wint & Kidd. As Bond and his girl wine and dine, the diabolical duo attempt to take them out once more with their special "Bombe Surprise", but a steady nose revealed their true nature and Bond's quick wits allows for him to dispose of the two goons, return to his peaceful evening with Tiffany...and stare up at the diamonds still orbiting Earth in Blofeld's now-defunct satellite.

    Roll credits

    Diamonds are Forever - James Bond Wiki <embed height="163" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="201" wmode="transparent"/>
    Mr Wint and Mr Kidd - "Bombe Surprise"
    Bond gets the girl